40+ Amazing Beagle Tattoos with Meanings

Beagle is a breed of small miniature foxhound dog and is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Their gag is straight and has wide, dropping ears. The Beagle is one of the world’s happiest and sweetest dog breeds. Beagles are loaded with excitement and boundless energy who is always ready to run, play, and chase. They also symbolize friendship, companionship, bond, feeling, loyalty, honesty, trust, power, strength, courage, and innocence. These breeds are great for family pets due to their size, loyal, and carefree nature with kids. These are the most common reasons why people like to get themselves inked with beagle tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of beagle tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will know different beagle tattoos and their meanings.

'Beagle with the Girl' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the beagle is laying next to the girl which described their bonds, feelings, attachments, love, care, emotions, friendship, balance, and union.

  • ‘Beagle with the Skeleton’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Skeleton' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo represents overcoming the difficulties in life, protection, and strength. It is believed that those who wear this tattoo do not fear death, and they believe in their growth.

  • ‘Beagle with the Cat’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Cat' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo symbolizes friendship, companionship, bond, feeling, protection, loyalty, honesty, trust, power, strength, courage, and innocence.

  • ‘Beagle on the Skateboard’ Tattoo

'Beagle on the Skateboard' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo signifies enjoyment, fun, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, playfulness, resourcefulness, and joy.

  • ‘The Jumping Beagle’ Tattoo

'The Jumping Beagle' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo symbolizes activeness, playfulness, enjoyment, friendship, companionship, bond, feeling, loyalty, honesty, trust, and innocence.

  • Sketched Beagle Tattoo

Sketched Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Sketched types of tattoos are famous all around the world. It also signifies creativity, imagination, and simplicity.

  • ‘Beagle with the Basketball’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Basketball' Tattoo

Meanings: A very simple yet creative art design that is worn by those wearers who might be simple, imaginative, and confident.

  • Doodle Beagle Tattoo

Doodle Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: They also symbolize friendship, companionship, bond, feeling, loyalty, honesty, trust, power, strength, courage, and innocence.

  • Origami Beagle Tattoo

Origami Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: The skill of folding colorful papers into attractive shapes is known as origami. This style of art is used to improve hand coordination, thinking abilities, etc., all around the world. They also symbolize friendship, companionship, loyalty, honesty, and luck.

  • Dot Work Beagle Tattoo

Dot Work Beagle Tattoo

Meanings:  This is a unique hand-poked tattoo that represents longevity, creativity, solitude, wisdom, communication, strength, persistence, kindness, compassion, peace, protection, faith, and attraction.

  • Portrait Style Beagle Tattoo

Portrait Style Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Getting a portrait tattoo is a way to remember or cherish the best memory. The tattoo represents love, care, trust, protection, attachment, bond, and emotions.

  • ‘Beagle with Floral Tiara’ Tattoo

'Beagle with Floral Tiara' Tattoo

Meanings: Floral tiara symbolizes loyalty, growth, powers, authority, and responsibilities.

  • ‘Group of Beagles’ Tattoo

'Group of Beagles' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo symbolizes loyalty, patience, friendship, devotion, balance, enthusiasm, growth, focus, and stability.

  • ‘Beagle wearing a Cap’ Tattoo

'Beagle wearing a Cap' Tattoo

Meanings: It represents playfulness, joy, enjoyment, excitement, balance, attention, gentleness, intelligence, trust, and stability.

  • ‘Beagle with the Crown’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Crown' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo. the beagle is wearing a crown that represents loyalty, power, trust, honesty, opportunity, luck, courage, strength, focus, and enthusiasm.

  • ‘Beagle within the Frame’ Tattoo

'Beagle within the Frame' Tattoo

Meanings:  It is an adorable tattoo that signifies innocence, trust, devotion, and simplicity. It also symbolizes good luck, an abundance of wealth, and good fortune.

  • ‘Monkey hugging a Beagle’ Tattoo

'Monkey hugging a Beagle' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the monkey is hugging the beagle that describes their bond, love, trust, friendship, care, companionship, attachment, and innocence.

  • ‘Beagle wearing Glasses’ Tattoo

'Beagle wearing Glasses' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo describes the nature of the wearer who might be stylish, cool, determined, focused, balanced, and stable.

  • Beagle Polaroid Style Tattoo

Beagle Polaroid Style Tattoo

Meanings: Polaroid photos are taken from small cameras which can be developed in a few minutes. This tattoo describes the nature of the wearer who might love his/her beagle dog unconditionally.

  • ‘Beagle with the Tiger’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Tiger' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo adds both fear and love elements to it. Tiger symbolizes bravery, fierceness, aggression, fearlessness, royalty, independence, and superiority. The beagle signifies love, care, trust, determination, loyalty, friendship, and companionship.

  • Outlined Beagle Tattoo

Outlined Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: It is a simple tattoo that signifies kindness, enjoyment, playfulness, patience, loyalty, and creativity.

  • Geometrical Shaped Beagle Tattoo

Geometrical Shaped Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Generally, the geometrical tattoos are formed in different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, etc., which signifies balance, stability, fertility, mystery, and puzzles. This tattoo symbolizes loyalty, wealth, rebirth, and protection.

  • ‘Beagle holding a Shoe’ Tattoo

'Beagle holding a Shoe' Tattoo

Meanings: It describes playfulness, naughtiness, fun, joy, enjoyment, gentleness, attention, and balance.

  • 3D Beagle Tattoo

3D Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: The 3D tattoo’s main motive is to appear like real dimensional objects. It describes the nature of the wearer who might be creative, gentle, and joyful.

  •  Beagle- Poodle Tattoo

Beagle- Poodle Tattoo

Meanings: Both poodle and beagle are breeds of dog which represents trust, loyalty, happiness, emotions, attention, balance, gentleness, friendship, tolerance, and stability.

  • Cosmic Beagle Tattoo

Cosmic Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Cosmic tattoos are related to the universe, cosmic power, endless possibilities, and spiritual connection. It also symbolizes devotion, communication, protection, and psychic abilities.

  • Beagle Bird Tattoo

Beagle Bird Tattoo

Meanings: The idea behind this tattoo is way too creative and unique. It also symbolizes guidance, protection, devotion, spirituality, connection, and trust.

  • Beagle-Doberman Tattoo

Beagle-Doberman Tattoo

Meanings: The Doberman dog is a medium-breed guard dog that signifies tranquility, strength, courage, and intelligence. The beagle is a small breed dog who symbolizes friendliness, emotions, gentleness, and stability.

  • Realistic Beagle Tattoo

Realistic Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Realistic tattoos are the type of artwork that looks like a real object. It also tells the nature of the wearer who might be fond of real types of things.

  • Past Remembrance Beagle Tattoo

Past Remembrance Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Such tattoos are a way to cherish or remember good old times which has occurred in the wearer’s life.

  • ‘Beagle with Butterfly’ Tattoo

'Beagle with Butterfly' Tattoo

Meanings: It represents grace, beauty, feminity, love, care, determination, emotions, balance, stability, harmony, and happiness.

  • ‘Beagle with the Bone’ Tattoo

'Beagle with the Bone' Tattoo

Meanings: Bones are the most favorite thing of any dog for which they can bite you for not giving or taking away. In this tattoo, the beagle has held his bones which signifies protection, trust, and excitement.

  • Beagle Couple Tattoo

Beagle Couple Tattoo

Meanings: Getting a couple of tattoos inked is the sweetest way to express affection to loved ones. It symbolizes love, passion, care, togetherness, happiness, blessings, companionship, union, and protection.

  • ‘Beagle with Toy’ Tattoo

'Beagle with Toy' Tattoo

Meanings: Dogs become more overactive when they play with toys. In this tattoo, the beagle is seen with a toy which might be his favorite one. It also symbolizes care, happiness, innocence, and freedom.

  • Night-Theme Beagle Tattoo

Night-Theme Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: The night-theme tattoos represent vision, dreams, opportunities, determination, enthusiasm, tolerance, stability, peace, silence, calmness, and harmo0ny.

  • Traditional Beagle Tattoo

Traditional Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Traditional tattoo is popular since ancient times as it signifies harmony, balance, bravery, and protection. These types of tattoos are inked by people who want to stick to their roots.

  • Angel Beagle Tattoo

Angel Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: The beagle dog is the cutest, friendly, and innocent breed. An angel beagle tattoo represents spirituality, trust, connection, guidance, companionship, balance, new beginnings, and luck. It also highlights the nature of the wearer who might love his/her dog unconditionally and consider the dog as a guiding and protecting angel.

  • Watercolor Beagle Tattoo

Watercolor Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: Colors add life to any object and getting a watercolor tattoo makes it more attractive. It also signifies creativity, imagination, positivity, and clarity.

  • ‘Black and White Beagle’ Tattoo

'Black and White Beagle' Tattoo

Meanings: Black and white tattoos represents the retro times which was the golden period. Such inked tattoos are gaining popularity due to the addition of darker to light shades.

  • Line Art Beagle Tattoo

Line Art Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: It is a detailed tattoo that includes different line patterns all over the face of the beagle. It also signifies creativity, protection, and imagination.

  • ‘Beagle inside a Bicycle Basket’ Tattoo

'Beagle inside a Bicycle Basket' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo represents beauty, grace, love, innocence, attention, creativity, journey, purity, acceptance, freedom, healing, compassion, connections, abundance, and regeneration.

  • ‘Beagle with Green Scarf’ Tattoo

'Beagle with Green Scarf' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the beagle is wearing a green scarf which symbolizes innocence, grace, beauty, attention, love, stability, harmony, balance, and patience.

  • Floral Pattern Style Beagle Tattoo

Floral Pattern Style Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo consists of different floral patterns with alphabets. It also signifies creativity, imagination, enthusiasm, attention, opportunities, and luck.

  • Animated Beagle Tattoo

Animated Beagle Tattoo

Meanings: This is an adorable tattoo that represents positivity, stability, balance, clarity, focus, freedom, new beginnings, tenderness, opportunity, and companionship.


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