10 Best Piercing Shops in San Francisco

Body piercing is a form of art in which a puncture is being made to any part of the body so that any beautiful jewelry can be worn in that place. A puncture is made by using sterilized types of pieces of equipment so that there is no risk of infections. Before beginning the procedure, a person must choose a specific location on the body where he/she wants to get the piercing done. For this, a procedure of painless piercing is preferred as a lot of people are scared of the pain of the procedure. Due to all these factors, the piercing must be performed by a well-organized, talented, and experienced body piercer who has several years of experience in this field. A professional piercer will not only assure you to have a painless procedure but will also suggest the location for the piercing and the type of jewelry to be worn at that place. Apart from all this, certain guidelines are to be followed for the aftercare services to avoid any risk of infection or allergies. In this article, we have mentioned the names of some of the best piercing shops in San Francisco. Let’s scroll further to know the details.body modification piercing

1. Body Manipulations

Body Manipulations-San Francisco

“Body Manipulations” in San Francisco has been providing the best quality of body modification services including tattooing and body piercing to customers at affordable prices for a very long time. The piercing services like septum piercing, earlobe piercing, nose piercing, helix piercing, industrial piercing, rook piercing, dermal piercing, navel piercing, and many more are performed under the expert guidance of well-talented and experienced body piercers. The shop also offers a wide variety of several forms pieces of body jewelry as per the demands of the customers. For providing the best quality services, the safety of the customers is considered a top priority so that there is minimal risk of infection or allergies. You will be welcomed in the safest and cleanest environment at this beautiful body modification shop. Even though the walk-ins are available but it’s better to take the advance bookings for the services. One of the amazing benefits of getting the piercing done from this place is that they offer amazing rewards for becoming their permanent member that includes certain discounts, offers, points, etc. The shop also offers detailed guidelines which are required to be followed to avail of their services with minimal risk of infections or allergies. A huge variety of good-quality jewelry products are also available at this shop that can be shipped anywhere with full insurance and packet tracking facilities.

Address: 2455 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-621-0408

Website: www.bodym.com

Instagram: Body Manipulations

Facebook: Body Manipulations

Twitter: Body Manipulations

Location on Google Maps:

2. Ten Tigers Body Piercing

Ten Tigers Body Piercing

We have worked hard over the years to create an all-inclusive, safe space within our studios for our beautifully diverse staff members, clients, and community. Our studios strive to promote equality and acceptance in every way. We will NOT tolerate discrimination of race, gender, gender identity, orientation, body type, differently-abled, religion, ethnicity, social or economic status. It is of the utmost importance that all of our staff and each of our clients feel safe and respected when they are in our studios.”

“Ten Tigers Body Piercing” has been providing several piercing procedures at their shop as per the demands of the customers. Safety of customers is the basic requirement of this studio as it focuses to maintain a safe environment for the clients so that there is minimal risk of any form of infections or allergies. The services of the piercings are provided to all the people irrespective of any discrimination in terms of sex, race, body type, religion, nationality, ethnicity, economic status, etc. Not only this, but the studio also offers a wide range of body pieces of jewelry at affordable prices while considering the highest industry standard and qualities. The jewelry is properly cleaned and sterilized before the usage so that there is no risk of infection or allergies to the clients. The shop also offers a proper guarantee against the various pieces of jewelry and in case of any defect, the jewelry would be replaced at no additional cost. Different forms of jewelry like titanium, niobium, silicon, organic, steel, etc. are used for this purpose.

All of the jewelry we offer conforms to the highest industry standards and is constructed for long term wear. At each of out studios you will find jewelry from the best manufacturers in the world. We are committed to performing all of our piercings with jewelry that is made from implant grade materials, appropriate in size and style, sterilized and inserted by a professional. You may encounter lower quality and less expensive jewelry in other settings, it is important to know that piercings often have intense reactions to poor quality metals. It is easy to embed or irritate piercings by choosing jewelry that is inappropriately sized, poorly designed, improperly cleaned, or non-sterile. Sometimes these problems can cause permanent scarring or require a piercing (even a healed one) to be completely removed.”

Address: 3506 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-796-2008

Website: www.beststudioever.com

Location on Google Maps:

3. Cold Steel Piercing

Cold Piercing

Cold Steel America is a premier body piercing and tattoo studio located in the historic Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Since 1999, we have proudly provided a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for all seeking to modify themselves. Cold Steel America’s piercers are exceptionally trained and skilled. With a combined background of over 50 years, our piercers are some of the most experienced in California. We execute each piercing with patience and care, whether it is a child’s earlobe, a popular navel, nostril, or septum; or a more complex ear project, surface, or genital piercing. All of our piercers are fully state licensed and members of the Association of Professional Piercers.”

“Cold Steel Piercing” was opened in 1999 and since then it has been providing the best quality piercing and tattooing services to its customers. The shop is best known to create the safest, cleanest, most compassionate, and most friendly environment for the clients so that they can get the best experience at this place. The various artists working at this place have more than several decades of experience in their respective fields and are even considered some of the most experienced piercers in California. Several forms of body piercings like earlobe piercing, navel piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, tongue piercing, septum piercing, dermal piercing, helix piercing, genital piercing, and many more are performed with utmost care and patience so that the customers can get the best experience of their lives. The piercers working at this place are fully licensed and are the respective members of the Association of Professional Piercers. The shop also offers a wide variety of body jewelry of genuine and highest quality from the leading manufacturers like NeoMetal, Body Vision Los Angeles, Buddha Jewelry Organics, Industrial Strength, and many more. One of the best qualities of this shop is that it provides free consultation to the customers and also offers complete aftercare guidelines so as to reduce the risk of infections and allergies.

We stock a huge selection of the highest quality jewelry, crafted from implant-grade steel and titanium, platinum, and solid 14k and 18k nickel-free gold. A wide variety of genuine and high-quality synthetic stones are offered, with even more that can be custom ordered. We source our jewelry from the leading manufacturers: Anatometal, Body Vision Los Angeles, Buddha Jewelry Organics, NeoMetal, and Industrial Strength. We offer a wide selection of metal alternatives such as glass, silicone, and natural materials such as amber, stone, wood, and horn as well as beautifully crafted pieces from Gorilla Glass, Maya Jewelry, Tawapa, and Diablo Organics to name just a few! Our selection of antique earrings is internationally known, and many of these are hard to find and rare tribal pieces of bronze, silver, and gold.”

Address: 1783 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-933-7233

Website: www.coldsteelpiercing.com

Instagram: Cold Steel America

Facebook: Cold Steel America Piercing and Tattoo

Yelp: Cold Steel America

Location on Google Maps:

4. Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing

Haight Ashbury

Originally started in downtown Santa Cruz in the early 90s as “Anubis Warpus” quickly found that it belonged on San Francisco’s historic Haight Ashbury. It was the first tattoo shop to offer body piercing. Before then the body piercing and tattoo world were not intrinsically linked. In 2003 it changed into its modern form of Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing to pay homage to the rich and unique history of the neighborhood. We focus on clean, bold American style tattooing and affordable, quality body piercing and jewelry. We have something for everyone and every budget. Hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists have passed through our doors and have left with a lasting impression.”

“Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing” was originally established as “Anubis Warpus” in the early 90s in Santa Cruz and later on shifted to San Francisco as “Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing.” Since the time of shifting, the shop started providing the services of body piercing along with tattooing. It became the first shop in the area to offer body piercing services with tattooing. The shop offers all forms of tattooing and piercing services to the customers at different prices according to their respective pocket sizes. It also offers a good quality of affordable pieces of jewelry as per the latest trends and demands of the customers. People not only from San Francisco but also from several other parts of America travel to this place to experience their amazing services.

Address: 1701 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-431-2218

Website: www.haightashburytattooandpiercing.com

Instagram: Haight Ashbury Tattoo

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

5. Nomad Body Piercing


Nomad was the first freehand body-piercing studio in America (in Australia as well), offering many large-gauge techniques that had never been offered in a body-piercing studio before. In keeping the energy, techniques, and history alive, we hope to set a great example for the industry of body piercing to come. We now use all steam sterilization. Gold, platinum, titanium, and glass jewelry for all initial body piercings. We offer a very calming and clean environment for all body piercing services.”

According to the sources, “Nomad Body Piercing” was the freehand body piercing in America that offered all forms of good quality body piercing services to the customers at affordable prices. The services of body piercings are provided in the safest and cleanest environment where the customers can comfortably experience the body piercing procedures. Several forms of body piercing related to the nose, ears, tongue, lips, nipples, genitals, etc. are all performed at this place by a team of experts. Apart from the body piercing procedures, the shop also offers a wide variety of different forms of metals for pieces of jewelry including gold, platinum, glass, etc. All the various types of pieces of equipment used and the workstations are properly cleaned using the sterilization procedure to avoid the risk of infections for the customers. “Nomad Body Piercing” was originally opened in San Francisco by Blake Perlingieri in 1993 and is now shifted to San Rafael in Marin County.

Address: 2056 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-295-7208

Website: nomadpiercing.squarespace.com

Instagram: Nomad Body Piercing

Twitter: Nomad Body Piercing

Tumblr: Nomad Body Piercing

Pinterest: Nomad Body Piercing SR

Location on Google Maps:

6. Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing

Rose Gold Piercing

“Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing” shop located in San Francisco is one of the best piercing and jewelry shops that offer a wide variety of piercing services along with the best quality of pieces of jewelry to the customers as per their requirements. The shop also ships the jewelry to its customers at a minimal charge. All these pieces of jewelry are from some of the top brands including BVLA, Fiat Lux Collection, Mettle & Silver, LeRoi, and many more. One of the unique qualities of this shop is that it also offers piercing services to 14+ minors at reasonable rates but only in the presence and consent of parents or legal guardians. Such body piercings include earlobe piercing, tongue piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, and many more.

Address: 1157 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-701-7673

Website: www.rosegoldsf.com

Location on Google Maps:

7. Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing

mom body piercing

The oldest and best tattoo and piercing shop in the heart of the historic Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. We have been doing all styles of tattooing, traditional, Japanese, tribal, Celtic, new skool, black and grey, or full color, and piercing for over 2 decades. Clean and sterile, licensed by the Health Department, walk-in or appointment, come and check out our huge selection of fine body jewelry from around the world. Servin’ the Haight since ’98.”

For more than several decades, “Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing” has been providing the ultimate quality of different forms of body modification services to the people of San Francisco. Such body modification procedures include tattooing, tooth gems, and piercing. The shop is licensed by the Health Department which assures the safest and cleanliness for the customers. All the various forms of types of equipment used for the procedures for tattooing and piercing are well sterilized and cleaned to minimize the chances of infections. People not only from San Francisco but also from several other parts of America have rated this body modification shop as one of the best shops that provide affordable services. piercings related to the nose, ears, tongue, chin, eyebrows, lips, nipples, and many more all are performed at this place.

Address: 1408 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-864-6667

Website: www.momsbodyshop.com

Instagram: Mom’s Body Shop

Facebook: Mom’s Body Shop Tattoos and Piercing

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

8. Babypiercing

Baby Piercing

“Babypiercing” is an amazing piercing shop in San Francisco that is solely opened for the piercing purposes of children. All the measures for safety and security as taken into the consideration before and after the process. The shop provides a huge variety of pieces of jewelry products that are required to be preordered from the site and shipped to the shop. The shop only uses the 14kt gold jewelry for piercing purposes. One of the best qualities of this shop is that it takes extra care of the safety of the customers. For that, the piercing rooms are sanitized properly using UV ultraviolet light and alcohol in between the appointments. Apart from the piercing rooms, the earrings and the workstations are also cleaned properly using UV lights and alcohol. The shop provides ear-piercing services to the babies as soon as they receive their DTaP vaccination.  Not only this but detailed aftercare guidelines are also provided so that they are at no risk of any form of infection or allergies.

Address: 915 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-730-9394

Website: www.babypiercing.com

Instagram: Babypiercing.com

Location on Google Maps:

9. Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing

Zebra Body Piercing

Our piercing facilities are state of the art, thus providing an organized and sterile environment that you can trust. Zebra Inc.’s professionally trained piercing artists are able to provide for all your piercing needs. Schedule your one-on-one appointment with your favorite piercer! We will focus on ensuring that you leave with the most beautifully adorned ear that is created specifically for you and your anatomy. At Zebra, we have been piercing infants and children for the past 30 years. Infant and children’s ear piercing is a skill that requires years of experience, care, and patience. In many cultures, piercing is a right of passage; we are sensitive to our clients’ cultural needs and expectations. We are proud to be a child and family-friendly establishment. We welcome parents to come in and inspect our facilities before making a decision. We look forward to making this a fun, safe & pleasurable experience for your child & family.”

“Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing” is one of the most amazing body modification shops in San Francisco that provides amazing tattooing and body piercing services to clients. Apart from this, the shop also provides the services of piercings to the children by considering several factors. All the artists working at this place are professionally trained with years of experience in their respective fields. The artists working at this place have been providing baby or infant piercing services to the clients for more than 30 years and have earned great expertise in this field. The work area, pieces of machinery, and workstations are properly cleaned and sanitized to reduce the chances of any form of infection. All these workstations and areas are regularly scrutinized by the Contra Costa County Health Department and Berkeley Environmental Health Division. Not only this but the practitioners working at this place are mostly OSHA certified. In the case of the children, the parent or legal guardian should bring in a legal ID proof and a child’s favorite toy to distract him/her. The shop also offers a huge variety of pieces of jewelry made up of 14kt gold, titanium, surgical steel, etc. A complete range of cleaning solutions is also provided at this shop. Scheduling of appointments is not done at this place as all the piercings are performed on a walk-in basis. In the case of adults, several forms of piercings are provided at this place including earlobe piercing, tongue piercing, helix piercing, industrial piercing, rook piercing, lip piercing, nipple piercing, navel piercing, and genital piercing, and many more. After the piercing procedures, detailed guidelines for each type of piercing are provided at this shop so that none of the clients should experience any form of infection or allergies.

Address: 2467 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States

Phone Number: +1 510-649-8002

Website: www.mrzebra.com


Facebook: Zebra Tattoo – Walnut Creek

Yelp: Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing

Location on Google Maps:

10. 13 Bats Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Bats Tattoo Piercing

The shop provides the best quality of both tattooing and piercing services to the clients at reasonable and affordable prices. The piercings are performed by well-trained and experienced body piercers who have more than a decade of experience in their respective fields. The piercing artists working at this place are proud members of the Association of Professional Piercers. To avail of their services, prior appointments are important as they don’t work on a walk-in basis. Sashablue is the head piercer working at this place who has more than a decade of experience in this field. She is also the co-founder of “13 Bats Tattoo and Piercing Studio.” Several forms of piercings like nose piercing, earlobe piercing, chin piercing, navel piercing, rook piercing, dermal piercing, rook piercing, tragus piercing, tongue piercing, lip piercing, and many more are performed at this place. All these piercings are performed by considering the safest, cleanliness, and hygiene of a client so that there is no risk of any infection.

Address: 1043 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

Phone Number: +1 415-815-6669

Website: www.thirteenbats.com

Instagram: sashablue

Location on Google Maps:

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