Von Miller’s 46 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Von B’Vsean Miller Jr. better known as Von Miller, is an American football outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). Von began from the college football level at Texas A&M and was also able to earn the most outstanding college linebacker in the nation. Von’s body is immensely inked with all sorts of tattoos many of them being dedicated to his game, then the Superbowl trophy, and especially the religious ones. Let us see what tattoos he has and the meanings they hold for him.

Von Miller

“I ask myself every single time, ‘Why am I getting a tattoo? This hurts,'” he said. “Right when I finish, I start thinking about other tattoos to get. I can’t even explain the feeling that it is. Tattoos hurt, but I love them. They make me feel good.”

1. ‘iPura Vida’Tattoo

Von wrist writing tattoo

Tattoo: Von’s left wrist is inked with the Spanish phrase, ‘iPura Vida’.

Meaning: Pure Vida when translated to English stands for Pure Life. It is a very common phrase and also a common tattoo among youngsters.

2. ‘WORLD IS YOURS’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On his right forearm there is a big globe inked along with a quote that says, ‘WORLD IS YOURS‘.

Meaning: The line is the famous quote from the movie, Scarface. Implying the meaning clearly we can see the stars, planets, moon, and clouds inked too.

3. Portraits on the thigh

Von portrait on thigh tattoo

Von thigh tattoo

Von Miller thigh portraits

Tattoo: On Von’s right thigh there are two portraits inked. They are actually the legends of the music industry of Texas. The portraits include Dj Screw Robert Earl Davis, an American hip hop DJ based in Houston, Texas who was famous by his stage name DJ Screw. his portrait can be seen on the top of his right thigh whereas under it there is the tattoo of the portrait of Selena Quintanilla, who is a famous American singer-songwriter from Lake Jackson. Von had revealed this tattoo through his Instagram story.

4. ‘Adidas Logo’ Tattoo

Von symbol of good deeds tattoo

Tattoo: Next to his Texas tattoo, Miller has got the logo of Adidas inked.

Meaning: Von Miller is the endorser for Adidas and thus, in the honor of that he got this logo inked on his body. As per the sources, Adidas did not pay Von anything for getting their logo tattooed on his body, forever. He was also labeled as the Adidas Icon of the year, 2018. When asked, Von got it as the source of his appreciation for the German Company.

5. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

Von Skull Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his stomach, Von has got the tattoo of a skull inked such that the skull has hair too.

Meaning: Skull is the way of symbolizing the death and the evil. It is often related to mortality. However, it is also used as the symbol of showing your strength and your capability of rising with all your spirits over and above all the problems that you face in your life.

6. ‘Spaceshuttle and Satellite’ Tattoo

Von Spaceship and Satellite Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, Von has got the space shuttle and the satellite inked. The tattoo relates to his Scarface movie-inspired tattoo which says, ‘WORLD IS YOURS’.

7. ‘De Soto Te’ Tattoo

Von stomach tattoo

Tattoo: Von’s lower abdomen carries a Spanish word that says,  ‘De Soto Te’ which is inked in white.

Meaning: De Soto Te in British English is used to refer to the Spanish Explorer Hernando de Soto who was the first European to have crossed and discover the Mississippi River.

8. Writing on Bicep

Von Scracth all day match all weight Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo on his body that says, ‘Scratch All Day Match All Weight’.

9. ‘SACK MASTER’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On his lower abdomen, Von got a tattoo that says, ‘SACK MASTER’.

Meaning: Sack Master is Von’s nickname and he got this tattoo to mark his accomplishments, professionally. Sack Master is basically used for someone who is extraordinarily amazing.

“I got this to celebrate the accomplishments of my work.”

10. ‘RICH GANG’ Tattoo

Von RICH GANG Tattoo

11. ‘RELENTLESS’ Tattoo

Von Relentless tattoo

Tattoo: On his neck, there is a word tattoo that can be read as, ‘Relentless’.

Meaning: It represents his personality i.e. strict, fierce, and consistent towards his game and goals of achieving success in life.

12. ‘Red Rose’ Tattoo

Von Red Rose Tattoo

Tattoo:  There is a red rose tattooed on his left arm.

Meaning: Red rose is the symbol of love, romance, and affection. Von said that he got this rose to depict his love for his dear one as he believes that it is always better to get a token of love inked rather than the name or the portrait of the loved one tattooed to save oneself from any kind of questions.

“I got the rose for the loved one of my life rather than getting her name inked because it is easy to say that rose is for US and save myself from a big deal.”

13. ‘PHONE HOME’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep there is a tattoo that reads, ‘PHONE HOME’.

Meaning: Phone home is basically the slang used in the category when the data is sent without the users’ knowledge.  It is meant to describe a software installation function that uses an Internet connection, if one is found, to send information back to the developer.

14. ‘Pac-Man’ Tattoo

Von Pac Man Tattoo

Tattoo: On his leg, we can see a Pac man ghost chowing down on a dollar sign, chicken leg, and a slice of watermelon in addition to his regular old power pellets and ghosts.

Meaning: Von claims that he got this tattoo as a depiction of the fact of our lives, that honest people continue to strive hard to survive in this world whereas our competitors and haters continue to work hard simultaneously, to make us feel worse and down by creating problems again and again. Our main purpose is to just eat, earn, survive, and win over our haters shown in the form of pac-man, watermelon, dollar, chicken leg, and then the hater.

It’s a watermelon slice, a chicken leg, a dollar sign, and a hater!”

15. Flying Owl Tattoo

Von owl tattoo

Tattoo: there is a huge flying owl tattooed on Von’s left forearm.

Meaning: Owl is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. However, they are considered to be an important symbol of transition. Many cultures believe it to be a bad omen while others believe it to be the source to communicate with the dead and the departed souls.

16. Mars, Clouds, and Stars Tattoo

Von moon and stars Tattoo

Tattoo: Justifying the satellites, world, and moon tattoo on his right arm, he has also got stars, Saturn, and clouds inked. No doubt stars are the symbol of guiding light and directing the individual on the right path whereas the clouds symbolize the dark past phases of our lives however, Miller’s idea to get them tattooed is to justify his  ‘WORLD IS YOURS’ tattoo. The universe, satellites, astronauts, stars, planets, all of them have been inked on his right arm.

17. Super Bowl Tattoo

Von leg super bowl tattoo

Tattoo: This was his first tattoo of the Super Bowl trophy which he got inked on his left bicep. The tattoo shows the super bowl trophy inked over 50 and MVP written underneath.

Meaning: Super Bowl is awarded annually to the outstanding player of Super Bowl, the National Football League’s championship. Von Miller won this award in the year 2016 for Denver Broncos as the Linebacker for the team and thus, the title, 50th Super Bowl MVP.

18. ‘Miller Genuine Draft Beer Logo’ Tattoo

Von Miller Tattoo

Tattoo: Near his left collar bone, Von has a tattoo that reads, Miller est 89. Also, towards his left shoulder, there is a logo inked.

Meaning: The logo on his chest is the logo of Miller Genuine Draft Beer, which is an American Beer Brewing Company. Whereas Miller est: 89 denotes the surname of Von and his birth year, respectively as he was born on 26 March 1989.

19. ‘Football Numbers’ Tattoo

Von football numbers tattoo

Tattoo: On his left arm, Miller has got all the football numbers that are elated to him. He said that it includes his own numbers, his brothers’ football numbers as well as his cousin’s football numbers. We can read, 26, 58, 25, and few others on his arm. 58 belongs to Von Miller itself.

20. ‘FANCY WOOD’ Tattoo


21. Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo

Von Halloween pumpkin tattoo

Tattoo: On his left inner arm there is a Halloween pumpkin tattooed. It is a symbol of keeping away the evil spirits from one’s life.

Von elephant tattoo

Tattoo: Tere is a big elephant inked on the front side of Von’s right leg.

Meaning: Elephant tattoos are a way of bringing good luck, happiness, and strength in one’s life.

23. ‘Lord of Lords, King of Kings’ Tattoo

Von King of kings lord of lords Tattoo

Tattoo: Von has a cross tattooed on his left bicep such that there are lines inked over them as ‘ King of Kings, Lord of Lords’. This was the first tattoo which Von got on his body when he had gone to the tattoo shop with his mother.

“I got this King of Kings and Lord of Lords on the cross, and after a while, I was like there is a cross so I got a bible and clouds inked underneath which go all the way down to my arm.written on the cross. and I thought how could I make this cross look better.”

24. Pair of Dove Birds Tattoo

Von Dove tattoo

Von Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a pair of dove birds inked. Von got it done when he was in college. This was his second tattoo.

Meaning: Dove birds are the symbol of hope, peace, and prosperity.

25. Cross Tattoo

Von Cross Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the center of his chest is a huge cross inked. On its center, there are words tattooed as, ‘Glory Jesus’.

Meaning: The tattoo itself is the symbol of Von’s religious beliefs and faith i.e. Christianity. Von is known to be a religious person fearful of God and this is relevant from multiple religious tattoos that adorn his body.

26. Cross on Knee Tattoo

Von Croos on knee tattoo

Tattoo: There is a cross tattooed on his right knee. It tells us about his deep connection and devotion to Jesus Christ and how he wishes to seek his blessings.

27. Cowboy Tattoo

Von cowboy tattoo

Tattoo: There is a cowboy riding a bull tattooed on Von’s right upper thigh. He got this tattoo to represent his home city ie. Texas is as known as the Cowboy capital of the world.

His tattoo artist said

“It’s like him riding life like a bull. That’s not finished yet, but I think that’s going to be the best piece I did on him. Well, most influential piece I did on him.”

“I did a tattoo on him of a cowboy riding a bull because he’s from Texas. And on the side of that tattoo, on the fence, it says, ‘Life.’

28. Criss Cross Pistols Tattoo

Von coat of arms tattoo

29. City Skyline Tattoo

Von city line tattoo

Tattoo: On his lower abdomen, Von has got the city skyline tattoo inked.

Meaning: Von was born in Dallas, Texas. This was his first tattoo dedication towards his love for his birth city and his roots.

30. Butt Tattoo

Von Butt Tattoo

31. CHIP Tattoo

Von CHIP Tattoo

There is the word ‘CHIP’ tattooed on Von’s left shoulder.

“It’s tatted on there,” Miller said during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this year. “I have a tattoo that says “Chip” on my shoulder. So I do have a chip on my shoulder.”

32. Rooster Tattoo

Von chicken tattoo

Tattoo: Von has got a rooster inked on his leg. This tattoo tells us about Von’s dream of opening up a chicken farm which, he has talked about multiple times. Von said in an interview that the chicken tattoo and the spicy chicken wings tattoo on his right leg have been a source of good luck for him.

33. Bible Tattoo

Von Bible Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small bible inked on Miller’s upper left arm.

Meaning: The Bible is the symbol of a person’s religious beliefs and his devotion towards his religion i.e. Christianity and the Christian God i.e. Jesus Christ.

“I got a bible and dove birds added to my cross tattoo to make the cross look better and significant”

34. Astronaut and Planets Tattoo

Von space Tattoo

Von astronout and saturn tattoo

35. Religious Portrait on Chest 

Von chest tattoo

36. ‘Celebrate Life’ Tattoo

Von Celebrate Life Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his right shoulder there is a phrase inked on Von’s body that says, ‘Celebrate Life’.

Meaning: The tattoo speaks of Von’s motto of living life to the fullest. He got this tattoo as a reminder to continue believing in the idea that it is better to live and celebrate each day of life to the fullest and celebrate as if it is the last day.

37. Apple Bum Tattoo

Von apple booty tattoo

Towards the right side of his body, Von has got the half-eaten apple inked such that the base of the apple has been turned into the shape of bums.

38. Superbowl on Leg Tattoo

Von 50 MVP Tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his left leg there is another Super bowl tattoo inked. It shows the logo for Super Bowl 50, along with the Lombardi Trophy, Miller’s autograph, and the letters for MVP inked underneath. He revealed this ink through his Snapchat story.

“I have lots of religious tattoos but, this is not really my favorite one bt yes, superbow; 50 is something that changed me forever.

39. Angel with wings Tattoo

Von Angel tattoo

Von angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: The Angel with wings, the symbol of good luck is inked on the left side of Von’s body. This is another of Von’s body tattoos which is symbolic of his avid faith in religion and his desperation to seek God’ss blessings, always.

40. Ace of Cards and 100 Dollar Tattoo

Von Ace of spades and dollar tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the top right of his chest, we can see the tattoo of a million dollar bill and ace of cards.

Meaning: The ace of cards is considered to the symbol of good luck and fortune.

41. ’58’ Tattoo

Von 58 Tattoo

Von has got his jersey number i.e. 58 tattooed on the backside of his left leg.

42. Dog Tattoo

Von Animal Tatoo

43. Texas  Tattoo

Von texas tattoo

Tattoo: Von has got the tattoo of Texas A and M tattooed on his inner left bicep.

Meaning: This tattoo is his show of love and gratitude for Texas A and M University because he began his career by playing for them as the line backer.

44. Thigh Tattoo


Tattoo: On his right thigh and leg, Von got the tattoos inked as the show of his love for his roots with his birth city, however, the strangest thing was that he got it inked in the plane at the height of 45000ft thus, breaking the record of Justin Beiber who also had got a body tattoo done at the height of 40000ft.

45. Right Bicep MOONMAN Tattoo


Tattoo: There is a moon landscape inked on Von Miller’s right bicep such that he has got an astronaut, a satellite, the earth in the background, followed by the word “MOONMAN”.

46. Left Leg Tattoo


“see the unseen, hear the unheard.”

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