20+ 3D Tattoo Designs with Ideas and Meanings

These 3D tattoos are incredibly detailed and hyper-realistic and can make the viewer think the image is coming from the skin. One of the great advantages of 3D tattoos is that they allow the owners to be more creative when choosing their designs. It also opens up a lot more possibilities for tattoo design as images can be much more vivid than 2D tattoos. There are so many 2D lion tattoos that you can get but there are so many more options when getting a 3D lion.

Meaning of 3D Tattoos Designs

More than half of the world’s population has watched the movie Avatar, starring the most loved character Uncle Iroh. Well if not, then you must have wondered about how would it be like to bring your favorite fictional character to life. 3D refers to three-dimensional. For a tattoo to be 3D this will be a unique piece that creates intensity and effects in an optical illusion. A belief is that people who get 3D tattoos inked have a manifestation to bring their fictional thought or wish to life. Here we have brought you some amazing designs of 3D tattoos that will give you a wow look if you want to get one.

Ideas for 3D Tattoos Designs

You can get this beautiful artwork inked on your body of anything you believe in, whatever you love, anything close to your heart, mind, or soul, it can even be a person, a pet, or a loved one whose loss you’ve recently been born. Whatever keeps you going when you are in your tough times, your strength, motivation that keeps you up.

Where should you get a 3D Tattoo Design

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of 3D Tattoo Design

  • Butterfly Tattoo on the Back

11Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly is an example of natural beauty. A person can get it inked because of its elegance. It symbolizes faith, transformation, and freedom. It is also closely connected to femininity and romantic love. People who relate to all these in real life will love to get these done in 3D as they may want to bring the fictional thought to life.

  • Airplane Tattoo on the Arm

Airplane Tattoo

An airplane may symbolize various things in life such as a part of your journey in life, one who does not want to stop and just keep flying high in their life. It also signifies your turbulent state, in addition to different humans and feelings that you are going thru or dealing with. A three-dimensional tattoo will connect it to your real life.

  • Hexagon/honeycomb Tattoo on the Tricep

Hexagon Tattoo

A honeycomb tattoo is mostly related to fertility. This may also mean showing your pride in feminity be it a male or female. Strong believers in harmony and balance in life can be up for this honeycomb tattoo or a hexagon tattoo, a six-pointed star.

  • Hook Tattoo on the Feet

Hook Tattoo

Ouch! Now that looks painful. A hook tattoo means that a person is happy to show out his/her hobby to everyone that is fishing. They are happy to do it. It symbolizes that there is a safe passage over water where they can go and enjoy their peace. They love to be out in their boat fishing whenever they can. We can also relate this to the real world.

  • Open Eye Tattoo on the Bicep

Open Eye Tattoo

This tattoo connects with the omnipresent eye of god watching over all mankind. The all-seeing tattoo symbolizes guidance and truth from a divine source. A wearer can get it inked who is strongly connected to god.

  • Message Tattoo on the Calves

Message Tattoo

This is a unique piece that a person will pick if they want to engrave something that is written by some who was very close to them or something that really means so much to them it can be anything, related to a loved one, their personal life, something they have learned, or something that should stay with them for a lifetime.

  • Diamond Tattoo on the Wrist

Diamond Tattoo

Diamond is considered to be the strongest stone in the whole world and therefore when it comes to a diamond tattoo it symbolizes strong bonds of relationship, friendship, or a person being strong itself. Eg: two best friends can get two diamonds inked for their strong bond. 

  • Bow Tattoo on the Wrist

Bow Tattoo

Universally, a bow tattoo symbolizes a woman’s struggle for her freedom and liberal life. Just like you tie a bow on a gift by putting tension and then it gets tied and when the tension is removed the bow is free. Well, other connections to this tattoo are to show feminism. Also, some girls get it inked as they feel blessed to be a gift to the world as a woman.

  • Snake Tattoo on the Collar Bone

Snake Tattoo

The snake could be an unchanged symbol of rebirth, temptation, fertility, power, and more. it’s conjointly an emblem that may be integrated into excellent many other designs, with the power to wrap or coil around the other object as per the situation. They are versatile as they can be inked into any size, small sizes on the neck, wrist, or feet, and the big ones on the shoulder, arm, or legs.

  • Compass Tattoo on the Forearm

Compass Tattoo

A compass denotes the love for traveling. A wandered who loves to explore the world. Sailors braved the unpredictable seas to cross it and reach their destination safely. Symbol of direction guidance, protection, and safe journey. A person who is a hard-core traveler may get it done to show his love and how much they love and enjoy it. Another significance could be a common choice of the fishermen and sailors as they believe it as a lucky charm and will bring fortune during their travels and will always guide them home as it is usually used to look for directions. 

  • Plug-in Tattoo Behind the Ear

Plug-in Tattoo

This tattoo can be named as a tattoo of power to make you physically, emotionally, and mentally strong or the show that you have gone through something and learned to become this strong and to see how far you have come after overcoming all the obstacles in life and feel proud of them. You can take in all the thoughts positively and use only the good parts.

  • Feather Tattoo on the Ankle

Feather Tattoo

Feathers and wings look alike and so do their meanings. Symbolism covers flying high and free with no tension or pressure full of freedom. Getting this tattoo inked is a way to show that you are spreading your wings and taking flight above all the obstacles without any fear of going higher in life.

  • Cross Symbol tattoo on the Wrist

Cross Tattoo

Your devotion and faith in the religion. The cross is there where there is Jesus and he died to save humanity and so it became a symbol. Showing immense love and affection can also be associated with the cross just like Jesus did. This tattoo clearly denotes the basis of religion as a sign.

  • Claw Tattoo on the Arm

Claw Tattoo

A Claw tattoo is a symbol of good luck, power, and mobility but also on the other hand it refers to masculinity, dominance, and aggression. People can use it anyway they like or both as per their belief. It can be inked in a mini size that will also give a cute look and also a big one which will give an intense look.

  • Symmetry Tattoo on the Forearm

Symmetry Tattoo

In today’s time, these symbolize symmetry, stability, balance, harmony, intelligence, and a lot more. You may get it inked because you want a good balance and stability in your life. There are many types of tattoos, however, the geometric alternative creates a bit that is virtually desirable and unique. Individuals who need something exclusive that includes tricky styles are attracted to this design.

  • Heart Tattoo on the Chest

Heart Tattoo

The tattoo speaks out its own meaning. Romance and love as you see are being depicted from this one with a message that can be something a dear one has for you or you have for them. On the other side, a wearer can have it for themselves too as self-love.

  • Spaceship Tattoo on the Lower Calf

Rocket Tattoo

Clearly a rocket science lover but there is more to it. This tattoo signifies a person’s trust beyond the earth, science, and technology. You can definitely relate to that person as an Astrophile. It also means the person is very open to exploration. A 3D in this will look really attractive and a simple one will look cute.

  • Zip Tattoo on the Wrist

Zip Tattoo

Most commonly this is inked to cover the scars, stitches, or injuries on the body. There is no such significance for this one. One significance associated with this tattoo is to remind them that they have overcome many hurdles in their life and have fought against them with positivity.

  • Stitch Tattoo on the Shoulder

Stitch Tattoo

This tattoo shows a person who is wanting to bring his life pieces together, trying to fix everything, to get stronger. This can be on any scar or injury or just for a belief. It also shows consistency and a long-term want with stability. Giving a classy look this can be inked on any body part.

  • Semi-colon with a Fingerprint Tattoo on the Wrist

Semi-colon Tattoo

It’s punctuation with a twist. Used as a message of confirmation and unity in opposition to suicide, depression, addiction, and different intellectual fitness issues and anxiety. A fingerprint tattoo is a remarkable manner to memorialize your parents, children, grandchildren, or everyone else who means the arena to you. Getting their fingerprint tattooed to your frame is a manner to hold a chunk of them with you for eternity. And these are not only for the ones who have passed on. Now you can connect both and bring out one thought.

  • Hand Tattoo on the Back

Hand Tattoo

Handprint tattoos send out an original nature of cleverness that may instantly dominate any room. No alternative style will contend with their ability to represent a connection purpose between sense and style. To enjoy a refined sense of humanity, nothing quite competes with the absolutely existent essence of handprint tattoos.

  • Name Tattoo on the Back

Name Tattoo

A name written in tree dimensional font will automatically embrace its beauty 10 times showing a sign of commitment, self-love if it’s their own, and a strong bond if it’s someone else’s. Myths are also a part of every positive thought and so does this one that you shouldn’t get a name inked as you tend to break the bond. But in the end, it is a person’s own personal choice.

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