Yungeen Ace’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Yungeen Ace is a famous rapper from Florida. He is known to have had his share of troubles during his childhood and young age. He took in lots of ups and downs to make his name in music. He had isolated himself during his teenage years from his other 12 brothers. After a tragic, drive-by shooting where he lost his brother and two friends, Yungeen had released his debut mixtape, Life of Betrayal. Ace has got multiple body tattoos just like other rappers of the industry. Let us explore his body inks.

Yungeen Ace

1. Right Pec Tattoos

Ace chest tattoo

Tattoo: Covering his right pec is the tattoo collaboration of roses, a flying EAGLE, and the word, ‘Northern III’.

2. Left Arm Writings

Ace left arm tattoos

3. ‘See All Eye’ Tattoo

Ace left bicep tattoo Ace shoulder eye tattoo

Tattoo: ‘See All Eye’ OR All-Seeing Eye is tattooed on Ace’s left bicep.

Meaning: All-seeing eye is the symbol depicting the omnipresence of God. It is a reminder that God is above us all and watches each action of ours. Hereby, we should be cautious of our actions.

4. Stomach Tattoo

Ace stomach portraits

Tattoo: On his stomach, Ace has got three portraits inked. It includes the portrait of his brother and two of his friends who were killed when their car was attacked by unknown people in June 2018. The incident had left Yungeen critically injured. Following this incident, he got these portraits inked in the memory of these three who died on the same day in the same attack.

“I try to stay busy, so my mind doesn’t go [all over the place],” Ace tells Billboard. “I keep my eyes on the prize and know my brothers are with me at all times. This has been our dream since we were little, and I have to do this for us.”  

5. ‘Forever In Me’ Tattoo

Ace stomach tattoo

Tattoo: Exactly above the portraits of his brother and two friends, he has got the words, ‘Forever in Me’ inked.

Meaning: The tattoo is his tribute to three of them. They were killed In June 2018, after being shot in Jacksonville, Florida. Yungeen was also present with them, however, he survived after being critically injured but the rest of the three couldn’t be saved.

6. Neck Tattoo

Yungeen Ace

Tattoo: Across his neck, Yungeen has got a huge tattoo of a red heart and angel wings.

Meaning: Red Heart with wings is a symbol of free-spirited nature and the willingness of enjoying freedom. The people with jolly nature ten to get this tattoo. It is clearly the representation of flying towards heaven!!

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