James Ennis III 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

James Alfred Ennis III, is an American professional basketball player and currently plays for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). During his college days, he was an extraordinary player who won Big West Player of the Year honors. Just like other basketball players, James is also known to be a tattoo lover and thus, we have multiple inks to show his love for the same. Let us discover their meanings.

James Alfred Ennis

1. Symbols on Arm

James arm symbols tattoo

Tattoo: James has got the letter ‘X’ and roman number III inked on his left bicep.

2. Bicep Tattoo

James bicep tattoo

3. ‘BIG GAME’ Tattoo

James BIG GAME Tattoo

4. Leg Tattoo

James leg tattoo

5. ‘1 Life’ Tattoo

James life tattoo

6. Neck Tattoo

James neck tattoo

Tattoo: There are few stars, roman numerals, and a portrait inked on the left side of his neck.

7. ‘N.W.A’ Tattoo

James NWA Tattoo

Tattoo: N.W.A tattooed on the inner side of James’ right bicep.

Meaning: N.W.A is the name of one of the well-known and influential hip hop groups in California. James was born in Ventura, California, United States, and N.W.A must be the favorites of James.

8. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

James praying hands tattoo

Tattoo: Praying Hands tattooed on James’ left forearm.

Meaning: Praying hands is a Christian symbol which is the symbol of remembering Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for humanity.

9. ‘Roman Numerals’ Tattoo

James roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: On his right wrist there is a tattoo of some date inked in the roman numerals as ‘III-XVI-XIII’ which stands for 3-16-13.

10. ‘Rosary Beads and Cross’ Tattoo


James rosary beads tattoo

Tattoo: Rosary beads inked in the shape of a heart on James’ right inner forearm followed by some dates and a name (Dorothy) inside it. Also, the rosary beads end up into a cross pendant.

Meaning: James got this tattoo in the memory of his near one who was too close to his heart but, is no more. The Cross is the Holy Symbol of Christians and rosary beads along the cross is representative of the fact that James is Catholic.

12. Red Five-Pointed Star Tattoo

James star tattoo

13. Bible Writing on Arm

James writing tattoo

14. ‘S.V.G’ Tattoo

James SVG Tattoo

Tattoo: S.V.G inked on his inner left bicep.

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