22 Celebrities with Nipple Piercing

The only way to find out which stars were hiding nipple piercings under their red carpet gowns was by experiencing a wardrobe malfunction on the big day. However, the number of celebrities with pierced nipples falls far short of what we could possibly imagine, claims a celebrity piercer. “If they’re done properly, they will be very minimal and most people won’t even notice,” Brian Keith Thompson informed Refinery29. Throughout the event, he answered every question related to the subject (while playing the game as if he was the one asked).

The practice of piercing the navel has been made more permissible. The most private of their piercings haven’t exactly been hidden by celebrities in recent years. In today’s age of paper-thin shirts, pap strolls, Instagram, and a sense of body confidence, stars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid put the edgiest of accessories on display with the frequency of outfit changes – no scandal needed.

Find out which stars are proudly showing off their piercings ahead. Be prepared: I know you’re smitten with the look, you might as well dream about having a barbell of your own.

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus

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