30 Pristine Larkspur Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Hey! I have come up with something very interesting in this article. All the monsoon babies would love this idea of a larkspur tattoo. The very essence of this larkspur flower says-” Let life bloom!” Are you a July person? If yes, then you must give a try to this beautiful larkspur tattoo. The flower represents the origin of new birth. The beautiful flower of larkspur also marks the journey of purity to passion, wealth, and fortune. It is often assumed that a person born in July always looks at the brighter aspect of everything. An essence of positivity reflects in their personality. The larkspur flower has another beautiful name- the July birth flower.  So, this larkspur tattoo is the only perfect body art the July people can flaunt. This beautiful tattoo is a sheer reflection of innocence, grace, purity, positivity, love, and a fun-loving personality. 

Meaning of Larkspur Tattoo Designs

The symbolic meaning of the larkspur tattoo will leave you wanting one more tattoo if you are a tattoo lover. This beautiful flower of larkspur blooms in cooler and humid seasons throughout North America and Africa. Larkspur flower is usually found in three different colors.  An indigo-colored larkspur tattoo can mean pure and first love. The pink larkspur tattoo will depict passion, romance, and growth. Immense happiness and delight are symbolized by a white larkspur tattoo. The larkspur flower was found in Victorian-era gardens to relinquish negative energy and evil. It is associated with close bonds and feelings of passionate love. This historic flower was also featured in Greek mythology in the Battle of Troy as a remembrance of Achilles’ valor and bravery. Native Americans often use blue larkspur flowers in their ceremonies and rituals because they consider them pristine. A gentle and pure larkspur tattoo depicts positivity, protection, and healing.

Ideas For LarkspurTattoo Designs

A fresh and blooming petal of larkspur in the form of a tattoo can be kept as a remembrance of first love. As this flower is tall in length and has tender and flourishing blossoms, this tattoo design can be tried on longer areas of the body like arms, back, and legs. A larkspur tattoo can be a good idea to match your love and emotions with your spouse by having a twin larkspur tattoo to reflect your love for each other. It can also be preferred to honor your partner or loved one. If you are a passionate lover, you may go for a dark color like bright blue or indigo-colored larkspur tattoo on your fine body part. If you want to keep it simple and sweet, you can try the retro black design of the larkspur tattoo.

Where Should You Get Larkspur Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Larkspur Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Feminine Larkspur Tattoo Design on Bikini Line

Larkspur Tattoo

Having a feminine larkspur tattoo on the bikini line might make you look sexy. Girls can try this sweet and simple design of larkspur flower on their cozy body parts to entice their partners.

  • Wavy Larkspur Tattoo Design on Side Belly

Larkspur Tattoo

A wavy larkspur tattoo can be adored on the wide spectrum of side bellies to flaunt your beauty and grace. It gives the feeling of a soft breeze blowing and refreshing the soul. 

  • Gentle Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

An indigo-colored larkspur tattoo on your hand can be the finest choice of tattoo that one can opt for. It is looking pretty cool as well as beautiful.

  • Fashionable Larkspur Tattoo Design on Back

Larkspur Tattoo

The beauty of the larkspur flower is that it is very appealing to the eyes. You can try a fashionable larkspur tattoo on your back as a symbol of first love. 

  • Artful Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

Women wear bangles and bracelets on their wrists to enhance their beauty. Similarly, one can also try this artful larkspur tattoo on the elongated area of the hand to look more beautiful. Isn’t appealing to one’s eyes? It is like a decorative piece embraced on the body.

  • Blooming Larkspur Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Larkspur Tattoo

This black and blooming larkspur flower design is enhancing the beauty of the shoulder. Girls can reveal this beauty while wearing off-shoulder tops and gowns. I must say, this can become the trendsetter among young girls.

  • Sexy Larkspur Tattoo Design on Waist

Larkspur Tattoo

What a beauty! this floral tattoo of the larkspur flower is looking extremely beautiful and sexy on the waist. This designer tattoo is all the more increasing the beauty of the waist and navel.

  • Delicate Larkspur Tattoo Design on Forearm

Larkspur Tattoo

This light purple-colored larkspur tattoo on the forearm can be the expression of good luck and charm.

  • Captivating Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

One should try this captivating design of the larkspur flower on the hand to express their positivity and growth.

  • Enchanting Larkspur Tattoo Design on Back

Larkspur Tattoo

Enchanting designer tattoo! The Larkspur flower is often associated with close ties and romantic feelings. This tattoo on the back is a sheer reflection of passionate love and romance as an important ingredient of life that one must possess.

  • Fine Larkspur Tattoo Design on Behind Ear

Larkspur Tattoo

A larkspur flower is well known for its medicinal value. A tattoo of larkspur behind the ear may act as a symbol of protection from external threats and obstacles.

  • Extravagant Larkspur Tattoo Design on Leg

Larkspur Tattoo

This dark purple larkspur tattoo on the leg is looking extravagant. It may act as a symbol of the strong bond of love and affection.

  • Glorious Larkspur Tattoo Design on Side Belly

Larkspur Tattoo

This glorious design of the larkspur flower on the side belly may represent the renewal of life, divinity, and enlightenment. Larkspurs are protective plants that keep away poisonous snakes and also cure scorpion stings. This tattoo can act as a protective shield on your body.

  • Pretty Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

This pretty larkspur tattoo on the hand can symbolize a celebration of positivity and close attachment with someone. 

  • Minimalistic Larkspur Tattoo Design on Finger

Larkspur Tattoo

This minimalistic design of larkspur on the finger is a symbol of an open heart and a happy-go-lucky person. 

  • Exquisite Larkspur Tattoo Design on Arm

Larkspur Tattoo

The freshness and beauty are revealed in this tattoo. You may embrace this exquisite design of larkspur on your arm to flaunt your love and dignity.

  • Expressive Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

This twin tattoo is expressing great love for someone. Couples can try this expressive tattoo design to display their affection and love for each other. 

  • Tender Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

This tender and elegant larkspur tattoo can be the best choice for modest people. It can be a symbol of first love and sweet disposition. 

  • Dazzling Larkspur Tattoo Design on Thigh

Larkspur Tattoo

This dazzling larkspur tattoo is an embodiment of strength and graciousness. Flowers are the epitome of God’s grace and contentment. Hence, a flower tattoo is quite an amusing choice for body art. 

  • Lovely Larkspur Tattoo Design on Forearm

Larkspur Tattoo

This lovely larkspur tattoo stands for chastity, innocence, and pure love. 

  • Gorgeous Larkspur Tattoo Design on Back

Larkspur Tattoo

A larkspur flower has got a beautiful pigment that looks attractive and fresh. One can adore this tattoo design on one side of the back to appear stylish. The combination of dark blue and green makes this design a gorgeous emblem of love and happiness.

  • Flourishing Larkspur Tattoo Design on Forearm

Larkspur Tattoo

A lovely bird caressing the petals of the larkspur flower gives a delightful image. People who appreciate art and aesthetics can opt for this flourishing larkspur tattoo on their forearms.

  • Bold Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

Black is a classic color and I am sure it will never get outdated. If you love black, give a try this black and bold-inked larkspur flower combined with a rose as a tattoo on your forearm. It becomes an epitome of ambitious love.

  • Crescent Larkspur Tattoo Design on Collar Bone

Larkspur Tattoo

Are you a moon gazer? If yes, why not adore a moon embellished with larkspur flowers as a tattoo on your body? This image delivers an aura of the mystic universe. 

  • Radiant Larkspur Tattoo Design on Hand

Larkspur Tattoo

Larkspur flowers are used in different rituals and ceremonies by the North Americans. If you value tradition and spirituality, then try this tattoo as a token of faith and love in your hand.

  • Serene Larkspur Tattoo Design on Leg

Larkspur Tattoo

If you have pretty and slim legs, try this larkspur tattoo design that emits serenity and peace. It is a poised and decent larkspur tattoo one can possess. 

  • Sweet Larkspur Tattoo Design on Arm

Larkspur Tattoo

Oh, this is a chick! It is looking super stylish. Do try this sweet July flower or larkspur as a tattoo on your arm if you are born in Monsoon. This depicts the freshness and rejuvenation of one’s soul.

  • Poised Larkspur Tattoo Design on Forearm

Larkspur Tattoo

If you enjoy peace and solace, you should think about getting tattooed with this poised larkspur flower on your forearm as a symbol of calmness and self-sufficiency.

  • Embracing Larkspur Tattoo Design on Forearm

Larkspur Tattoo

Self-love is one of the best therapy that each one of us should try. This tattoo design is decorated with beautiful larkspurs portraying self-love and embracing oneself with full love and commitment. This lovely species of flower seems to be caressing the body and refreshing the soul. 

  • Vibrant Larkspur Tattoo Design on Fist

Larkspur Tattoo

This is almost like a mehndi design on the hand. I mean, it is looking like jewelry worn on the hand. If you love mehndi designs, give a try this vibrant and attractive larkspur tattoo on your fist. It is a symbol of elegance and beauty. 

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