Julia Bond’s 34 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Julia Bond is a renowned retired American pornstar from Long Beach, California. Bond, who is from Long Beach, California, began the adult film industry when she turned 18 in 2005. She was dubbed the “Box Cover Queen” in the business after appearing on multiple DVD covers during the summer of 2005. She is a big music lover since her childhood, especially hip-hop, and also wishes to open her own clothing line one day, as claimed by her in one of her interviews.

“I like [Dr. Dre‘s] The Chronic. It always gets me pumped. When I get upset, I like to listen to shit I know all the words to, so I can get into it and get crazy and listen. As far as now, I always have Lil Wayne in my car, whether I’ve burnt a CD, or [my collection] of his old shit, new shit. I like Tha Carter III [click to read], that’s always in my car. I like Lil Kim too – her old, old album, Notorious K.I.M. I like that stuff.”

Julia Bond

“Like I said, I was crazy. I still am. I’ve toned down a bit. Growing up, I was always in the streets. I was always running around. Honestly, nothing really has meaning on my body. My tattoos are always, “I want this,” so I went and got it. I’ve always been the one getting my friends to go get piercings and tattoos.”

Julia’s Body Tattoos

Julia Bond tattooed body

1. Angel Wings Tattoo

Julia angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: On her back, Julia has got massive pair of angel wings inked.

Meaning: Angel wings symbolize security, tenderness, amiability, and peace. They are also believed to be the harbinger of good luck and protectors of the tattoo wearer, besides being observed as the symbol of good luck. People get angel wings to feel close towards God and to be surrounded well by positivity.

2. Tiger Paw Prints Tatoo

Julia animal print tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the upper part of her right arm is the tattoo of leopard spots.

Meaning: Leopards are the strongest of all animals and believed to be the fieriest hunters in the Jungle world. They are, in reality, quite powerful.

The tiger or tiger paws tattoo speaks for itself. People who are powerful in terms of soundness, potency, earnings, often choose this tattoo design.

Girl’s choice:

It subtly represents women’s power. Hushed and benevolent, stoic and elegant, and the queen herself, the girl, here Julia Bonds wants to showcase her personality as the ultimate and believes to gain the power, that does not need to be proved to others..

 “My paw-prints, honestly, I was young. I’m gonna say I was like 15, maybe even 14. I just wanted ’em. In a way, I regret them. But in a way, it is my trademark, so I can’t really complain. I know that Eve [click to read] has them. But for myself, being in the adult industry, that’s how people recognize me.”

3. Sugar Skull with Dagger Tattoo

Julia arm tattoo design

Tattoo: On her left bicep, Julia has got the tattoo of a sugar skull with a dagger piercing through it.

Meaning: People get sugar skills as the way to pay tribute and show respect towards their loved ones who are no more alive.

A dagger is the symbol of violence and threat whereas a skull, on the other hand, is the symbol of cessation, immorality, and peril. Together they are considered to be the elements of death, remembrance, protection, and bravery.

They also represent rebirth into the next stage of life, which eliminates the sorrowful and terrible elements of death. Thus, a transition from one phase to other!

3. Portrait on Arm

Julia arm tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of her left forearm, there is a portrait of a female inked.

4. Barbie Tattoo

Julia barbie tattoo

5. Arm Writings

Julia bicep writings tattoo

“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. It is, in fact, the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen.”

There are lines tattooed on the inner side of her biceps whichquote the instances from 1 Corinthians 13:7-8, taken from The Holy Bible.

6. Cross Tattoo

Julia cross tattoo

Tattoo: On her cleavage, Julia has got the tattoo of the Holy Cross.

Meaning: Cross tattoos can symbolize your dedication to religion or faith to Jesus Christ. The Holy Cross is a major symbol in Christianity since it is used as the means to pay tribute and show respect to Jesus, who had sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity and man kind. It also reflects Jesus’ unconditional love and sacrifice.

7. Cupcakes Tattoo

Julia cupcakes tattoo Julia cupckaes on neck tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her neck, there are beautifully colored cupcakes tattooed in a tempting design.

Meaning: Cupcakes are frequently used as symbols for female pleasure or female orgasm. They may also represent depravity, egomaniacal desires, womanliness, and masturbation.

Women frequently acquire cupcake tattoos to represent aspects of their personalities, such as a fondness for bright colors, sweetness, or cuteness.

8. Daddy’s Little Girl-Writing on the lower back

Julia daddys little girl tattoo

Julia daddys little girl tattoo

Julia daddys little girl tattoo

Tattoo: On her lower back, Julia has got the words inked as, ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.

9. Flowers on Chest

Julia flower tattoos

Tattoo: There are multi-colored pairs of flowers tattooed on Julia’s cleavage. The flowers are the lotus.

Lotus blossoms represent a variety of things, making them one-of-a-kind and remarkably individualized tattoos.

Flowers are the typical designs to showcase multiple aspects that include love, frineship, hope, transition I life, new beginnings, devotion, affection, pure love, honesty, and also signify rising over temptation and becoming a better person.

The lotus flower is known as the Padma in Hinduism, and it represents attractiveness, magnificent beauty, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.

10. Purple Colored Flowers on Right Arm 

Julia flowers on arm

Tattoo: On Julia’s right forearm there are tiny purple-colored multiple flowers inked.

11. Praying Hands Tattoo

Julia folded hands tattoo

Julia hands tattoo

Tattoo: On her left bicep, Julia has got a pair of praying hands tattooed.

Meaning: The tattoo itself is a representation of the power of prayer. Although many individuals acquire the praying hand tattoo to represent their religion, the art form itself has a deeper significance. It denotes self-promise, guarantee, family devotion, bravery, repudiation, and respect.
If you are a Christian, praying hands with a cross are ideal. The tattoo is said to represent Julia’s hands because there is the word, ‘LOVE’ inked across her knuckles and also, a design on her left outer hand.

12. ‘GAMES ON LOCK’ Tattoo

Julia GAMES ON LOCK Tattoo

Tattoo: Across her stomach, we can see a writing that says, ‘GAMES ON LOCK’ along with a lock and chain on its end.

13. Left Hand Tattoo

Julia hand tattoo

14. Heart with letter H on Left Hand

Julia heart on hand tattoo

15. Hearts on Face

Julia hearts on face

Tattoo: Near her left ear, there are there black hearts tattooed.

Meaning: TATTOOS OF BLACKHEARTS: They are used to target Gloomy events, mayhem, and general grief. Many people choose black heart tattoos to express their grief at the loss of a loved one. A three-heart tattoo depicts your past, present, and future, with a special emphasis on love.

16. Unicorn and Stars Tattoo

Julia horse and stars tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of her neck, Julia has got the tattoo of a horse with horns, popularly known as Unicorn along with red and pink colored five-pointed stars on her left shoulder blade.

Meaning: The unicorn has been depicted in the Bible and is regarded as an important symbol as per the Christian beliefs.

The unicorn is referenced in the Bible and it is said that it has come to represent Christian virtues. Another connection is that the unicorn is thought to originate from Heaven. The unicorn is also regarded to be a indication of the Virgin Mary. The unicorn signifies naturalness, innocence, and womanliness in the Christian community.

A star on your foot is often used to represent that you are being led someplace, and guided towards the best. But a star over your heart or the back of your neck can help you remember someone you’ve loved or lost.


Julia kittens tattoo Julia kitties tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, there is a pair of kittens tattooed along with the words, ‘SMILE NOW CRY LATER.’

Meaning: The tattoo can also be used to remember the death of a loved one, which is a more uncommon meaning. This signifies that the wearer should delight today over pleasant recollections of the individual and grieve afterward for the loss of the person.

More commonly, it is used to represent that the tattoo wearer should enjoy everyday and the current time that he is living in, without worrying about the future and the consequnces.

18. Leg Tattoos

Julia leg inks

Julia tattoo on legs

Julia leg tattoo



Tattoo: On the corner of her right forearm, there are words tattooed as, ‘LIVE LOVE LAUGH’.

Meaning: It is linked with the belief that, Success stems from pridefulness and affinity, and thus, the person should focus on leading a happy loving time.

20. ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’ Tattoo

Julia mirror mirror on the wall tattoo

21. Tattoo

Julia portrait tattoo

On her left upper body, Julia has got the portrait of Marlyn inked.

Marilyn Monroe was an actress, model, and singer from the United States. She became one of the most prominent sex symbols of the 1950s and early 1960s and gained much popularity owing to to her humorous “blonde bombshell” roles.

22. PRECIOUS Tattoo

Julia writing on fingers tattoo

Julia tattoos on hand

23. Bow with Rosary Beads Tattoo

Julia rosary beads tattoo

24. Sacred Heart Tattoo

Julia sacred heart tattoo

25. Arm designs

Julia shoulder tattoo Julia skull on arm Julia skull tattoo

26. All seeing eye Tattoo

Julia stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of her stomach, there is the tattoo of all seeing eye, right on her navel, followed by pyramid like structure on her abdomen and a pair of guns, one o either side.

Meaning: The eye is shown on the American dollar note above an unfinished pyramid, surrounded by light rays to underline the eye’s significance. It is linked to Freemasonry and, more recently, the ostensibly secretive group known as the Illuminati.

27. Skull and Roses Tattoo

Julia sugar skull with dagger and roses tattoo

Towards the center of her front body, exactly below her chest, Julia has a skull and a pair of roses inked.

Meaning: This tattoo is unique as it depicts two distinct concepts. The skull symbolises life and death, but the rose symbolizes attractiveness and devotion. The skull and rose tattoo, when combined, represent a fight between the beautiful and the ugly and the two opposite forces of this world that are, evil and good.

It is also possible that the skull indicates an abusive relationship or an addiction, and the flowers in the skull’s teeth indicate that the tattoo wearer has successfully overcome the hardships and found peace.

28. Symbols on Hand

Julia PRECIOUS Tattoo

29. ‘What does kill you makes you stronger’ Tattoo

Julia writing on thigh tattoo

Julia thigh tattoo

30. Writing on Chest

Julia writing on chest tattoo

Tattoo:Hollywood‘ is inked across her upper chest.

31. ‘WEST COAST’ Tattoo

Julia leg tattoos

32. Mirror Tattoo

Julia mirror tattoo

33. Portrait on Hand

Julia portrait on hand tattoo

34. Lip Colors Tattoo

Julia lip colors tattoo

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