Carson Daly’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Carson Daly is an American Television Host, Radio Personality, Producer and Television Personality. He was most famously known for his late night show- Last Call With Carson Daly. Carson Daly has a unique collection of tattoos. Let us now further about them.

Carson Daly

1. One-eyed Jack On His Right Arm

Carson Daly Right Arm One Eyed Jack

Carson designed the tattoo himself and got it inked. The tattoo is made for his son Jack Daly as the tattoo has many Jack references with Jack Daly written at the bottom of it and his date of birth on the top. Above the name is an image of a warrior in his left profile.

2. Love For New-york On The Right Wrist

Carson Daly Right Wrist NYC

Carson has letters NYC inked on his right wrist which shows the proud he takes in being the yorker(New-york resident).

3. Tribute To Father On Right Arm

Carson Daly Right Arm Crucifix

Dali has the initials of his father’s name Jack Daly inked on his right inner arm along with a crucifix. His father worked as a Corvette dealer and hence the tattoo has been designed after the hood ornament of a 1977 model Corvette.

4. US Army Special Forces Logo On Left Arm

Carson Daly Left Arm De Oprre sso

Dali is a proud American and it shows in his tattoos. He has DE OPPRE SSO LIBRE inked with the flag of US special forces flag. When translated in English it reads “To free the oppressed“. Dali’s grandfather was a green beret in the special forces. This tattoo is for him.

5. Name Of Niece On Left Arm

Carson Daly Left Arm Jaden Patricia

Carson has the name of his niece Jaden Patricia inked on his left arm. Patricia is also his mother’s name. The tattoo is inked in cursives.

6. Name Of His Father’s Favorite Drink On Left Wrist

Carson Daly Left Arm Curly Sark

Carson Dali has a tattoo on his left wrist which reads Curly Sark which is his step-father’s favorite drink along with its bottle logo.

7. 456 On His Left Leg

Carson Daly Left Leg-piece

Daly has the name of a record label 456 on his left leg. He got it inked to remember the amazing time he had in NewYork City.

8. Crab On Right Leg

Carson Daly Right Foot Crab Pic

Carson has a tattoo of crab just over her ex-girlfriend’s name on his right leg near his ankle.

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