Franka Potente’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Franka Potente is a German Singer and Actress. She made her debut in the comedy film, “After Five in the Forest Primeval“. She received her first major Hollywood role in ‘The Bourne Identity‘ and thus, received the 1996 Bavarian Film Award for representing the best Young Talent in this film. She has starred in various movies such as Creep, Romulus My Father, Eichmann, and Muse. Franka is known to have very few body inks. Let us explore her tattoos and their meanings.

Franka Potente

1. ‘Swallows’ Tattoo

franka potente swallows tattoo

Tattoo: Franka’s left bicep contains the tattoo of two swallow birds flying in front of the Sun with a banner below them which contains a german word.

2. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

franka potente dragon tattoo

Tattoo: Franka’s right shoulder and arm contain the tattoo of a Dragon.

3. ‘Stars’ Tattoo

franka potente stars tattoo

Tattoo: Her left shoulder and bicep contain the tattoo of a cluster of stars inked in Pink and Yellow ink.

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