Bryan Cranston’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Bryan Lee Cranston is a well-known American actor. He is well-known and respected across the world for his performances as Hal in the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle (2000-2006) and Walter White in the AMC crime thriller Breaking Bad (2008–2013). Bryan is an exceptionally professional celebrity who has undoubtedly received a large number of honors over his professional career. But this article reveals something fascinating about his body, and guess what? He has a single tattoo! Let us check it out.

Bryan Cranston

1. ‘Br Ba’ Tattoo on Finger

Bryan breaking bad tattoo

Bryan hand tattoo

Tattoo: Bryan has tiny ink on his finger that says, ‘Br Ba’. The tattoo stands for ‘Breaking bad.’ This might be a small symbol representation for us, but Bryan, it surely marks the big turning point of Bryan’s career. He got it done on his right hand, between two fingers, exactly on the corner of his ring finger to ensure he didn’t ever have to hide it. The initials have been inked in the shape of the chemistry symbols of bromine and barium.

Bryan rose to prominence after his performance in Breaking Bad,  American Drama Series, garnered him the Primetime Emmy Award for the role of an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Breaking Bad is a well-known and loved American series about a chemistry teacher who has cancer and starts doing meth business to pay his med bills.

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