20+ Amazing Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

The crab represents the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer. They often have a high sense of empathy, are highly intuitive, are emotionally sensitive, and are often known to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Cancerians belong to the element of Water, and just like other water signs such as Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is guided by its feelings and imagination. Being the moon, they are often referred to as ‘The Moonchild’, and knowing how emotions derive them, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect tattoo for your tender but wild spirit. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back though!

Meaning of Cancer Constellation Tattoo Designs

The meaning behind the symbol of Cancerians is believed to represent the crab in the story of the twelve labors of Hercules. As Hercules fought Hydra, Hera sent it to distract him. The constellation can symbolize that despite where life takes you, you will always find your way home. The crab also symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

We all also know that the claws of the crabs are one of the strongest parts of their body. That being part of the constellation also symbolizes Cancerians being strong and brave and the fact that they do not let go easily, of the things that they get their grip on.

Ideas For Cancer Constellation Tattoo Designs

There are so many ways to experiment with constellation tattoos. One can go for colored ones or black and white depending on their aesthetic. The placement of the tattoo also has a huge impact on deciding the design and that our young and passionate are well aware of. It is very important to research the tattoo artist before going for one, especially for our fellow Cancerians since they are driven by their emotional power. You could choose to add some flowers or replace the stars in the constellation with dots to make it minimalistic. The addition of moons or crab elements is yet another option for the experimental ones.

Where Should You Get Cancer Constellation Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Cancer Constellation Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Front Shoulder

Cancer constellation tattoo 5 1

The shoulder is one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas when it comes to getting a tattoo, and on the plus side, it pains does not hurt as much to get a tattoo here as compared to other parts. The wearer of this tattoo has chosen an elegant look. This design is suitable for both men and women.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design with Moon Element

Cancer constellation 6

Next one here has added a moon element honoring the ruler of Cancerians. It not only makes the tattoo more aesthetically pleasing but also adds meaning to it. Moon is often associated with growth and change. The crescent moon in particular is often worn as a sign of wealth and luck. They are believed to protect against negativity in some cultures.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Side of Chest

Cancer tattoo 7

The wearer here has chosen to get the rather concealed constellation tattooed instead of the typical Cancerian Y pattern with stars. It is wise to not choose really fine tattoos here because the tattoos in this area tend to blur out with age if it’s too intricate. Some people would call it just a twig of flowers but it is up to you what it really means.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design for the Nature Lovers

Cancer tattoo 5

Next in the series is this enormous tattoo definitely for the larger areas of the body. It has a lot going on- the phases of the moon, mountains, the Cancerian symbol, and definitely the constellation- What an ideal choice for showing self-love and being proud to be a moonchild. This tattoo also means that the person is a huge nature enthusiast.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Arm

Cancer constellation tattoo 4 1

The wearer here has positioned the tattoo in a smart way. Tattoos especially here are known to represent femininity, truth, protection, guidance, and spirituality. So if you are looking to showcase any of the above qualities, this one is for you.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Ankle


Ankles are a great place to showcase a variety of tattoos! Whether you’d like something subtle or bold, soft or intricate, the ankle is a wonderful place to showcase your artwork. This wearer has added some dots around the constellation to resemble the stars.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Bicep

Cancer constellation tattoo 9 1

This wearer here has the Saturn element added along with the moon which is generally known to have opposite traits of a Cancerian. But it also represents control and the circle around it represents the full cycle. This tattoo can be worn by both men and women.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design With text


Different flowers have different meanings. Here the wearer has tried to intermingle the flowers with the constellation giving it a 3D effect. The flowers seem to be following the shape of the constellation itself.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Wrist

Cancer constellation tattoo 1 1

This tattoo combines both white and black ink and is for those who want to set aside from a typical all-black tattoo. The halo around represents hope, redemption, and something higher than ourselves. You can turn it your way and add some colors if you want or go for your favorite flowers.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design with Phases of Moon

Cancer constellation tattoo 11 1

This is by far the most beautiful and can be worn by both men and women. All life benefits from the full moon’s soft look and serene vibe. It is considered the most powerful, providing life with an energy that is absorbed by all living things. There are, however, different meanings associated with each phase of the moon.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Back

Cancer constellation tattoo 7 1

Back tattoos are one of the most famous ones. The wearer here has added the flowers giving the tattoo a very pretty and feminine look. You can always choose the size of your back tattoo because of enough canvas available here.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Forearm

Cancer constellation tattoo 12 1

Well, here comes the one for our creative ones. This design is given a more cosmic appearance by the addition of colors in the shape of dust clouds. This could mean that the person is artistic, creative, and expressive. The text under it can be a quote that is very close to your heart.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Wrist

Cancer constellation tattoo 8 1

It is possible for wrist tattoos to fade over time or with continuous friction or sunlight, just like any tattoo placement. Most wrist tattoos, however, are safe from excessive fading since they are typically placed on the inner wrist. This wearer has also added numbers in roman giving it a personal touch. The constellation in itself is simple and precise.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Upper thigh

Cancer constellation tattoo 3 1 e1659597135234

There is about double the canvas on the thigh as there is on the upper arm, so you can really make it as big as you want. The wearer here has added a lot of elements one of which is the waves. This is indicative that the person loves the sea and its vast nature. People with this kind of tattoo have wanderlust in them and never cease to travel when they can.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Ear

Cancer constellation tattoo 17

Now, this is not a very common position to get a tattoo but is definitely a bold choice. It is however a very advantageous position for anyone wanting a cancer constellation tattoo since the anatomy of the ear and the shape of the constellation are totally in sync. A lot of detail and a combination of elements cannot be done here and a simple design is preferred. This is by far the classiest and rarest design to get if you are looking for something unique.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design behind the Ear

Cancer tattoo 3

This tattoo is for those who want to keep it personal since wearing a tattoo on this position will only be visible if someone looks carefully. The tattoo behind the ear is usually small. The wearer here has gone for a simple design which is ideal here. A constellation tattoo, especially behind the ear can represent following your own path and listening to your own voice.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design with Crab Element

Cancer constellation tattoo 2 1

The next one in line is this beautiful design combining the symbols that are all representative of a Cancerian- the crab, the constellation, and the moon. The wearer has very creatively placed the moon inside the crab and the crab, in the center of the constellation. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body with space like the back, arm, leg, etc.

  • Abstract Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design 

Cancer constellation tattoo 6 1

Not only does this tattoo scream Cancerian, but it also gives it a modern artistic look by using abstract to draw the crab. The center of the crab is given the shape of a diamond, which is symbolic of prosperity, strength, and good luck. What a smart and subtle way to give power to your manifestations!

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on the Nape of the Neck

Cancer tattoo 4

Neck tattoos are one of the most painful ones, but if you got the endurance, Why not right? These tattoos are usually small and not very detailed. You could go for a simple design like this where the wearer has just got the stars joined by a dotted line.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design on Lower Back

Cancer constellation tattoo A 1

There is not a lot of exposure to the sun in this area. Due to the fact that they are concealed from the sun, they don’t fade as quickly as they would in other locations. All genders can get a tattoo here and this particular one has added the waves and the moon along. There is no overlapping hence this type is easily customizable according to your preference.

  • Cancer Constellation Tattoo Design with Gradient

Cancer constellation tattoo 10 1

This particular one is quite visible and hence not for the ones who don’t want their tattoo to be highlighted. The wearer here has 2 combinations of constellations but you can definitely go for one. The shadow gradient is what is making it different from all the above designs.

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