Casey Neistat’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers. He is a Filmmaker, Director, Producer, and of course, a YouTuber. He has earned a great army of fans through his amazing and inspiring Vlogs. The New York-based filmmaker shares his life through his camera, and his inspiring daily vlogs have earned him an army of fans. Multiple inks that are meaningful to him are covering major portions of his body. Let us explore them.


1. ‘Work Harder’ Tattoo-Right Wrist

Casey Neistat Work harder Tattoo

Tattoo: Casey has a tattoo on his left hand’s wrist.

Meaning: This is not just the first ink on his body; it is an inspiration ink. The tattoo was done by the Tattoo Artist Eric from New Vision Tattoo, Gainesville, GA. This idea of this ink is taken from the neon signboard, which hangs outside his New York studio and reads Work Harder. He’s got the same two words tattooed on his wrist. Also, as a reminder of the times when he did not even have a single work project throughout a year, he got ‘work harder’ tattooed on his left hand.

“just in case I forget,” he says.

2. ‘DO MORE’ Tattoo

Casey Neistat DO MORE Tattoo

Tattoo: Casey has the words “DO MORE” inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: “Do More” is a source of motivation for Casey. Besides his “Work Harder” ink, this tattoo is a continuous source of inspiration and a reminder that he needs to keep working hard and pursue the things he is passionate about. He got this tattoo done when he was working on an Ad for the Nike fuel band- an Ad where he is known to have blown the budget traveling the world and showing just what it means to Do More!

3. ‘Always be closing’ Tattoo-Left Arm

Casey Neistat Always be closing Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Casey has the words “Always be closing” written on it. The tattoo is in tribute to his Grandmother. Also, many of you would remember it if you are Alec Baldwin’s fan of the famous 1992 movie; “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

4. Fish Bite Tattoo

Casey Neistat Fish Bite Tattoo

Tattoo: Casey has dedicated one tattoo on his body as a reminder of the time when he was bitten by a Tiger Fish in the Zambezi river while visiting the Devil’s Pool with his son. This particular ink, according to Casey, is a lifelong memory for him. But, what amazes us is the fact that Casey has got the tattoo to memorize the bite or to honor the fish :D.

5. ‘Marathon Times’ Tattoo-Right Thigh

Casey Neistat Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left thigh, Casey has a tattoo that represents his marathon times. Depending upon his achievements, he keeps on adding lines over the ink.

”I have a line–line–hash tattoo with my marathon PRs on my left leg,” Neistat says.

“Exactly. On my left leg, I have that. I only add a line if I break my PR. It looks like someone’s sketchbook. But I haven’t broken a PR in my last dozen marathons, so it’s in desperate need of an update. I only get it when I earn that update.”

6. ’30’ Tattoo

Casey Neistat 30 Tattoo

Tattoo: A few inks on his body represent the numbers, such as “5678” on his thigh and “30” on his left forearm.

7. ‘Peony Flower’ Tattoo-Left Bicep

Casey Neistat Peony Flowers Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big tattoo of Peony Flower on Casey’s left bicep.

Meaning: Peony Flower is the symbol of beauty and the transitory nature of our existence. He got it inked from a soldier named Roger.

Left Arm Tattoos

8. ‘June 4. 2010’ Tattoo-Left Forearm

Casey Neistat Date Tattoo

Tattoo: Casey has produced a show known as Neistat Brothers, which first premiered on June 4, 2010, at midnight on HBO. Thus, to remember this day forever, Casey got the date inked on his left forearm. Under the date also lies an ink which shows the number, ‘5678’.

9. ‘Outline of Connecticut’Tattoo

Casey Neistat Newyork Line Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner left forearm of Casey contains the outline of his home state, i.e., Connecticut. Casey was born in Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Connecticut, United States.

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