Ben Stokes’ 13 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Benjamin Andrew Stoke better known as Ben Stokes is an English International Cricketer and the vice-captain of the England Test team. Stokes was part of the England squad that won the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Interestingly, Stokes father is the Rugby league player and coach whereas his mother being the cricketer for New Zealand. Ben is well known for his multiple inks and especially for his magnificent back tattoo. Let us explore his inks together.

Ben Stokes

1. ‘Lion Family’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ben has a huge ink on his back which shows a Lion Family including, a Lion, a Lioness and two cubs. The tattoo is the representation of Ben’s own family.  The Lion, Lioness, and two cubs symbolize Ben himself, his wife Clare Ratcliffe and their two children, Layton and Libby. The tattoo was done Styled by the tattoo artist Mel Blyth.

 “Tattoos aren’t everybody’s taste. But they are mine.”

“All my tattoos mean something to me personally and are very special to me. My most resent one represents me, my amazing wife @clarey11 and my 2 wonderful kids.”


The things in the tattoo on my left arm signify the heritage of my family from the Māori side. In Māori culture, everything can be mapped out with drawings.

2. ‘Kirihuti Maori’ Design



Tattoo: Ben has a large Maori design covering major portion of his left bicep.

Meaning: This tattoo signifies his heritage i.e Maori Culture and his belongingness with it. Ben is the part of Maori ancestry. Maoris are basically the indigenous people who belong to New Zealand. This ink on Ben’s body symbolizes Social Status, Power and Prestige.

3. Phrase

Ben Stokes Left Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: Within the Maori design tattoo there exists a quote inked which says, ‘Being the best you can be is only possible if you desire to be a champion and your fear of failure is non-existent’. Ben is an outstanding player and is said to have got few motivational tattoos for inspiring himself continuously.  Thus, to keep him motivated for any failure, he faces either in his personal or in career front, Ben is known to have got this ink done.

           It’s quite long – definitely the longest sentence I’ve ever said!
I wanted a phrase that I felt I could always live by and that represents me.

4. Silver Fern Symbol

Ben Stokes Silver Fern Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a Silver Fern Symbol inked near Ben’s left shoulder. Silver Fern is the symbol of New Zealand’s nationality.


5. ‘Maori Goddess’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Maori Goddess Tattoo

Tattoo: This is another ink which is the symbolism of his connection with Maori Culture. His right bicep is tattooed with a lady which shows the Maori Goddess.

6. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: On the slight outer side of Ben’s right upper arm, there is a Rose inked along with two leaves. Rose is the national flower of England. Thus, this ink is the symbol of his strong love for England and its Cricket team of which he is part.

7. ‘Cricket Test Series No’s’ Tattoos

Ben Stokes Cricket Series Nos Tattoo

Ben Stokes Cricket Series Nos

These are my England numbers: I’ve got my test number (658), 20:20 number (58) and ODI number (221) on there.

8. Quote By Drake Tattoo

Ben Stokes Right Arm Quote

Tattoo: Ben is a huge fan of motivational inks and other aspects. There exists another tattoo whose lines are taken from Drake’s famous song, ‘Shot For Me…’. He etched these words on his right arm just below the tattoo of his dear daughter. These words always motivate him and never let him down. The tattoo says, ‘May people respect you, Trouble neglect you, Angels protect you, Heaven accepts you’.

9. ‘Layton’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Layton Tattoo

Tattoo: On Ben’s right bicep there is a name permanently inked in a banner, i.e Layton. Layton is Ben Stokes’ son.

10. ‘Phoenix rising from Ashes’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Pheonix Tattoo-

Tattoo: On Ben’s right forearm there is a huge Pheonix inked which can be seen rising from ashes. He got this tattoo done right after losing a match to West Indies in T20 World Cup 2016. The tattoo symbolizes the strength which a person gains immedietly as he faces failure and thus, rises back to fight.
“that if it gets put down, it gets back up and comes back stronger.”

11. Unknown Tattoo

Ben Stokes Inner Arm Tattoo

There is an unknown design inked on the inner left bicep of Ben which is known to represent some motivational aspect.

12. ‘Feathers’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Feathers Tattoo
Tattoo: There are two light shaded feathers inked on Ben’s right hand’s wrist.

13. ‘Leaves and Stars’ Tattoo

Ben Stokes Inner Right Bicep Tattoo

Ben Stokes Star and Leaves Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big tribal kind of tattoo inked covering the inner side of his right arm and includes stars and leaves.

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