15 Amazing Aloe Vera Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Aloe vera is a plant that resembles a cactus and belongs to the succulent plant category. There are around 500 species of Aloe vera around the world and is widely found in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates. These climates include regions like South-Eastern Asia, the North African region, Portugal, and Southern European countries. It is used as skin lotion, cosmetics, ointments, and consumer products. It is also used for medicinal purposes such as treating baldness, skin diseases, burns, diabetes, hepatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Besides this, it is used for manufacturing commercial products.

Aloe Vera Tattoo

Meaning of Aloe Vera Tattoo

Aloe vera tattoos are inked to express your nature, traits, and habits to the world. This tattoo is also used to lift the spirit of its wearer. It symbolizes bitterness and grief. It has several meanings in different nations. In Latin, it is considered the most effective healer. In a true sense, the Aloe Vera Tattoo symbolizes joy, love, patience, togetherness, and protection.


Joy is the feeling of extreme gladness and delight that comes after attaining success, fortune, or a sense of well-being. It is an inner feeling that can’t be explained in words. The wearer of the aloe vera tattoo means that the person is happy within himself/herself and is not constrained to outer happiness.


Love is defined as the feeling of strong affection, feeling, and emotional attachment with someone. It is the attraction between the two lovers. The person with the aloe vera tattoo indicates his/her attachment with his lovers, parents, siblings, friends, or relatives. It also means that the person is not hesitant in expressing his love publicly.


Patience is the tolerance of provocation, annoyance, or pain without losing a temper. In other words, it is the ability to suppress restlessness due to delay or doing something despite difficulties. The aloe vera plant has vast medicinal benefits. It is a natural healer and healing itself takes time. The wearer of this tattoo possess a great patience level and can withstand extreme pains without losing his/her confidence.


Togetherness means a friendly feeling of being united with another person especially your friends and family in friendship and understanding. The person having this tattoo is social by nature and loves to hang out with friends. He is an extrovert who has a deep bond with a specific person or a group.


The state of being kept away from harm, loss, etc., is called protection. It is the shield from danger, pain, or discomfort. One of the good examples of protection is the umbrella to stand under the rain. It has a great significance in aloe vera tattoos. The aloe vera tattoo signifies the protection of its owner from bad omen or curses.

Meaning of Aloe Vera Tattoo Colors


Blue is the colour of the ocean and sky. It is associated with wisdom, health, inspiration, and stability. It also symbolizes reliability and is a universally appealing colour. In a few cultures, blue denotes sadness and depression, while in other cultures, it is a symbol of peace.


Red is the colour that symbolizes war, courage, anger, and religious fervour. It also conveys health. Most red objects like rubies and garnet stones provide immense health benefits. Similarly, for health reasons, kids in China wear red colour clothing.


Yellow is the colour of the sun which symbolizes warmness. However, it also denotes cowardliness and deceit. It signifies optimism, enlightenment, and creativity. It is the colour that can induce anxiety and distress. The Aloe Vera tattoo of this colour is more of a warning than a message.


Green is a natural colour that portrays the natural state of the earth. It represents tranquillity. It is also the colour of envy and jealousy. In ancient mythology, the green colour was referred to the fertility of the earth and a woman. In recent studies, it is been found that green colour improves reading ability.

Where Should You Get Aloe Vera Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Arms
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Left Abdomen
  • Ribs

For men

  • Back
  • Forearms
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Biceps

List of Aloe Vera Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Courageous and Fearless Lion-Faced Aloe Vera Tattoo

Lion faced Aloe Vera Tattoo

Lions are considered one of the most courageous animals on earth. With 190 kg in weight and 2.5 metres long, Lions are the powerful beast with their paw strike. They are the symbol of strength, power, and masculinity. This tattoo signifies the fearless and brave approach of its wearer. The meaning of this tattoo varies from country to country. In Tanzania, it symbolizes the epitome of power and strength while in other nations it shows royalty and nobility. The wearer of this tattoo has got strength and power to overcome challenges ahead.

  • Joyful and Radiant Smiling Face Aloe Vera Tattoo

Smiling face Aloe Vera Tattoo

If you are a beginner at getting a tattoo then this design is something you should not miss. It is one of the most popular tattoo designs among individuals. This tattoo is used to show the emotions of happiness of its wearer. The owner of this tattoo symbolizes that he/she is a happy person who always thinks positively about others. This tattoo is to remind its wearer that every day is new and he/she should smile irrespective of the circumstances.

Truly Beautiful Hibiscus Flower Aloe Vera Tattoo

Hibiscus flower Aloe Vera Tattoo

Hibiscus tattoos are known as the queens of the ink garden. They are the type of tattoos that will never go out of style. The hibiscus flower is used to represent the beauty and delicacy of a young woman. It can portray various meanings depending on different cultures. In Malay culture, this tattoo signifies courage and national pride. In Mandarin culture, it symbolizes wealth and fame. The wearer of these tattoos are mostly females which symbolize beauty and Femininity. Other than this, its wearer has achieved vast glory and accomplishments.

  • Bare and Lifeless Light Bulb Aloe Vera Tattoo

Light Bulb Aloe Vera Tattoo

The tattoo of this type depicts creativity and great ideas. It is also the epitome of intelligence. It is said that in the presence of great ideas, the light is turned on and there is no darkness in the tattoo owner’s mind. The wearer of this tattoo possesses a great intellectual mind and can overcome any obstacles with his/her smartness. It also represents grace, mental energy, and the process of how humans think.

  • Seemingly Unburdened Skull Aloe Vera Tattoo

Skull Aloe Vera Tattoo

Skull tattoos are one of the most popular types of symbolism in modern culture. They represent both negative and positive, good and evil, etc. As the skull is the last part of the body to decompose after death, it represents consciousness and intellect. The owner of this tattoo lives by its own rule and is a constraint to one single entity. The skull with an open mouth signifies that its owner is not shy in expressing his love.

  • Spiked and Thorny Cactus Land Aloe Vera Tattoo

Cactus Land Aloe Vera Tattoo

This attractive tattoo is a must-have for all those who want to represent their mysterious side. The cactus plant is known for its adaptive which even in extremely dry climates, can survive. Similarly, the person with this tattoo symbolizes that he/she can persist huge challenges in front of him/her without loss of hope and enthusiasm. They are willing to fight whatever life throws at them. In an actual sense, it represents survival. Though the meaning of this tattoo is vast, the core meaning remains the same. It is also one of the most attractive aloe vera tattoos and signifies the beauty of its wearer.

  • Woman-face Aloe Vera Tattoo

Woman Aloe Vera Tattoo

The Woman-face Aloe Vera Tattoo symbolizes romance, beauty, desire, and good luck. This tattoo is basically for working professionals who work far away from their homes leaving behind their loved ones. The person with this tattoo reminds him that a lady is waiting for him at home. There are many ways to represent the same and one such type is by placing it with the Aloe Vera design. As Aloe Vera represents mental and physical health, the amalgam of the woman-face with the Aloe Vera symbolizes that a lady in form of his wife, sister, girlfriend, or mother is waiting for him and is concerned about his health.

  • Black-colored Aloe Vera Tattoo

Black Coloured Aloe Vera Tattoo

Black-colored tattoo is one of the most common Tattoos among individuals due to their less price and easy availability. The wearer of this tattoo is strong enough to do the impossible tasks. It also represents that its wearer is mourning the loss of someone very important to him/her. The main advantage of black tattoos is that it goes with delicate and intricate Aloe Vera designs.

  • Circular-Frame Aloe Vera Tattoo

Circular Frame Aloe Vera Tattoo

The circle shape itself denotes all cyclic movements like timelessness, the infinite, and the self. It also represents femininity and masculinity. Talking in context with a different perspective, for sun, it has a masculine quality while in terms of soul, it has feminine quality. A tattoo in a form of a circle represents the cycle of time and the idea of movement. This type of tattoo fits perfectively at the back. This Tattoo with the Aloe Vera design signifies the spiritual health of a person in a form of life, death, and the afterlife.

  • A Teardrop Aloe Vera Tattoo

Crying eyes Aloe Vera Tattoo

This tattoo denotes sorrow or loss. It often indicates that one has served time, one has been humiliated, or one has been killed. The wearer of this tattoo may have lost his family or friend. The eyes are said to be the window to the soul and represent spirituality.

  • Aloe Vera on a Pot Tattoo on a leg

Aloe Vera on a Pot Tattoo

This type of tattoo represents elegance and wealth. The Aloe Vera plant on it symbolizes the love and wealth between a couple or two friends.

  • Aloe Vera Tattoo with the Exposed Roots

Aloe Vera Tattoo with exposed roots

This exposed roots tattoo indicates the ability to understand matter beyond the surface. The depth of the root signifies physical health and spiritual growth. The roots in black and white color symbolize the complete attraction of tree root tattoos. The bearer of this Tattoo is known for their thoughtful outlook and also signifies that no matter how much success he/she may attain yet his/her feet will always be grounded. The roots also depict eternal life.

  • Aloe Vera Tattoo with a little girl

Aloe Vera Tattoo with a little girl

This aloe vera tattoo with a little girl has multiple meanings. One such symbolic meaning can be beauty and romance. Since this tattoo is worn mostly on a lady’s arm, the tattoo also signifies femininity. A female body in the center of the aloe vera plant is the center point of countless traditional renderings.

  • Dot Work Aloe Vera Tattoo

Dot Work Aloe Vera Tattoo

Dot Work Tattoos are the types of Tattoos where the Tattooing is done by striking several dots to give an enthralling visual effect. It is basically a technique that uses grey ink, black ink, or sometimes red ink. It is a time-consuming technique but once it gets completed, it is worth waiting. Dot work of Aloe Vera symbolizes the same meaning as of Aloe Vera Tattoo but varies in its way of creating it.

  • Aloe Vera Tattoo with Yasmine flower

Aloe Vera Tattoo with Yasmine flower

This tattoo stands for pure happiness and purity. Yasmine flower is considered a controversial flower due to its strongest smell that can make a person dizzy. The buds of this flower open only at night which makes the flower mystical. The aloe vera tattoo with the yasmine flower is mostly worn on a female’s body. If a man wears this Tattoo, that means, that he has found someone in life and is charmed by her.

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