Ashlee Evans Smith’s 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ashlee Nicole Evans-Smith is a well-known American MMA fighter who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s women’s flyweight and bantamweight divisions. Ashlee has gained much following for her podcast called Sex & Violence with Rebel Girl. Another inspiring character trait came into the limelight when it was revealed that following the trend and awareness, she turned vegan in 2016. Ashlee has got multiple tattoos on her body that reflect her personality and love for multiple aspects. Let us explore them together.

Ashlee Evans Smith

“It was something I fell in love with early and now that I have my own tattoos as an adult, most of them have meaning but some of them just look great,” she explains. “My favorite quote about tattoos is ‘you came into this world as a blank canvas, do you really want to leave that way?’ And I do not.”

1. ‘Goonbaugh’ Tattoo

Evans writing tattoo

Tattoo: Across her left shoulder blade, Ashlee has got the tattoo of the word, Goonbaugh.

2. Right Thigh Tattoo

Evans thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of her right body, Ashlee has got a beautiful tattoo of the peacock with elaborate designs spread over her waist and her right hip/thigh.

Meaning: The brilliant, vibrant hues of a peacock’s feathers signify a clear brilliance and a light heart. The pea cock is the symbol of resurrection and regeneration as per Christian beliefs. As per Hindu beliefs, the peacock is a sign of victory in Hinduism. Also, it is often regarded as a popular sign of positiveness and is frequently connected with longing, devotion, and sanguinity.

People also regard it as the universal symbol of pride and vanity.

The peacock feather on the other hand, is a sign of protection and good fortune. Many people also keep feathers at home to shoo away the negative energy from their homes.

3. Left Thigh Tattoo

Evans thigh design tattoo

4. Inks on Thighs

Evans tattoos

Tattoo: On her inner thighs, Ashlee has got multiple tattoos that include red lips, the word ‘Smash‘, ‘Rebel Girl‘, and a dragon with Buddha.

Meaning: Red lips signify love, affection, romance, and the close bond between couples, along with being the token of affection between partners. The dragon with Buddha is a magnificent and very pious design that signifies good wealth, fertility, and acts as the guardian of life.

5. Writing on Right Side Body

Evans stomach writing tattoo

6. Raven on a Skull Tattoo

Evans skull with bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a skull inked on her right arm which also includes a bird sitting on its top.

Meaning: Raven tattoos are frequently linked to death, loss, and mourning. Ravens are believed to be able to communicate and thus, they might indicate topics such as warning, mediumship, and second sight.

A raven skull tattoo might be a fitting remembrance, and many individuals acquire tattoos to help them cope with their loss. The raven sitting on the top of the skull is a symbol inspired by European medieval history. It is said that there was a rise in deaths connected to the plague outbreak known as the “black death” around the middle of the 14th century.

7. Ship Tattoo

Evans ship tattoo

Ship tapped by an octopus on the inner side of her right bicep.

Meaning:  New journeys, residence, good luck, a way of life, direction, bravery, goodness, or even a tragic history are some of the meanings connected with the ship tattoo.

The ship tattoo is used by tattoo wearers to represent their deep beliefs and unwavering thoughts linked with despondent and warped purpose. The tattoo’s components will reveal more about that individual’s mental status.

The ship attached with an octopus symbolizes the strong spirit and the bravery of the tattoo wearer who wishes to show that she is capable of handling all the troubles, torments, and struggles of her life and mental health with courage.

8. ‘She Wolf’ Tattoo

Evans she wolf tattoo

9. Bow and Arrow and ‘S’ Tattoo

Evans S Tattoo and arrow tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of her right ear, Ashlee has got the tiny ink of the bow and arrow. Also, alongside her right wrist, there is the letter ‘S’ inked. The cross, bow, and arrow tattoo symbolizes strength, unity, and power.

10. Flowers on Neck

Evans roses on neck tattoo

Tattoos of Roses on the right side of Ashlee’s neck.
A rose tattoo that represents love, whether gained or lost, has been popular for ages as a sign of the most heightened level of affection, romance. It is believed that the flower tattoo is the token of beauty and emotion, also, they stay in balance.

11. Ankle Tattoos

Evans right thigh snake tattoo

Tattoo: On her left ankle, there is a tiny playboy logo inked along with a cross that is digging through it. Playboy logo stands for fantasy, pleasure, and a symbol of sex.

12. Rebel Girl Tattoo

Evans forehead tattoo

Evans Rebel Girl Tattoo



13. Medusa Tattoo

Evans portrait on thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Lady with snakes on their head is inked on Ashlee’s left thigh. The lady actually represents Medusa.

Meaning: A medusa tattoo can be used as a shield against evil or as a symbol of protecting the victims.

According to certain views, Medusa represents feminine weakness and the wrongdoing committed against her under the guise of evil. This fact is justified that the tattoo wearer might have faced some incidence that broke her trust.

But, on contrary, in reality, Medusa’s tattoos actually symbolize feminine power, and she is a feminist icon.

Most Greek art depicts Medusa as an “apotropaic logo planned to protect and ward off the negative and the evil spirits.”

14. Portrait on Leg

Evans portrait on leg tattoo

15. Girl with Headdress Tattoo

Evans girl with headress tattoo

Evans portrait on arm tattoo

The portrait on her right bicep is the representation of the Native Indian/American lady with a headdress.

This tattoo represents old Native American cultural values such as strength, admiration, wisdom, and harmony.

16. Left Leg Tattoos

Evans leg tattoos

Tattoo: On her left thigh there is a tattoo illustration consisting of a dragon and a hissing cobra.

Meaning: The dragon and the snake altogether are used as symbols of balance in life. On one hand, dragons represent the wild and passionate, whereas, on the other, the snake represents the tranquil and crafty essence of nature and the universe.

17. ‘Promise’ Tattoo

Evans hand writing tattoo

Tattoo:Promise‘ is tattooed on the left corner of Ashlee’s left hand.

18. Hand Tattoo

Evans hand tattoo

19. DreamCatcher with Feathers Tattoo

Evans dreamcatcher tattoo

Evans dreamcatcher on arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a dreamcatcher inked along with feathers on its bottom on Ashlee’s left forearm.

Meaning: The meaning of a dreamcatcher tattoo has not changed throughout the years and may be broadly be defined as a charm that is believed to capture all the negative thoughts, spirits, and dreams. Thus, bringing and imbibing your personality with all the positivity, positive vibes, and good luckleaving only the pleasant memories.
The dream catcher is one of the most enduring and widely recognized emblems of Native American culture. The distinctive hoop-and-web structure is thought to protect sleepers from displeasing dreams by “catching” them while allowing happy dreams to take over their minds.

20. Cross Tattoo

Evans cross tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of her chest, there is a cross inked.

Meaning: Cross tattoos can symbolize your dedication to religion or faith. The cross is the Holy symbol of Christians and is often chosen as the tattoo by the person to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity. It is the ultimate symbol of unconditional love and respect.

21. Roaster Tattoo on Left Side of her body

Evans cock tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her body, Ashlee has got the roaster tattooed.

Meaning: The Rooster, according to Feng Shui, is a sign of good fortune and wealth. The rich sign is also believed to enhance your positivity and attract you towards good luck, bringing love and happiness. They are also used at homes as sculptures as negative energy deflectors.
Because of its eagerness to protect its area against intruders, the rooster is a symbol of masculinity in Mexican culture. It represents the spirit of the tattoo wearer to fight for its position and deserving place by dominating all others successfully.

22. Butterfly and Lilies Tattoo

Evans butterfly and Lilly Tattoo

Tattoo: On her right arm, Ashlee has got the tattoo of a butterfly along with some lilies.

Meaning: Lilies are beautiful flowers that represent affection and purity. They are linked to the power of resurrection and maternity. Lilies also represent never-ending and lucky love and blissful passion.
The butterfly is a long-standing emblem of faith, change, and sovereignty, and it is a model of natural beauty. Butterfly tattoo designs are popular because the butterfly has always been associated with femininity and romantic love.
A butterfly with a flower tattoo is a terrific way to express yourself, especially if you are feminine and beautiful. Floral butterfly tattoos represent tranquility, purity, and, a person’s deep love for his nature, environment, and surroundings.

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