112 Best Dragon Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

There is no doubt that dragons are a popular design for tattoos. Numerous mythical creatures around the world represent different things in different cultures. Even though dragons are powerful, majestic, and mystical, they are also viewed as both good and evil, masculine and feminine, and dependent on both fire and water to survive. Artistic styles, types of colors, and sizes of the dragon tattoo can vary from symbols of fearlessness to rage, passion, and wisdom. In addition, they can work as a representation of your favorite dragon from fiction, such as Khaleesi’s three dragons from Game of Thrones. You’ll find the perfect dragon design below if you’re considering a tattoo themed around dragons.

Although the dragon tattoo can be designed in many different sizes, it is typically a larger tattoo project because of the details and shading used in most depictions. Dragons are associated with strength, courage, and independence, among other attributes and traits. You can view a wide variety of pictures in this article, including examples of designs and meanings associated with dragon tattoos. Hopefully, you will find inspiration for your next tattoo in our collection of ideas.

Here in this article, we have talked about the various kinds of dragon tattoo designs which will bring out the types and varieties that you can choose from! Thus here is the motivation for the day coming straight from the list of these 100+ amazing dragon tattoo designs!

Meaning Of Dragon Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs of dragons are extremely popular. They are one of the most popular mythological creatures. There are a variety of different designs to choose from, including wingless and winged versions as well as those with or without horns or whiskers. There is the belief that the dragon has the ability to multiply anything that it touches. Their associations can be with the heavens or with the sea. Chinese dragons, which are called “celestial kingdoms,” typically have five claws and a beard of flames, unlike Japanese dragons.

In Asian culture, the dragon is a symbol of balance. Chinese beliefs say that the dragon represents one half of yin and yang while the phoenix represents the other half. In Chinese culture, there is a perfect balance between good and evil, and dragons may represent a perfect mixture of good and evil. Dragons are part of Japanese cultural mythology for hundreds of years, and their colorful shapes symbolize harmony, freedom, and luck. In addition to its supernatural powers, it is also reputed to possess wisdom.

The dragon is often chosen as a symbol of balance in our lives. To achieve success, balance is believed to be essential.

  • The Chinese dragon represents power, strength, and fear.
  • Dragons with horns are known as the strongest of them all, the top dragons.
  • Gods and the heavens are protected by celestial dragons.
  • Chinese astrology also depicts Earth Dragons as ruling the earth.
  • There are no horns on Yellow Dragons, and they are considered knowledgeable creatures.
  • A treasure dragon protects precious gems and valuable earthly elements.
  • No wind or rain is beyond the control of the Spiritual Dragon.
  • They live in oceans, which is why they’re called coiling dragons.

Six dragons are associated with Japanese culture. The names and meanings of these symbols are as follows:

  • With a body covered in stripes, Han-Riu is one of the largest dragons, reaching lengths of up to forty feet.
  • The gorgeous red-colored Kai-Riu is typically the tiniest dragon among the rest.
  • In the land of dragons, Sue Riu rules over the rain.
  • There is a very rare breed of Ri-Riu and it is extremely hard to locate one. Despite little knowledge about its eyesight, it has a remarkable ability.
  • Dragons such as the Hai-Riyo, sometimes called dragon birds, are among the most advanced of all species. Chinese mythology developed into it.
  • It is thought that Fuku Riu brings the greatest amount of good luck out of all dragons.

You may be unaware that the colors of the dragon symbolize meanings as well. Certain colors represent certain characteristics.

  • Black denotes old and wise parents.
  • The color green is usually associated with smaller dragons. Additionally, it represents life and the earth.
  • Blue is often associated with Westerners and expresses laziness, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • In modern culture, yellow is the color associated with people of the East, who are helpful and self-centered.
  • As well as being wise, kind, and helpful, gold has great attributes as well.

There is a mythological significance to certain colors and dragons, but many are chosen solely for their aesthetic value. However you want to use it, the Asian dragon makes an eye-catching tattoo for anyone, and it can be combined with other styles such as Celtic and tribal art.

The Meanings of Dragon Tattoo Colors

Various colors have different meanings. When connected to a dragon, this color has a specific meaning suited to a tattoo of a dragon. Depending on how the dragon tattoo is constructed, its meanings may be more elaborate. However, color plays a vital role in all tattoos, especially those involving dragons. We can learn a lot about some dragon tattoos by looking at their meanings:

  • Red Dragon Tattoo Meaning

There are several styles of red dragon tattoos, but it is typically used in the tribal style and Chinese style tattoos however, it works well in virtually any style. Due to the color red’s significance as a symbol of toughness, it also represents strength. In addition to the fact that it signifies power, this is another reason why yellow dragon tattoos are great. Red dragon tattoos are considered powerful because they represent both the strength of the dragon and its magic. It is also symbolic of individuality because of the color of the dragon. The fact that you have a red dragon tattoo shows that not only are you unique, but you also have the ability to become more apart from everyone in an enlightened way. Getting the tattoo will make you less dependent on others, helping you to find your own path.

  • Golden Dragon Tattoo Meaning

There’s a reason why the golden dragon has gold scales. The dragon is considered the king of all dragons because, besides representing all life on Earth, it also symbolizes the Chinese’s greatest characteristics. Good health, wealth, and wisdom are represented by it. These are characteristics associated with individuals who have made the right choices in life and who are good. Someone can get a golden dragon tattoo if they feel they deserve it and are on the right path. A second reason this color is the king of everyone’s dragons is that it’s so rare. Chinese emperors represented themselves with the golden dragon, so it was a symbol of great respect for the imperial family. In addition to this, the golden dragon tattoo symbolizes great wealth (emperors are wealthy) and for other cultures as well as the Chinese, it symbolizes great prosperity because the color gold itself is (of course) the color of gold.

  • Blue Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Three astrological signs are represented by the blue dragon, namely Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. If you were born under either of these signs, this tattoo would be ideal for you. Consequently, the meaning of the blue dragon is also heavily influenced by astrological symbols. The Sagittarius sign represents someone with a strong sense of independence, for example. If you consider yourself a lone wolf or love to do things on your own, you might want to consider getting a blue dragon tattoo. The next meaning the blue dragon symbolizes is being open-minded, which is another element of being an Aries. If you have this tattoo on your body, you might be able to identify yourself as a free-spirited individual who has an open mind towards religion, politics, and other people’s suffering (you might be an empath). There are other meanings associated with the blue dragon tattoo, such as generosity to others, and creativity, or if you are someone who comes up with creative solutions to problems.

  • Green Dragon Tattoo Meaning

The green dragon is often portrayed as a branch that connects Heaven and Earth, since it is a color that lies between the two, being both warm and cool. The symbols can begin to represent life and death and their relationship to each other, making a green dragon tattoo a symbol of understanding the life cycle or of believing in existences beyond the material world. In addition to being a symbol of life regrowth, this tattoo is also one of the major spring symbols. A green dragon tattoo would make a wonderful tattoo for someone who has matured and grown greatly over their lifetime. Furthermore, it signifies you have learned an important lesson from it and gained a whole new perspective.

  • Black Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Black dragon tattoos are not just a fashionable tattoo style, but they also have profound significance. Because dragons are both good and evil, yin and yang, having a black dragon tattoo can mean that you represent the darker side of the world. It can either result in you being heard as well as intelligent, or it can mean something completely different, such as being tough and not being messed with. Likewise, black dragons indicate that you know someone capable of storing wisdom and knowledge, and that person may be you. If you have a special someone in your life who has developed a strong bond with you and taught you a lot, a black dragon tattoo could be symbolic of that person. If you choose one to represent wisdom as your ultimate goal in life, it could signify you are highly intelligent.

  • Purple Dragon Tattoo Meaning

It is believed that purple dragons represent royalty in many cultures. Purple dragon tattoos represent something powerful and yet kind and respectful, as they symbolize your tendency to rule over others. Someone who aspires to lead in this world and makes a profound and amazing difference in the world might find this tattoo to their liking. Among many meanings of purple dragon tattoos is heaven, according to Chinese lore. As a tattoo, a purple dragon can represent both the power and strength of the Gods/Gods and it can also represent your hope and faith that you will be led to heaven by some deity.

Dragon Tattoos in History

Legendary creatures such as dragons are revered throughout mythology and folklore. Many Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other countries have a tradition of using dragons as a symbol. The mythologies of eastern civilizations portray dragons as noble creatures with distinct powers and honors, whereas European mythologies portray them as vile and dark.

Many meanings can be attributed to the symbolism of dragon tattoos. While dragons may be viewed as a symbol of strength and wisdom by some civilizations, they are viewed as greedy and bad omens by others. China (representing wisdom and good luck), Japan (representing harmony and balance), and Celtic dragons (displayed as thrones and crowns that depict power and strength) are among the most popular styles.

In eastern cultures, dragons are seen as noble creatures that provide wisdom and protection, whereas, in western cultures, they represent something much darker, and potentially far more dangerous. Although both are often depicted as free roving creatures, they have the appearance of very intelligent creatures. In that sense, the dragon tattoo can represent freedom as well as a desire for self-expression.

Symbolizing power, protection, and wisdom, the dragon is the symbol of these qualities. Regardless of whether you consider it an ally or an enemy, its fearsome and warlike qualities make it an excellent ally. Most people have heard a story about the knight slaying the dragon and capturing the princess’ heart. Many ancient cultures place the honor of slaying the dragon among some of the highest achievements. In St. George or Beowulf, the dragon is often portrayed as representing pre-Christian thought.

In addition to being versatile, the dragon can be drawn in many other styles, such as realistic or abstract art or cartoony or dramatic art. Most of them are done in solid ink according to tribal tattooing styles. Despite this, we see more and more colored tribal tattoos nowadays. No matter what you choose for your dragon tattoo, there are many options to consider when it comes to choosing a design.

The dragon can be shaped so that it can be positioned in a variety of different ways on the body, but the most common placement is at or near the shoulder. Chinese people often tattoo whole bodies with symbols of other civilizations. The Chinese mafia wore tattoos on their entire bodies once upon a time, and these became synonymous with criminalities and were looked down upon. It has become much less common to associate with criminals today.

Chinese people are very attached to the number nine. There is no digit larger than this one, which is associated with the dragon. An “eight dragon wall” is a barrier commonly found around Chinese imperial palaces and gardens. On their robes, only the most senior officials are allowed to wear nine dragons, while lower-ranking officials may wear eight to nine dragons.

Ideas for Dragon Tattoo Designs

Here are some ideas that you can use to know about the specific meanings of your tattoo is just to spice it up by adding various kinds of symbols with it. You can also have your own variation of the design since getting a tattoo is all about being personal and creative. So take a look at the following ideas:

1. Classic Dragon Tattoo

It’s all about the attitude with dragon tattoos. Using all the classic details of the dragon – scales, claws, and flames – it aims to convey the intensity of the creature. Your tattoo can appear anywhere on your body, depending on the pose of the dragon. Biceps, backs, and thighs are still popular areas to get inked, but over the past few years, chests and stomachs have become popular as well. It will be easy for you to admire your work every day in the mirror because this dragon will be right in the center. It can, however, easily be covered by your shirt because it’s part of your body.

2. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos depicting tribal designs remain among the most popular types. These art styles have black ink and fluid shapes that look excellent with dragons – a Western-style dragon with large wings looks especially striking with black ink. It is not difficult to learn tribal tattoo art, as it is not a color or shading-based medium. So, if you are impatient and want to get dragon body art as soon as possible, this is one of the quickest options.

3. Floral Dragon Tattoo

You can give your dragon tattoo a feminine touch by adding flowers to the design. The addition of soft floral elements provides an interesting contrast to the power and energy of dragon symbols. The most popular petal-based choices are peonies – which symbolize royalty, wealth, and honor in Chinese culture – and cherry blossoms, which stand for mortality, love, and beauty in Japanese culture, as well as roses, which symbolize long-lasting love and femininity.

4. Colorful Dragon Tattoo 

Due to the many cultures with which dragons are associated, as well as fiction, dragons come in various colors. From green and blue to red, black, gold, bronze, and even multicolored, there is a range of options available. Check out the description of the dragon you’re getting tattooed with and determine which color you want. On the other hand, you may be designing something unique. Then, you can choose your favorite colors, or you will be guided by the artist in picking a shade that matches your complexion.

5. Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo 

In addition to the dragon and phoenix tattoo, the dragon and phoenix tattoo is also a symbol of yin and yang, but this one comes from Chinese culture. These two are considered the most powerful celestial energies that combine perfectly to form a harmonious relationship. Because of this, tattoos incorporating dragons and phoenixes often include Celtic love knots and other symbols of love. The combination of the two creatures represents the perfect marriage, so this tattoo might also be an excellent choice for newlyweds or as a couple’s tattoo.

6. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Among Chinese cultures, the dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good fortune. Dragon signs born under the zodiac are said to be reliable and independent, serious, hardworking, and honest. A flaming pearl is a symbol of immortality, wisdom, prosperity, and spirituality in Chinese art, which is often depicted held by dragons. A Chinese dragon tattoo may be suitable for you if you identify with these qualities or if you were born in the year of the dragon. With its long, snake-like body, the Chinese dragon is the perfect tattoo for a curved body part such as the waist or shoulder.

7. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese-style tattoos feature dragons as one of their most popular symbols. It is common for Western culture to portray these creatures as destructive and terrifying. It is believed that they are generous and wise and that they help people with their powers. Their wings are missing, and they resemble sea serpents. It’s possible to get a Japanese dragon tattoo in many styles, including the colorful traditional style called irezumi as well as a more minimalist design.

8. Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

In general, a full sleeve tattoo will always catch the attention of onlookers since it covers an entire arm from shoulder to wrist. Due to its popularity with true tattoo enthusiasts, it is a popular choice. Your dragon tattoo should wrap around your forearm and biceps to demonstrate the color and complexity of the dragon design. Chinese and Japanese dragons look stunning when rendered in this way since they have natural curves that follow your body naturally. If you choose another option, try a collection of smaller dragons and join them together with more tattoos in complementary styles.

9. Back Dragon Tattoo

There’s no better place to have a dragon tattoo than on the back. With some ink placed here, you’ll be able to show off all your body art details. You cannot see your tattoo properly without a mirror, so don’t forget to bring one! Tattoos on the back often symbolize what people consider to be their foundation. It is a bold and self-assured style, and people tend to be big and brazen. By getting a dragon tattoo on your back, you show that you have a powerful personality and an independent spirit. Tattoos can also be placed in this sexy place.

10. Small Dragon Tattoo

Getting a smaller tattoo may be perfect if this is your first time getting inked – or if you want several dragons tattooed without getting a full sleeve. The procedure is also a good choice for individuals with a low pain tolerance or people who cannot show tattoos at work. There is no denying that dragons are powerful, no matter their size. Having a small dragon tattoo will help you know what it represents every time you look at it.

11. Dragon Koi Tattoo

According to Japanese myth, when the humble koi fish swims through the mythical Dragon Gate waterfall, it transforms into a large, fierce dragon. Throughout the story, perseverance is rewarded with great rewards. It is only by overcoming challenges, such as swimming upstream, that one can reach the top of their endeavor. Once you’re there, you’ll become a more powerful and highly evolved version of yourself. A really good choice for anyone who appreciates the moral of this story, as well as Japanese-style body art, is the dragon koi tattoo.

12. Celtic Dragon Tattoo

Legends of dragons play a key role in Celtic mythology, and they are central to many Celtic legends. In addition to saving energy and power for the land, they serve as gatekeepers to other realms. Celtic nations such as Wales, which still has a dragon on its flag, like to depict dragons on their coats of arms due to their wisdom and divine characteristics. Throughout Celtic art, dragons are often portrayed eating their tails, which symbolizes immortality and the natural cycle. Celtic dragon tattoos are very popular due to these reasons even today.

13. Bearded Dragon Tattoo

In the real world, the closest we get to dragons is lizards. Many cultures attribute this quality to these reptiles since they have the traits of mythical dragons. Traditionally, they are associated with spirituality, wisdom, and fierceness. There are native Australian lizards that look like bearded dragons. It is a fascinating creature that appears in many Dreamtime stories. Its name comes from the way the skin on its neck puffs up when it’s being attacked. Its connection to the earth, its native wildlife, and the lizard’s powerful qualities are portrayed in a bearded dragon tattoo.

14. Dragon Ball Tattoo

Dragon Ball Z is a cartoon you may remember if you were a kid in the 1990s. There were several fans of this anime series because of its crazy storylines, fun mythology, and outrageous characters. If you collect all seven of the mysterious crystal dragon balls on the show, you will receive an Eternal Dragon and receive your wish. Continuing the theme of this childhood classic, dragon ball tattoos are a great way to honor fans.

15. Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

The yin yang dragon is an excellent design choice if you’re looking for a design that combines some of the most important aspects of Eastern culture. There are two aspects of energy, Yin and Yang, which represent the active masculine and passive feminine. Ying and yang symbolize the wholeness of the universe when they are combined – the yin and yang symbol. Additionally, the dragon is another symbol of spirituality in China. Tattoos like this are the perfect choice for anyone who is deeply connected to its culture and meaning.

16. Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue or Azure Dragons are considered gods in Chinese culture. A beautiful and inspiring tattoo of it would be associated with the east, the season of spring, and calmness. However, a blue dragon tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be related to spirituality. Consider art styles that complement your aesthetic if you like the color. Similarly, blue goes well with red so that a fire-breathing blue dragon would make a fantastic tattoo. You must schedule routine top-ups to maintain the color of your tattoo. Tattoos fade over time, so keeping them vibrant is important.

17. Dragon Scale Tattoo

As part of the dragon body art trend, scale tattoos – also called mermaid scale tattoos – are a unique take. The tattoo artist is skilled and shows off the colors of dragon skin in this tattoo as well as the scale effect created by the tattoo. Scales are incorporated into the dragon scale tattoo to create the impression that scales are present under your skin. In a tattoo, you imply your own inner power and show others that we all possess a mystical and wild side to ourselves.

18. Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Buddhism attaches great significance to the combination of dragon and tiger. There are two opposing forces represented by the two animals: the tiger symbolizes masculinity while the dragon symbolizes femininity. The active power comes from the one, while the passive power comes from the other. As such, the tiger and the dragon are sometimes combined with the yin and yang symbol in art. Getting this tattoo will represent the harmony generated by combining the forces of two opposite natures.

19. Flaming Dragon Tattoo 

Fire is an important element of Western culture, and dragons are associated with it. Symbolizing the creature’s incredible power to both create and destroy, the horn represents both creation and destruction. Additionally, flames symbolize passion, desire, and the unstoppable force of nature. These qualities could be incorporated into a dragon tattoo if they represent who you are.

20. Dragon Eye Tattoo 

You are likely to get one of the boldest and striking tattoos when you get a dragon eye. Dragon eyes immediately command attention due to their reptilian appearances and the fact that humans seek out eye contact. Due to this, the dragon eye tattoo will not be suited to those who are weak at heart. As a piece of body art, it can be intimidating, so the placement needs to be perfect when getting one. The art of inking a realistic dragon eye tattoo takes a great deal of skill because it requires precise lines, colors, and shading. Experienced artists with a proven track record will give you a tattoo that stands out and appeals to your eyes.

Where Should You Get Dragon Tattoo Design?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Dragon Designs

  • Awesome Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

I really like how this dragon tattoo has been added with a  yin and yang design which looks really amazing. It is a creative design and we can see the dragon entwined on the yin and yang just like a snake has entwined his prey. It is quite an interesting design and I really like the detailing work.

  • Wonderful Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

It is a huge dragon that has covered the whole back of the wearer. If you are someone who wants a huge design like this then this is quite a nice idea to make. I think designs like this would be pretty amazing on the front part of the chest or your thighs too.

  • Marvelous Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

If you are someone who always likes to beautify their design then this dragon tattoo is a perfect idea for you as the dragon has been decorated with beautiful pink flowers. The flowers also give the dragon a beautiful addition of colors that look pretty nice.

  • Unique Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Just like the yin and yang symbol, the wearer has made two different kinds of dragon outlines that look rather cool. You, of course, need a big space for such a design and you can choose areas like chest or thigh. The red and black dragon makes for great contrast and looks pretty amazing.

  • Unusual Dragon Tattoo Design On Body

dragon tattoo

I really like how the red dragon is really encapsulating the rib area of the wearer because it looks pretty awesome. The dragon is also added with some texts which is a great idea if you want to represent or point out something specific. I really like this design which looks super cool.

  • Flowery Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

This is such a subtle dragon tattoo that has been made near the ankle of the wearer. The beautiful flower looks pretty awesome which has been given a very subtle texture. This dragon tattoo is perfect for girls because of its mild nature.

  • Dreadful Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

A lot is going on with this dragon tattoo because of the space that it has covered. Making a design on the back allows or you to experiment because it has so much space. The wearer has added a lot of foo colors which really brightens up the dragon tattoo design.

  • Wondrous Dragon Tattoo Design On-body

dragon tattoo

This dragon has been placed strategically on the body of the woman. The head of the dragon starts from the ribs and the tail ends at the thigh. I think this is a beautiful design with amazing green and yellow colors.

  • Lovable Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

This dragon tattoo has been covered on the whole leg and thigh of the wearer. It has a great design as the background of this is pretty colorful while most of the dragon has kept quite simple in black ink.

  • Sweet Dragon Tattoo Design On Wrist

dragon tattoo

I really think this is such a creative idea to convert your dragon tattoo into a dragon bracelet for yourself. Adding colors or not is really up to you. However, the wrists are really out there in public, and make sure if you really want it before you get yourself inked.

  • Massive Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

This is a Chinese warrior dragon tattoo that has been made here. It comprises other elements like the sun and the Chinese warrior too which looks pretty awesome. Probably the wearer wants to give out some kind of personal statement by wearing this design.

  • Lovely Dragon Tattoo Design On Stomach

dragon tattoo

The design on the stomach looks pretty cool here. The dragon seems to be coming out of the ribcage of the wearer. it is nothing complex just a dragon with black and green ink that looks pretty awesome.

  • Drastic Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

This black dragon on the ankle looks pretty magnificent. I think it is a perfect fit. The coiled dragon can be fit anywhere quite easily and hence this forms to be such a great design.

  • Heavy Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

I really like this amazing dragon tattoo on the top of the chest of the wearer. This is a great design which is done with red color. The other side of the person is also added with some ancient symbolic design and together they form for a great look!

  • Little Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

You don’t have to wait for a big dragon but you can also get a pair of dragons that look super adorable. These dragons are made on the wrist and are smaller in size.  I really love the trails that they are leaving behind and which has been one in shading effect!

  • Outstanding Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

This is a beautiful dragon tattoo that has covered the whole back of the wearer. The tattoo is perfectly detailed and the scales of the dragon especially look really awesome. I think the whole design is pretty amazing and the black and grey ink really suits the form.

  • Colorful Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

You can either go for a colorful dragon or you can go for a black and grey design that would really look cool. Here the wearer has opted for the first option which looks pretty nice. I think it is a great design with loads of contrasting colors!

  • Vivid Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

This huge dragon tattoo is pretty detailed and that is the beauty of having a full-back tattoo design. I really like the amazing blue hues which have been added here. The brown color really contrasts with the blue one!

  • Sleek Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

No matter whether the dragon is depicted as a four-legged, indomitable beast in Europe or an intelligent, wingless, snake-like beast in East Asia, these creatures have always symbolized immense power and might.

  • Appalling Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

As spiritual creatures, dragons are worshipped, and their spiritual appearances have deep meaning. Dragons have a mixed reputation. Some cultures view them as evil, but others deem them powerful, wise, and strong.

  • Small Dragon Tattoo Design On Lower Back

dragon tattoo

Dragons receive most of their shape from snakes, who are the most influential creatures on their appearance. Snakes and dragons share characteristics; both are reptilian and scaly. Dragons are usually tapered, if not longer.

  • Heavy Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

As snakes also represent cunning, guile, and deception, they are a symbol of cunning and guile. Dragons are usually portrayed as intelligent similarly. Dragons are free-flying like birds and symbolize freedom as well.

  • Nice Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Wings are also found on Western dragons, and they are used similarly to a bird’s. A dragon’s mighty tail is usually used to fly or to strike a physical battle. Birds give dragons their mighty tails. Dragons represent independence since they are characterized by feline characteristics, just like cats.

  • Curvy Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

The eyes of a dragon are usually slits, much like a cat’s, and they are often seen walking and prowling like cats. They’re mythical, yet their behavior as an animal is generally more akin to that of a cat rather than that of a bird or snake.

  • Valiant Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

As a matter of fact, dragons are considered to be a universal symbol of good fortune. Among the Chinese culture, dragons are considered the most powerful creature, as they are revered at many temples and shrines.

  • Flier Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Back

dragon tattoo

There are nine kinds of dragons, among them the dragon of the earth, the dragon of the wind, the dragon of the fire, the dragon of the water, the dragon of the sea, the dragon of the sky, and the dragon of the mountain. A dragon is also thought of as a symbol of power, a creature that represents change, vitality, majesty, and longevity.

  • Bold Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

dragon tattoo

It is also possible to view dragons as challenges or obstacles to overcome, much like the old fables that depict heroes conquering dragons to protect or save what is important to them. They interfere with their opponents’ plans or objectives using their intelligence. Alternatively, a dragon may symbolize the challenge you need to overcome to reach your personal goal.

  • Fighter Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Back

dragon tattoo

In the spirit world, spirits play a role in protecting and guiding individuals. They can influence people positively in all aspects of life. The dragon may be your spirit animal because you are a natural leader; you pursue a noble and powerful life and career. 

  • Authentic Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

An animal that symbolizes passion and fire is the dragon. Discovering your passion is the first step. See what hobbies or activities ignite that passion in you. Don’t hesitate to take part in those activities! 

  • Realistic Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

As well as representing wealth and prosperity, a dragon symbolizes power and strength. There are some treasures in your life that he is bringing. Consider how you will use those gifts as well as take the time to meditate more deeply on Earth.

  • Colorful Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

As a spirit guide, a dragon can also become a guide for someone with a past-life connection. Whenever you are scared of something or feel you need a mystical or magical creature to help you, you can call upon the spirit of your dragon. 

  • Pair Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

You are under the protection of the dragon. The angel you have been blessed with is your guardian. Therefore, you need not be afraid. All of your dreams will become a reality once everything falls into place

  • Creative Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

dragon tattoo

Druids, however, see the dragon as a symbol of transformation rather than evil. While dragons spew fire and venom and have been symbolized as an evil force by the Christian tradition, the dragon represents healing in the Druidic tradition. 

  • Amazing Dragon Tattoo Design On Chest

dragon tattoo

As the Dragon’s totem animal, we are encouraged to use our healing power to better ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

  • Artistic Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

dragon tattoo

Dragon spirit animals signify that you are on your way to a profound spiritual transformation. You will indeed feel vulnerable, but you will also develop the strength and power you need to take risks. 

  • Articulate Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

dragon tattoo

The dragon is one of the few creatures that embody spiritual transformation to the fullest extent. Those who wish to walk in the spiritual realm should use the dragon totem as a guide.

  • Artful Dragon Tattoo Design On Wrist

dragon tattoo

When you meditate on the dragon totem guide, you will remove the blocks that cause physical ailments. Healing and protection are the traits of dragon medicine. There will be gifts in store that will give you the strength to tide over all kinds of challenges. 

  • Picturesque Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Back

dragon tattoo

Passion and fire will fill your life when you meet the dragon. Since the dragon brings rain and is associated with water, spend time near bodies of water. A healthy diet and lifestyle are important to our well-being. In addition to the dragon representing the sky, clouds are also depicted. This element has a connection to fire.

  • Bulky Dragon Tattoo Design On Arms

dragon tattoo

Christian symbols of evil include the winged dragon. Generally speaking, however, the wingless dragons in Asia are considered friendly creatures that bring luck and wealth.

  • Awesome Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

The appearance of a dragon power animal in your life shows you are an extremely powerful individual on both a physical and mental level. Because, as you know, this powerful beast is not available to just anyone. 

  • Wondrous Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

People often carry dragon charms with them when traveling in China for safety’s sake. Your magical and mystical beast will guard you against harm and ensure your safety. These individuals have a powerful dragon power animal that makes them fiery and passionate. In addition, they are usually direct in their approach to their enemies. 

  • Cumbersome Dragon Tattoo Design On Front Body

dragon tattoo

Their passion for challenges and love for everything they do come through in everything they do. Hence, they will go on a campaign of conquest of power. There will be challenges and changes in life, but if one has the dragon to console them, one will get through them. 

  • Large Dragon Tattoo Design On Chest

dragon tattoo 63

Make sure you stay fit and healthy, so you get plenty of water because your power animal is related to water and clouds. Let go of the past and the ways of the past. Intensify your integration of body, mind, and spirit by paying attention to your dragon spirit.

  • Distinguished Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

There are many different types of tattoos, and tattoo meanings depend on the culture, color, and style of the tattoo. As with dragon tattoos, dragon tattoos’ symbolism can convey many different meanings. Dragons are considered a symbol of balance and wisdom among the Japanese. 

  • Impressive Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

China considers the dragon an auspicious symbol of good fortune, wealth, and luck. In certain Christian traditions, dragon tattoos are considered symbols of Satan or the Devil. 

  • Lovely Dragon Tattoo Design On Wrist

dragon tattoo

Furthermore, most Europeans consider dragon tattoos to be associated with cults or symbolic of evil, negativity, and destruction. Fire, passion, and energy can all be symbolized as dragon tattoos depending on their design. 

  • Remarkable Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Dragons are symbols of wealth, potential, and power, as well as of power, fire, and fire. An air dragon represents the ability to embrace change and transformation. As well as magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and knights, dragon tattoos symbolize many other things. 

  • Fantastic Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

It is possible to express dragon tattoo designs in numerous styles, colors, and representations. There are significant differences between Western and Eastern concepts of dragon symbolism. Selecting the right tattoo artist and design is therefore important.

  • Fabulous Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Those words are even associated with romance, adventure, thrills, and ambition if we go by pop culture. An individual’s tattoo is therefore an expression of his or her identity. Look through several tattoo designs to get the right idea of which design is best for your dragon tattoo. 

  • Exotic Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Symbols of dragons are common in Western and Eastern cultures and represent the beast par excellence, the devil, and the adversary. Water, clouds, rain, floods, sin, and evil are also examples of what the dragon symbol represents. There is a sea monster in Hebrew mythology

  • Drastic Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Chinese dragons were thought to have spiritual significance. It was connected with water – which causes floods, which could be either good or bad. Over time, the dragon was linked to one of the greatest blessings – rain giving and the blessing of the rain gods. 

  • Severe Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo 56

Dragon symbols are often associated with power, royalty, and sovereignty throughout the world. Additionally, rain, clouds, and floods are also associated with it. According to eastern legend, dragons have different symbolic meanings depending on their color. 

  • Determined Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo 57

The yellow dragon is the embodiment of Divine power, manifesting itself as the manifestation of divinity. As a symbol of water, the blue dragon symbolizes vitality. In addition to transformation and invisibility, the dragons have the power to turn invisible.

  • Astonishing Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

In Native American legends, Dragon and a God combined to form the Earth. In the state of California, dragons hold important position information on the earth. The Earth as we know it today was created by two gods – Nagaicho and Thunder – and they put rocks, flowers, clouds, and fire on the surface. 

  • Astounding Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

The dragon is the most recognized Chinese symbol. Among its many meanings, it expresses a broad range of ideas. As a symbol of majesty, power, and imperialism, the five-footed dragon is associated with the Emperor. As mentioned in Chinese mythology, dragons are associated with the skies. 

  • Heroic Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

According to the Chinese, the sky consists of nine palaces, each ruled by a dragon. There are usually nine dragons depicted ascending or descending in the skies amid thunderstorms, rain, and lightning. 

  • Fearless Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Hence, the dragon is associated with the Dynamic Powers within the Universe. In Chinese Art, the symbol of two dragons playing with a flaming pearl is a commonly used motif. In eastern cultures, the pearl symbolizes the sun or moon.

  • Flaming Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

There is a myth in Vietnam, as well as many other Eastern countries, that humanity came from dragons. As in the previous case, the dragon represents power and piety in this instance. In addition to Chinese dragon symbolism, there is also Japanese dragon symbolism. 

  • Heavenly Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

The fire was used to form Taka-Okami, a deity that came from a fragment of Kagu-Tsuchi’s body. In the mountains resides this Dragon God. Similarly, Kura-Okami is the snake-god or Dragon God of the valley that is credited with controlling the rain and snow.

  • Cool Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Nobody in Dragon’s world matters to it, not even itself. Christian dragons are known to be the name or powers of Satan in the Bible. Those belonging to Dragon own False Prophets and the Antichrist. Hell is the realm of the Dragon and its inhabitants. 

  • Flowery Dragon Tattoo Design On Thigh

dragon tattoo

This is the only thing that can keep the world from being evil. Dragons are referred to in the Bible as God’s enemies. The dragon’s purpose is to finish what the beast and false prophet began in Revelation. It is also possible to translate the beast in the Bible as the dragon. 

  • Wondrous Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Dragon beliefs can be found in cultures across Eurasian continents, including in the Bible. Celtic literature contains many dragon words that borrowed from Irish and Welsh languages, however, this does not mean dragon lore was not widely prevalent among Celts. 

  • Intricate Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

In modern times, the red dragon is a symbol associated with Celtic leaders which, partially according to myth and partly according to history, symbolizes their right to power. The Welsh national symbol is the red dragon, also known as the Draig Goch or Red Dragon. 

  • Blazing Dragon Tattoo Design On Anklet

dragon tattoo

In Celtic literature, the dragon is typically viewed as an obstacle that heroes must overcome. Some dragon symbols, however, evoke good thoughts as well. As a symbol of power, triumph, strength, and royalty, dragons were used by Celt warriors during battle. 

  • Charming Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Back

dragon tattoo

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, the dragon was a personification of water forces, capable of both fertilization and destruction. Dragons were known for their ability to control water, which was an essential part of their abilities. By having a surplus of water, it brought rain and fertilization when it was benevolent. 

  • Heavy Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

In times of hostility, it unleashed floods and deluges. The dominant image of dragons during that period was one of benevolence. Consequently, the ancient dragon symbol became synonymous with kings, heroes, and fertility. 

  • Night Dragon Tattoo Design On Front Body

dragon tattoo

As time went on, however, the dragon was associated with Seth, the murderer of Osiris in ancient Egypt. It is believed that dragon symbolism preceded Christianity. Egypt also experienced the transition from Horus to Christ as well as the transition from Satan to Seth.

  • Versatile Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

The dragon had major significance in Africa because of its association with water. The dragon and serpent are often symbolically linked and represent each other on a symbolic level. 

  • Enormous Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

A secret society called the Black Dragon Society was formed in 1930, and nobody could deny that it shocked white American minds. Several Ethiopian groups claim to be affiliated with the Black Dragon Society, including the Ethiopian Pacific Movement and the Peace Movement of Ethiopia.

  • Large Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

There is a reverence for mythological creatures like dragons in mythology and folklore. There is a tradition that dragons are the symbols of many Asian and South American nations including China, Japan, and Vietnam. According to the mythologies of eastern civilizations, dragons are noble creatures endowed with special powers, whereas in European mythologies they are described as evil and sinister.

  • Extensive Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

An important psychological meaning of the dragon has guarded self-realization. Due to the mythological meaning connected to this beast, it is the guardian of the treasures of heaven. 

  • Superb Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Dreaming of a dragon, then, suggests you will have to overcome your fear before you can achieve inner wisdom. In the Bible, dragons are also associated with evil, darkness, and negative energy. If you have a dragon dream, then you could be scared or inclined to have dark, destructive tendencies. 

  • Exquisite Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg

dragon tattoo

Because of the eclipse, dragons were believed to swallow the sun in China while in Africa, serpents were believed to swallow the sun. In addition to inspiring political movements, the dragon has also been linked to mythology. Americans had a special relationship with the black dragon, which symbolizes strength. 

  • Fabulous Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

As a matter of fact, dragons eat babies as well. Thus, if you have an unfavorable attachment to your mother, then you may have a dragon dream. Dragons often have two extreme representations when they appear in dreams.

  • Impressive Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Symbolic of earthly wealth, but also associated with satanic realms, gold represents spiritual wealth from the earth. 

  • Incredible Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Tattoos depicting dragons can symbolize a variety of meanings. Dragons may be considered a symbol of strength and wisdom by some civilizations, but they are considered greedy and bad omens by others. Styles featuring Chinese dragons (married to thrones or crowns that represent power and strength), Japanese dragons (representing harmony and balance), and Celtic dragons (representing wisdom and good luck) are among the most popular.

  • Unimaginable Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Having a dream of a dragon represents an attachment to material wealth that can lead to loss and sorrow in the long run. The achievement of enlightenment can also be associated with dragon dreams in the spiritual realm. 

  • Astonishing Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

There’s a possibility that your dragon dream might also disclose something about your sexual drive. There is an association between dragons and fire, and therefore, passion. The mythology of dragons teaches that only heroes can beat them. Therefore, slaying a dragon in dreams could be a metaphor for overcoming a challenge.

  • Chained Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

In most cultures, a dragon represents a man’s ascendancy to a position of power. It is, therefore, no wonder that Imperial proclamations were often issued when dragons appeared in the East since dragons were such important omens. 

  • Multicolored Dragon Tattoo Design On Front Body

dragon tattoo

China’s zodiac includes twelve signs, among which the dragon is the fifth. Their presence is a harbinger of good fortune and wealth. Dragons are mythical creatures found in other parts of the world, which are entrusted with guarding lakes, rivers, and caves. 

  • Decorative Dragon Tattoo Design On Hand

dragon tattoo

As noble beings who provide wisdom and protection, dragons are considered noble in eastern cultures, but in western cultures, they are considered much darker and much more dangerous. Both animals appear to be capable of highly sophisticated thinking, although they are frequently depicted as roaming creatures. So in that sense, the dragon tattoo could also be interpreted as representing self-expression and freedom.

  • Fabulous Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Throughout many legends, they were assigned the responsibility of guarding treasures. Dragons have been a symbol of power for centuries, spanning cultures and countries throughout the world.

  • Awesome Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

There is a primitive aspect of this being, yet it is also oriental and classical. Dragons are sometimes associated with plagues, disease, rain, and floods in legends. 

  • Beautiful Dragon Tattoo Design On Thigh

dragon tattoo

As a symbol of strength, protection, and wisdom, the dragon is symbolic of all of these qualities as well. Its fearsome and warlike qualities make it a wonderful ally, regardless of whether you regard it as a friend or an enemy. In most people’s minds, a story about a knight fighting the dragon and winning the princess’ heart is familiar. It has been thought that slaying a dragon was among the highest of achievements in many ancient cultures. A dragon is often portrayed as a symbol of pre-Christian thought in St. George or Beowulf.

  • Vigorous Dragon Tattoo Design On Body

dragon tattoo

As an omen, a dragon represents power, life energy, change, communication, connection, freedom, and the universal path. 

  • Vivid Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Clouds are also symbolic of the shape. Observing clouds is like observing dragons, and will help us gain a deeper and deeper understanding of the symbolic meaning of dragons. 

  • Amazing Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Besides being versatile, a dragon may also be drawn in many styles, such as realistic or abstract art, cartoons, or dramatic drawing. In many cases, they are done using solid ink following tribal tattooing styles. Despite this, we see more and more tribal tattoos in colors nowadays. Dragon tattoos come in many styles and designs. You can choose the design that best fits your taste.

  • Splendid Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Because heroic knights slay evil dragons to rescue beautiful damsels or gain treasure, dragon omens and dreams may indicate the struggle between the virtuous and vile parts of the individual.

  • Classic Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

According to Chinese mythology, the dragon is a giver of rain. There is a ritual of worshiping the dragon at times of drought. Ethiopians believed that dragon flesh was one of the best medicines for extending life. 

  • Cute Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Chest

dragon tattoo

There is still a belief that a three-headed dragon brings some calamity such as war to the Basques. According to a Chinese legend, the dragon possesses a precious stone in its crown. 

  • Amazing Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Antidotes are needed for anything poisonous but must be administered while the dragon is still alive. The dragon is one of the most important symbols of fire and passion throughout history. Sacred treasure is guarded by the treasure guardian of legend and folklore. 

  • Creative Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

As with most dragons, the dragon can be shaped so that it can be placed in many different ways on the body, but it is most commonly situated at the shoulder. Tattoos of symbols from other civilizations are a popular practice among Chinese people. The Chinese mafia once wore tattoos covering their entire bodies, and the tattoos became synonymous with crimes and were looked down upon. The practice of associating with criminals has declined significantly in recent decades.

  • Cumbersome Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

As a symbol of fire and passion, the dragon encourages you to pursue your passions while taking risks to develop your strength and power. Seeing a dragon anywhere (in your dreams, or seeing physical symbols), is an indication that you are on your way to a deep spiritual awakening or transformation.

  • Pouncing Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Throughout your life, totem animals act as a spirit guide and a substantial source of self-discovery, taking on an important spiritual significance in Native American traditions.

  • Grand Dragon Tattoo Design On Foot

dragon tattoo

Totem animals are thought to be strong, and the dragon is a powerful one, urging you to use healing and change for your own good – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By connecting with the dragon totem, you can strengthen connections and tap into its wisdom to overcome challenges. You can use this animal’s mystery to perceive the world through very different eyes.

  • Magnanimous Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Number nine has a special place in the hearts of Chinese people. This is the largest digit associated with the dragon, and it is associated with its qualities. There are eight dragon walls commonly found around palaces and gardens in Chinese imperial times. A senior official is only allowed to wear nine dragons on his or her robe, while low-ranking officials may wear eight to nine dragons.

  • Passionate Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

If you would like to feel more connected to your dragon totem, try meditating or studying dragons so that you can better understand them. 

  • Curvy Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

In the realm of non-ordinary reality (dreams, heightened states of emotion, recollections), a power animal serves as a symbol and an energy form to protect and guide you. Our true selves that have been hiding under the surface can also be revealed and revealed by power animals.

  • Generous Dragon Tattoo Design On Body

dragon tattoo

When a dragon shows up in your life, it will bring you success, wealth, and good fortune. It can appear if you have proven to be spiritually and mentally strong. You can be more protected when you carry a dragon token when you are traveling or when fighting opponents.

  • Smart Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

As both a symbol of heroism and healing as well as a monster that must be slain or tamed, the dragon has earned its place in myth and folklore. Dragons are portrayed as greedy creatures in several myths from Europe, North and South America, and Greek mythology, who hoard treasure in their lairs. 

  • Rising Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

The legend goes that if one saw a dragon in the forest, it would provide medicine and, if a drought ever occurred, would help bring rain. As such, dragons are regarded in China as givers of rain.

  • Endearing Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Chinese mythology also describes a dragon as having in its crown a stone that’s the antidote to every poison, but because dragons guard precious treasures, their venom could kill anything that tried to harm them. 

  • Creative Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Dragons do not appear in too many Native American myths and legends, even though there are many animal-related stories. There is, however, a great deal of mythology surrounding serpents and snakes among native tribes, and dragon mythology is certainly tied to snake mythology. 

  • Awesome Dragon Tattoo Design On Shoulder

dragon tattoo

Among Native American legends, there is one creature like a dragon: a serpent-like animal called the Thunder Lizard. In native cultures of California, dragons were used as building blocks to form the earth alongside a god named Nagaicho and a god named Thunder. Originally, the gods created the earth, but a flood washed all their work away. Because of the earth dragon and the Nagaicho, the earth is now formed again. Another story concerning dragons involves a Native hero, an Apache warrior, killing one because dragons were seen as the embodiment of evil that consumed children. 

  • Unique Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

dragon tattoo

Celtic symbolism, as seen in the national symbol of Wales, plays a significant role when it comes to dragon symbolism because the red dragon symbolizes the power of Celtic leaders, which is based on myth and partial history. It is almost always the dragon who stands in the way of Celtic heroes in battle; however, dragons are not always bad. Warriors from the Celts often adorned their armor with dragon seals and emblems to demonstrate their power, strength, and royal status. The legend of dragons is also found in Celtic and Druidic folklore; they guarded secret and sacred entryways that were portals to other realms, so seeing one was a good omen.

  • Ingenious Dragon Tattoo Design On Upper Back

dragon tattoo

Asian culture attaches great importance to dragon symbolism. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the dragon is one of the twelve signs of the year. The dragon also symbolizes royalty, strength, good fortune, and power. Symbols of wisdom, longevity, regeneration, and water, all of them are used in Eastern cultures to symbolize the virtues of age, longevity, regeneration.

  • Ultimate Dragon Tattoo Design On Hand

dragon tattoo

As a symbol of balance and wisdom, dragons are viewed by the Japanese, while dragons represent life, growth, and existence for the Vietnamese. Chinese people also consider dragons to be symbols of prosperity, as they are associated with agriculture and water. 

  • Amazing Dragon Tattoo Design On Back

dragon tattoo

Many things can be associated with a dragon tattoo, including strength, prosperity, longevity, yang, water, transformation, courage, tenacity, intelligence, enthusiasm, and confidence, and the most popular dragons tattooed are the Japanese, Chinese, and Celtic dragons. According to Chinese culture, the dragon represents luck, prosperity, and protection. The Chinese believe in nine dragon-ruled palaces dividing the sky, which could explain their association with the sky according to Chinese mythology.

  • Nice Dragon Tattoo Design On

dragon tattoo

Asian culture places a great deal of importance on the symbolism of dragons. Dragons are among the twelve signs in the Chinese zodiac and are usually a symbol of strength, luck, and power. The symbolism of the dragon changes to that of evil, destruction, and Satan across the West and even in Europe. With the help of this short guide, we hope to illuminate the meaning and significance of dragons and the reasons they may reappear in your dreams.

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