Kevin Holland’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kevin Alan Holland is a famous American professional Mixed Martial Artist who is known to have competed for well-known names like  Bellator MMA, King of the Cage, and Legacy Fighting Alliance. Born and brought up in Riverside, California, United States. Kevin began his martial arts training when he was just 16 years of. Kevin has talked about being a huge fan of Georges ST-Pierre and said that the moment he watched UFC 100 for the first time, he knew he wanted to be part of it. Just like many of his counterparts, Kevin also has got few body tattoos. Let us explore them.

Kevin Holland

1. ’24’ Tattoo

Kevin 24 tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Kevin has got the number 24 inked.

Meaning: 24 represents the date November 24, 2018, on which Kevin had a fight where he became victorious. It was obviously a special fight-UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 against John Phillips. Kevin had won the fight owing to a nearly rear-naked choke in the third round and was declared the winner via submission.

2. Tattoo on Right Pec

Kevin 92 tattoo

Tattoo: On his right pec, Kevin has got the year number ’92’ tattooed along with the letter ‘M’ inked in an italicized font. Below these two is the tattoo of a huge Scorpio.

Meaning: The tattoo is the complete representation of Kevin’s birthdate and his zodiac sign. M with an arrow points towards the Scorpio meaning to show that ‘Kevin is a Scorpio by birth’. People born in the month of November are termed scorpions who are shy and timid by nature however they are known to be highly artistic. Kevin’s tattoo is a complete reminder to himself about his birthdate and the month and points towards his unique personality traits as of the scorpion as he was born on 5 November 1992.

3. Left Arm Tattoos

Kevin arm tattoo

Tattoo: There are tiny stems tattooed on Kevin’s left forearm.

4. Gorilla with a Crown Tattoo

Kevin bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is a crowned gorilla tattooed on Kevin’s right shoulder. Inside the crown, we can see the word, ‘HOLLAND’ inked.

Meaning: Gorilla is considered to be the symbol of dignity, compassion, strength, loyalty, and accountability. Kevin’s tattoo also carries his surname as we can see the word inked on Gorilla’s crown. It is the most powerful tattoo as per Kevin.

“And then I got my last name on my shin cause like I tell my coach all the time I didn’t graduate from high school so I can’t remember my name sometimes.”

5. Bullet with Angry face Tattoo

Kevin bullet tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep, Kevin has got a bullet inked.

Meaning: Kevin claimed that he has got the 9mm bullet inked as his favorite gun to shoot is the 9mm shot. He even gave the reason for getting it tattooed on his right arm pointing it to the fact that his right arm has been the sniper for him. He called himself to be so ‘right-handed’.

“Right after the fight, I went and got this bullet right here. It’s like the same bullet you see when you’re playing Mario and stuff like that, but it’s a 9mm shell. My favorite gun to shoot is a 9mm, shot a 9mm a few times. Don’t do forensics.

“I got that on my right arm because my right arm has been like a sniper all year long. It’s been a bomb, it’s been a bullet. It’s been everything that a lethal weapon needs to be. Been killing folks left and right. You look at most of my finishes, it came from my right hand. I never realized how right-handed I was until I noticed that.”

6. Left Pec Tattoos

Kevin chest tattoo

Tattoo: Across his left pec, Kevin has multiple tattoos. There are words like ‘TrailBlazer’, initial ‘B’ followed by the words, ‘EST. 2008’.

Meaning: Kevin Hollands is famous by the name, TrailBlazer. TrailBlazer is actually the person who is willing to undertake all sorts of risks in life.

“Everybody has a lot of egos. Everybody else does, so I don’t think I am crazy. Trailblazer is like, there’s a little bit more action from Trailblazer. You know what I mean, Trailblazer is a little bit more zeroed in, a little bit more focused. Big Mouth is a little bit for your entertainment.” 

“Trailblazer can still talk. He is definitely more focused. I think Big Mouth was just created, it’s just, I ran with it, but Trailblazer, it’s just something I have always been.”

7. Camp Fire Tattoo

Kevin fire wood tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, Kevin carries the tattoo of the campfire with a change that there is a Halloween pumpkin burning on the wooden sticks.

8. Right Forearm Tattoo

Kevin forearm tattoo

9. Jui Jitsu Tattoo

Kevin jiu jitsu tattoo

Tattoo: On his left inner bicep, Kevin has got the tattoo dedicating his love for ‘Jui Jitsu’.

Meaning: Kevin Holland has multiple victories and outstanding performances to his cap. He has won the second-degree black belt in Kung Fu, along with a black belt in the high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This tattoo is his pure dedication to his love for Jui Jitsu considering the fact that he plays loose style and his fighting style is highly appreciable. He was awarded the black belt by the former UFC fighter Travis Lutter.

10. Letters on Chest

Kevin letters on chest

Tattoo: There are some Chinese letters inked vertically across his cleavage which roughly translates to ‘open him.’

11. Nomad Tattoo

Kevin Nomad tattoo

12. Chest Tattoo

Kevin pec tattoo

Tattoo: Right under the scorpion tattoo Kevin has used another unique tattoo to represent his birthdate i.e. 5 November 1992. The four vertical lines crossed over by a diagonal line hereby represent the date he was born i.e. ‘5’.

13. Portrait on Shoulder

Kevin portrait on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his left shoulder, Kevin wears the permanent tattoo of the portrait of Sean O’Malley. He is a famous and highly professional Mixed Martial Artist. On the lower right side of the portrait, we can also see the initials of Kevin as ‘KH’. The letter ‘KH’ represents Kevin’s names’ initials (Kevin Holland).

14. RC Cola Tattoo

Kevin RC Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right arm, Kevin has got a unique tattoo that is known to represent ‘RC Cola‘. Also, under the RC logo, there is a crossbones tattoo with a dollar bag inked inside it. Under it, we can see the words tattooed as, ‘Hustle 2 Ball‘.

15. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Kevin roman numerals tattoo

Kevin roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his upper body, Kevin has got some roman numerals tattooed which can be read as, ‘IVIIMMXIII’. The numbers count to 1.7.2013 when converted into numerals.

16. Skull Tattoo

Kevin skull on arm Kevin skull tattoo

Tattoo: Skull, the symbol of evil, death, and darkness is tattooed on Kevin’s left forearm. It has been inked overlapping a clock on its base. A Skull tattoo is also a symbol of self-encouragement that leads you towards the right path and helps you overcome all the difficult phases and times with confidence.

17. ‘Mentality’ Tattoo

Kevin writing on arm tattoo

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