3 Celebrities with Nose Tattoos

Face tattoos are one of the most common kinds of tattoos that we now have bit it was not always so because of the controversies that it once had behind its name. It was associated with prisoners and jail mates but have now evolved in their meaning. They have become more and more popular, thank the celebrities who have been getting all kinds of inks on their face. However, tattoos on any part of the face can be pretty versatile no matter if it is a nose tattoo, a forehead tattoo, a tattoo on the cheek, lips, tongue, or even ear. They can be right from small to big or from subtle to elaborative.

Face tattoos are something that shows the evolution of the modern tattoo industry and has been constantly been elevated to new levels. There are no limits to how much a face tattoo can also evolve further since there are everyday new changes in technology and styles. By making a face tattoo to nose tattoo, specifically, you can come under the category of people who care to express their reviews and look different. This will definitely set you apart.

With face, tattoos come to a lot of subtle and intricate design, and the focus is just on the imagery that has been given rather than the effects that the tattoo can have. Many people love to get names inked like Amber Rose who got the names of her children on her forehead. However, the latest trend is that of tribal design that you can see extending on Mike Tyson’s face.

While the tattoos as a whole were considered kind of tattoo in the past, it has beginning to open up and being embraced by people. Face tattoos too, on the other hand, have been opened up but still make a statement. Even if tattooing today is rated pretty okay, facial tattoos are still a bit taboo. In fact, ink on the face, hands, or neck is usually connected to “job stoppers” in tattoo speech. Ink on the face, nevertheless, is just a different form of self-expression. And some people take a person’s most noticeable characteristic, their face, and change it into a product of art.

Thus we have taken a plunge into making face tattoos, especially the nose tattoos a bit more open by giving in the names and pictures of celebs who have it done. Probably one of your favorite celebs has made it into the list of nose tattoo designs. Thus, take a look and see if you are inspired or have the guys enough like some of these celebs.

 1. Xxxtentacion Nose Tattoo Design

xxxtentacion 1

XXXtentacion has a ‘Lines’ Tattoo on his nose. The lines are covered in black and red ink which is done on his nose. These lines depict the balance that is there in life. He has inspired many of his fans to get a similar face tattoo design. Thus you will see many people donning the same design to express the balance that they see to achieve in life.

XXXtentacion also has a ‘Star’ Tattoo on the left side of his nose which has a lot of meaning. This star tattoo, first of all, looks like a nose piercing. Stars usually are symbolic of the good luck, protection, and guidance that is provided in life. However, XXXtentacion himself made no official meaning or posted a picture depicting the nature of this star tattoo design himself.

2. Trippie Redd S Nose Tattoo Design

infinity on nose Trippie redd tattoo

Trippie has loads of face tattoo designs but there’s this one on his nose, where Trippie got the number “8” tattoo. This tattoo is devoted to his gang, which he calls his team now from shore block 800. He even mentions it in his song, Mac 10 in which the lyrics read, “I’m from 800 blocks where we whack shit (Whack shit)…If I want it, I take that; we snatch shit (Snatch shit.)” Just like another number 14, the number 8 has a lot of personal implications for Trippie.

3. Ski Mask the Slump Nose Tattoo Design

Ski Mask The Slump God 777 tattoo

The left side of Slump’s nose includes the character, “777” inked on it in a vertical direction. This tattoo holds a lot of significance for Ski mask who got this ink to honor his fellow rapper friend, XXXtentacion who also made a song titled 777 which featured Trunk Kids. This 777 tattoo on his nose is done with simple black font and is quite bold.

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