Cassius Marsh’s 31 Tattoos & Their Meanings

One of the most capable defenders, Cassius Marsh, plays for the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawk. He is popularly known by his nickname, Polar Bear, which is given by his father. He is fond of tattoos and has many colored inscriptions inked on his body. Let’s dig into his skin to understand the meanings behind his tattoos.Cassius Marsh

1. “Polar Bear with American Headdress and Lee” on his Back

Tattoo: “Polar bear with a native American headdress” and the name “Lee” above it.

Meaning: Marsh got a massive piece inked on his back. This tattoo is inked by the tattoo artist, Tony Adamson. He gave a brief description of the tattoo on his Facebook account. He wrote,

My dad’s called me ‘Polar Bear,’ basically, since the day I was born. My parents are mixed, and I came out, obviously, very, very, very light-skinned. So my dad called me ‘Polar Bear,’ and they’re the most vicious bears on the planet. So that’s what I’ve attached myself to, the polar bear. The Native American headdress is—my mom is Creole, my Dad has Native in him. The bear’s got the crosses over the eyes; I wear that in games. ‘Lee’ is my grandfather’s name, sort of a tribute to him, and my middle name. The tattoo is like me, a representation of who I am in tattoo form.

2. “Crab” on his Chest

crab tattoo-cassius marsh

Tattoo: Crab

Meaning: Marsh got a tattoo of a crab inked on his chest. In an interview, he said,

 I’m a Cancer, and I fit into that world very well, I may seem like a hard-a** on the outside, but I’m soft on the inside.”

3. “Phiranna Fish” on the Left Side of his Chest

phirana fish -cassius marsh tattoo

4. “Diamonds” on the middle, Left, and Right Side of his Chest

diamonds tattoo-cassius marsh

5. “Four Animals” on his Knuckles of Right Hand

four animal tattoo-cassius marsh

Tattoo: Lion, Bear, Wolf and a Tiger

Meaning: Marsh got four animals inked on the knuckles of his right hand. They are; lion, bear, wolf and a tiger inked on each knuckle. Tony Adamson has again inked this tattoo. Cassius wrote,

Tony Adamson, the best tattoo artist in the country! And one of my best buds! Appreciate you pulling off my impossible tasks! Check his page for the finished product from today!” on his Instagram account.

6. “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee” on his Right Forearm

Float like butterfly and sting like bee - cassius marsh tattoo

7. “Hybrid” on his Upper Right Arm

Hybrid-cassius marsh tattoos

8. “NFL Logo” on Right Forearm

NFL logo-cassius marsh logo

Tattoo: NFL Logo

Meaning: Marsh got colored logo of NFL on his right forearm to show his love and affection for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).

9. “Polar Bear” on his Left Upper Arm

Polar beer tattoo cassius marsh

Tattoo: Polar Bear

Meaning: Marsh got his nickname, Polar Bear, inked on the inner side of his left upper arm. His father gave him this nickname because of his light skin tone. So, he attached himself to a Polar Bear.

10. “Honeycombs and BOSS” on his Right Forearm

honeycomb and boss -cassius marsh tattoo

Tattoo: “Honeycombs and BOSS”

Meaning: Marsh got a honeycomb design inked on his right forearm. Boss is inscribed at the center of the honeycombs. Boss is the name of his pet dog whom Marsh humorously call as “the sweetest little puppy in the world.”

11. “Trident on fire” on his Right Lower Leg

12. “California Republic” on his Right Upper Arm

California republic-cassius marsh tattoos

Tattoo: “California Republic”

Meaning: Marsh got a tattoo of the flag of California inked on the back of his upper right arm. He pays tribute to the state, California, which is his birthplace.

13. “Polar Bear with Crown” on his Right Upper Arm

polar beer with crown-cassius marsh tattoos

Tattoo: “Polar bear with crown”

Meaning: Below the flag of California, Marsh got a tattoo of a polar bear wearing a crown.

14. “UCLA” on his Right Upper Arm

Cassius Marsh ucla tattoo

Tattoo: UCLA

Meaning: Marsh got UCLA inked on his right upper arm. UCLA stands for University of California, Los Angeles. Marsh has started playing football since his college days at UCLA.

15. “Blooms of Lotus Flower” on his Right Wrist

Blooms of Lotus-cassius marsh tattoos

16. “Flowers” on his Right Arm

blue flowers-Cassius marsh tattoo

17. “CA” on his Left Shoulder

Cassius Marsh-CA tattoo

Tattoo: “CA”

Meaning: Marsh got alphabets ‘CA’ inked on his left shoulder. It is the logo for California Angels.

18. “Hourglass” on his Neck

Hourglass tattoo-cassius marsh

Tattoo: Hourglass

Meaning: Marsh got a colored hourglass inked on the right side of his neck. He got this ink tattooed by his favorite tattooist, Tony Adamson. On his Instagram account, he wrote,

Time is everything! Spend it with the people that matter, doing something you love.”

19. “Lightning and Stars” on his Right Shoulder

Lightening-stars-cassius marsh-

20. “Live in Love” on his Upper Chest

Live in Love-cassisu marsh tattoo

21. “LEBLANC” on his Left Upper Arm

leblanc- cassius marsh tattoo


Meaning: Marsh got ‘Leblanc’ inked on the inner side of his left upper arm, which is also inked by Tony Adamson. It is the last name of his mother, Holly Ann LeBlanc.

22. “805” on his Left Upper Arm

805-cassius marsh tattoo

23. “Lily Flowers” on his Left Forearm and Hand

lily flowers on forearm-cassius marsh tattoos

24. “Yin and Yang Logo” on his Right Forearm

cassius-marsh-yin and yan logo

Tattoo: Yin and Yang Logo

Meaning: Marsh got a ‘yin and yang’ logo inked below his NFL tattoo. The yin yang (i.e. taijitu symbol) shows a balance between two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section.

25. “Japanese Characters” on his Left Arm

Japanese symbols-cassius marsh tattoos

26.”1992 and July” on the Knuckles of his Left Hand

Cassius Marsh-1992 and july tattoo

Tattoo: 1992

Meaning: Marsh got July 1992, inked on his left knuckles, which is his birthdate i.e.,7 July 1992.

27. “Dog Paws Print” on his Left Upper Arm

dog paw-cassius marsh tattoo

Tattoo: Dog Paw Print

Meaning: Marsh got a tattoo of Paw print inked on his left upper arm. This, along with the “BOSS” tattoo is for the honor for his four years old pit bull “Boss.”

28. “Commitment” on his Right Wrist

29. Roman Numerals “X.X.XVII” on his Right Shoulder

roman date-cassius marsh

30. Initial “K” with Red Heart on his Right Thumb

initial K -cassius marsh tattoo

31. “What Goes Around Comes Back Around” on the Sides of Both Thumbs

writings on thumb side-cassius marsh tattoos

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