101 Amazing Face Tattoo Designs with Ideas with Meanings

There is no second talk when it comes to getting a face tattoo design as one of the most common types of tattoos in the present world. Thanks to the celebs who tried to make it more mainstream than it was before. However, the report for the face tattoo design was not always the same. Face tattoos were once considered very controversial as it was associated with prisoners and gang members. Today they are becoming one of the more popular choices especially when celebs like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Offset, etc got to get their faces inked. You must be someone reading this article only if you are into getting face tattoo design as they can be very versatile in fact. They can be small as well as very artistic and huge!

The modern tattoo culture is in fact represented by the evolution in the tattoo industry, especially more controversial body areas like the face. It has elevated to a completely new level of intricacy. One can only get a face tattoo if one is daring enough to experiment and look unique enough to express their personality on their own terms. These eye-catchy artistic pieces will instantly set you apart from the crows. Being subtle and intricate is one of the rules to get a great face tattoo but the focus is on disguised images that are more preferred by people.

The names are one of the most famous kinds of face tattoo design but tribal imprints are taking over the whole face tattoo design industry and become one of the most important concepts. Many of these designs are a direct influence from Mike Tyson’s tribal face tattoo. In the past, some of the tattoos were considered totally tabooed but thank the society that has been changing now that the face tattoo has once again come up into the circle of social acceptance. In fact so much so that many tattoo artists take the face and convert it into a piece of art as a form of self-expression.

Thus no matter if it is just a small tattoo on the cheek, a little one on the forehead, or a huge full-on face cover, we have collected a whole range of face tattoo designs that you can see and get inspired from. So if you feel the same daring way that some of these people in the pictures do, here are at least 101 amazing face tattoos that you can see and decide for yourself. So read on!

Fac tattoos are usually considered not acceptable in society and even outrageous to some opponents. Many would just prohibit the tattooed person from having a proper job o being bullied or discriminated against. Most tattoo artists would also not like the people to get a face tattoo design and in some cases might just reject any such client. But this kind of rejection only happens when the client has just a few tattoos over the other parts of his body.

The tattoos were condemned and looked down upon because they were associated with criminality and so any crime organizations and gang members started having tattoos to represent their crimes or distinguish themselves from other team members. Many of them also got face tattoo designs to show intimidation. It became a trend in California, USA, in the 80s before it spread all across the globe.
In fact, many studies also reveal the fact that having face tattoo designs might also lead to based opinion and jury and more frequent convictions. Many prisoners also got the face tattoo designs because of the culture of the prison tattooing which concluded the ways of showing aggression and self-expression.

These tattoos include teardrops tattoos which might represent that the person or criminal is a murderer; a five-point crown, which was a common king’s symbol, and other different tons of symbolic designs that were related to nazi. However, this trend of face tattoo designs changed from prisoners to celebs in the 2000s.

In the mid 21sst century, Mike Tyson got himself a huge tribal tattoo which was all rage in the popular culture. The ascendance of rap music too acted as a supporter for the face tattoo designs. This allowed the artist from the criminal backgrounds to become hit in the music industry which included celebs like Lil Wayne, The Game, and Birdman. It was Lil Wayne who started the face tattoo trend to reach other rappers like Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy to get their face tattoo designs done too.

Hip-hop culture

The impact of artists like Lil Wayne getting face tattoos wasn’t completely understood until the mid-2010s with the re-beginning of trap music and the “SoundCloud rap” scene. Artists such as Lil Peep, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Migos all have facial tattoos and appeared between 2014 and 2016, soon joining the commoners who had face tattoo designs and the Billboard Hot 100. Facial tattoos are often used by these artists as a motive to restrict achieving significant jobs, directing them to concentrate solely on their music profession. This, besides the introduction of hip-hop culture into the popular music industry, has led to making tattoos more in demand. The beginning of many trap artists in the 2010s expanded the prevalence of face tattoos.

Even though there still exists some kind of discrimination in the fashion world for models who have facial tattoos, they model for particular brands. For example, if a person models for Chanel will have a channel logo under the eye is becoming more and more acceptable as a marketing trend.

In professional sports

In 2003, one of the most famous face tattoo designs was that of Mike Tyson which made him famous! His tribal face tattoo design remains to be the most iconic one in the history of sports.  But besides Mike Tyson, the former NFL defensive, Ethan Westbrooke also inked his face so that he could feel more motivated towards his football career.

Ideas for Face Tattoos

1. Word Face Tattoo

One often the biggest face tattoo designs is that of designing words over the face. Many people choose to get smaller words such as ‘faith’, ‘hope’, ‘trust’, etc as their face tattoo designs to make a statement about your personality. Many people use this one-word description and get them inked in various kinds of fonts.

More people also might write a whole quote or a few words if they feel more competitive. They can also type in the names of someone special if they want to who might also be some kind of priority in their life. It is a great placement option as it is the most visible part of the body of the person!

2. Heart Face Tattoo

Hearts are one of the most inked face tattoo designs on the earth. In fact, it is not just popular with women but men too, Many sailors used to get these heart-face tattoo designs as a tribute to someone who has been lost. Heart face tattoo designs can have many more connotations like love, loss of love, or romance. They are small and much simpler than other designs.

3. Cross Face Tattoo

Besides hearts, the cross is one of the most popular tattoos too which looks pretty awesome. It gives you the power to symbolize things. It can be a symbol of respect for your religion and that you take your faith seriously. It could be also used as a reminder for god so that when you look in the mirror you can be reminded. It is a great placement area for your face especially the corner of your eye as it represents that God has opened your eyes.

4. Anchor Face Tattoo

Anchor is another classic choice for your face tattoo designs. This design is a mix of both traditional as well as modern thoughts. It symbolizes a lot of things like support, hope, salvation, and safety. It can also have religious and Christian significance for men. Many men who travel a lot also get anchor tattoos as a symbol for reaching home safe.

It is a part of the American tradition of tattoo symbols and has gained popularity quite recently. It is a great design if you want something simple and yet very meaningful. It can represent different elements in your life which would be a great choice for stinging face tattoo designs.

5. Skull Face Tattoo

Skull tattoos are one of the most preferred tattoos, especially for men. Many men like to get this kind of tattoo if they want to go a bit far from usual. These tattoos are also made famous by many artists especially Rick Genest who is known as the zombie boy. The skull face tattoo designs are not for people who are not really committed to their goals.

6. Number Face Tattoo

A number is a very famous choice when it comes to having face tattoo designs. It is small can fit really well when there is no space. You can be your number face tattoo designs in various kinds of fonts and styles. The number face tattoo designs look best on cheeks, ears, forehead, or wherever you want it to be.

7. Initials Face Tattoo

The face usually has a small space unless you want to cover all your face from the tattoo design. Thus initials are one of the choices which can be added to your face tattoo design collection. Some people chose to get their own initial or that of their siblings or loved ones. You can also get an X initial done on your face. It has been quite a popular choice among people for decades. It would be a great choice to get a face tattoo design to honor someone that you know. You can use many fonts to make your face tattoo designs that would look striking.

8. Name Face Tattoo

Adding someone’s or your own name could be a great choice if you want to get a face tattoo design. I think if you want to honor someone who you might have lost or whom you love, then this face tattoo design would be a great idea for you to try. It depicts a lot of things like confidence and loyalty. You can add a whole name vertically or horizontally.

9. Diamond Face Tattoo

Diamonds are one of the most popular choices and people usually get a diamond tattoo on their ear or near it. It represents a lot of things like invincibility, wealth, power, etc. A diamond face tattoo design helps you value yourself even more. It is a great option to get diamond face tattoo designs which would look pretty awesome.

10. Tribal Face Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very much important and a famous part of the tattoos culture. In fact, many tribal tends have been made in native American and Samoan tribes which looks pretty awesome. Some of the most iconic face tattoo designs are from Maori culture. They communicate specific things to people and have a special sort of design that they can make.

The tribal tattoos on the face have a long history which represents a lot of rituals and rites in the community. A face tattoo design is definitely a part of the tribal community all over the world. In modern times, such symbols and features have been used to represent a lot of things or just as a fashion statement.

Many celebs too have done tribal face tattoo designs which have become quite popular. I really like these face tattoo designs which are becoming one of the most popular face tattoo design choices in the current times.

11. Tear Face Tattoo

Tear tattoos have most commonly been associated with prison tattoos. They are linked with criminals. A teardrop face tattoo design signified that a person has a history of murder. A tear-drop face tattoo design thus can look very intimidating. These are done by men who are bold enough to carry this kind of tattoo in public.

12. Sword or Dagger Face Tattoo

A sword is a great tattoo option that can be made vertically on the face. It can represent a lot of things like bravery, authority, strength, protection, and power. A face tattoo design on the temple can signify a lot of intelligence and using the brain. A sword that is on fire can represent a belief in Christianity.

The most popular style of getting a sword face tattoo design is doing it in the American tattoo style. The whole design adds to the attractiveness of the tattoo design. Besides sword face tattoo designs many people also choose to get dagger face tattoo designs which have become quite popular. Thanks to the variety of styles that have been available today, these decorative knives are one of the most popular choices not just for the face but for arms or chest too.

13. Moon Tattoo

The moon also reprints a lot of things when it comes to having face tattoo designs. It is a great face tattoo design for both men and women. You can get a full moon with tars or even a crescent which will depict different things for you. You can even add color to your moon-face tattoo designs. It will symbolize a very powerful meaning like letting go or a reflection of self.

14. Star Tattoo

Strs are pretty common symbols for everything great in life and can be made by both men and women. The most common example is that of Kat Von D who has whole star face tattoo designs which look pretty awesome. It is a great choice for people who are ambitious about their lives.

15. Small Face Tattoos

If you are looking to get a face tattoo design you might want to get something that is small instead of something that covers the whole place. Don’t get me wrong, some people even like to get their faces covered in different kinds of patterns. However, you can get the small design which might mean something significant for you in a very subtle way. For some people, small tattoos mean more than bigger tattoos.

One of the simplest and smallest face tattoo designs is from the Chicano tradition which is just three simple dots that are minimalistic. This tiny design is symbolic of mi Vida Loca or my crazy life! Small tattoos are also a great option if you are someone who likes minimalistic stuff than elaborative designs.

16. Geometric Face Tattoo

The modernistic trend that you can see in many artistic ventures is that of geometric patterns. No matter if it is an art on canvas or a face tattoo design, the geometric elements add a certain touch of aesthetics to it. The geometry face tattoo designs are not just aesthetically pleasing or visually stimulating but they also attribute a lot to the different kinds of meaning and patterns. It is a great design to be made on your face.

17. Colorful Face Tattoo

Some people might like their face tattoo designs in black and white but others want to get their ink made in different kinds of colors. The colors add some kind of dramatic effect and enliven the whole situation. It is a great piece if you want some life added into your design which would look really cool. Colors are very trendy these days and many people also like watercolor effects.

18. Dotwork Face Tattoos

Besides other patterns like geometric patterns and adding colors to give it a modernistic touch, the dot work patterns are another famous kind of design that can be added to your face tattoo designs. It requires a lot of patience and time for getting a perfect design and totally depends on how skillful you artist it. Many people also choose not to get dot work design using the hand poke method because it is less painful and more precise. Thus these face tattoo designs would look quite wonderful.

19. Large Scale Face Tattoos

Just like small designs on the face, many people also adore the larger designs which look pretty amazing. These are done by people who are 100 percent sure about the design and that they will not regret the design. You can get any kind of style when you have a wider canvas and whose aid face cant be a great canvas for bolder designs? Tehre are many peoepl tehse days who ar ebrekaing teh barrier to get a agreta face tattoo deisgns.

20. Floral Face Tattoos

Flowers have long been a subject for tattoos but now you can extend it to get on your face too. Many people love to get a flower tattoo on their face because they are delicate and beautiful and look very pleasing. They can also represent your personality.

21. Spider Face Tattoos

One often most bizarre element that anyone can add to their face tattoo designs is a spider. Many men, especially, add a spider to their face because they want to prank or be funny. Besides spiders also have some symbolic meanings attached to them as they can represent some darkest side of the person’s life. It was is also a symbol of growth and change. Thus it is a great idea to be added to face tattoo designs.

22. Arrow and Scythe Face Tattoo

The tattoo design like arrows, swords, scythe, etc is a popular choice for having face tattoo designs as they can show aggression, compassion, strength, fighting spirit, and dynamics. Thea is also representative of masculinity and the natural aspect of life.

List of Face Tattoo Designs

  • Charming Face Tattoo Design

Face tattoos

It is best for ornamental purposes because of the gorgeous colors. The best ink for this design would be either a black and white outline or the filled colorful ink. It can be put on arms, thighs, or shoulders. Anywhere between average to big size would look great. The face tattoo design would suit better on fair to wheatish skin tones.

  •  Tiny Face Tattoo Design

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design is a pretty nice one that has been made using intricate designs and skillsets which is only possible if you have a skilled artist working for you. You can enjoy any kind of design that would work perfectly for you if you want something really meaningful as your face tattoo design.

  • Imaginative Face Tattoo Design

Face tattoos

You can make your face tattoo design on your forehead because it is one of the most noticeable areas of your body. This face tattoo design is made in a very simple and minimalistic way on the body which looks pretty great. If you are a simple soul, then this face tattoo design is for you.

Face tattoos

Like any other thing, it’s easy to get caught up in the wellness and risk that you are taking it too far. As the face tattoo will guide you to embrace self-love and confidence, you do not have to make yourself to be arrogant, vain, or unfriendly. Having a sober balance of confidence and humility is the main point with face tattoo design.

Face tattoos

You can write some meaningful words and patterns in beautiful fonts and other designs for your face tattoo design. This is a beautiful face tattoo design that has been made and looks super stylish even though it is quite simple. However, this might be a great option for you if you need something authentic.

Face tattoos

I really like this simple face tattoo design which is not at all complex and looks pretty great. This is a great design that has been made here and which is done using the simple link of the wearer. This design is also very simple as it can be used just for meaning something particular or could be for some specific thing.

Face tattoos

I really like this face tattoo design which has been made right on the face of the wearer. This face tattoo design looks as if it is part of the jewelry or the body of the wearer. This is the talent of the artist who was able to create such a great design. This looks perfectly awesome as a great part of the creation of this face tattoo design.

Face tattoos

The face is one of the best places to get a tattoo design that will enhance your tattoo. It would make your tattoo pretty visible because it looks amazing here. The face tattoo here is pretty creative as you can see one of the elements is done in a very awesome effect and the other one is simple. The design has overall a sense of creativeness.

Face tattoos

I really like this idea of making a significant face tattoo design which could be a dedicatory design for someone that you love or adore. This face tattoo design is a pretty nice one yet it is quite simple. I guess sometimes the simple things in life mean a lot of things which is perfect for the portray of internal feelings.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design would look best when made in open spaces like near the ear. It offers a lot of space and best if you want to show a whole scene instead of just the face or any other bird. Colors would certainly enhance the patterns but you can also choose the black ink tattoo with shading effect or just the outline. Going abstract is also a great way to design your tattoo. This face tattoo is best when inked on the chest, back, or ribs. This tattoo would look perfect when inked in medium to large sizes. A face tattoo design looks good on people with any skin tone because it is large in size.

Face tattoos

I really like this small face tattoo design which has been made. It is a great space as you can not hide any face tattoo design but it is quite possible to conceal it in some ways. This placement idea is great for people who want to show off their face tattoo design when they want to. This face tattoo design is a great one.

Face tattoos

You can get a face tattoo design that would say a lot about your life and your desires. It can be something that resonates with your personality or something which will be a part of your life story. This face tattoo design has some terms are written which look quite appropriate with the whole outlook of the person.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design is a pretty cool one. You do not have to be stringent with the placement option and you can even extend your face tattoo design and make it cover the other parts of the body too. This face tattoo design is a great one that can be made and would look pretty awesome. I really like this amazing design.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design would look best on the wrist because it is small in size. It is great for decorative purposes. Colors like this can be added to a face tattoo design if it is on a visible part of the body. The face is pretty visible when it comes to chic designs. Thus colorful ink would look great. You can use black ink to outline the design. This tattoo is best when inked on the arm, shoulders, upper back, or upper chest. This face tattoo design would look amazing when inked in small to medium size. This tattoo looks good on people with fair or wheatish skin tones.

Face tattoos

I really like this face tattoo design which looks as if it is a whole theme in itself. This face tattoo design is a great one that has been made and which is done with a different style that shows the intricacy and creativeness of the tattoo artist itself. This face tattoo design is a great one and would be a great option for you to make it better.

Face tattoos

I really like this amazing tribal tattoo design that has been made here. In fact, there are a lot of trends that follow different kinds of tattoos design which looks super awesome. I really think this face tattoo design is a great one and a great choice, You can add other designs into this one or mold it in your own way to make it look better.

Face tattoos

I love these innovative face tattoo designs which have been made here. It seems as if this design was made to fit the face tattoo designs perfectly. I really like the creativity of the tattoo artist and the wearer here which is why this face tattoo design looks especially attractive. This face tattoo designs si a pretty nice one.

Face tattoos

This is a very unique face tattoo design that has been made to look really simple and chic. Such types of designs are called chic and hipster designs which are usually left plain but they look super nice as they have unique designs. It is totally up to you how would you want to present this beautiful face tattoo design. It is an amalgamation of both black stem and colorful ink.

Face tattoos

You can make your face tattoo design look very thoughtful. It is a great one which is supposed to look pretty awesome. It is simple but the credit goes all to the artist who was successful enough in making this face tattoo design look pretty decent and intricate. Even if you have a small design, make sure that the intricacy is pretty noticeable.

Face tattoos

There is no end to how many kinds of adornments you can add to your face tattoo design which would make it look more decorative. This face tattoo design is pretty huge with a beautiful set of patterns too. You can add other significant things to your favorite year and make it look more profound with meaning. This face tattoo design has covered the whole face of the wearer.

Face tattoos

I love this amazing honey face tattoo design which is made in superb color effects. This amazing face tattoo design looks super nice with beautiful colors and the watercolor effect that has been given to this design. I also like the bold black outline which makes the design super amazing. I would have rather made it in someplace which has more space like the chest or the back.

Face tattoos

A finger tattoo is always the nicest tattoo that you can get if you are looking to make a minimalistic face tattoo design for yourself. It is a great place to get your tattoo design because it is pretty visible from there. Finger tattoos are pretty much in trend and you can customize your face tattoo design in a way that fits your style pretty well.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design is done in simple black ink and looks nice. It is pretty simple and small in size and looks awesome. This amazing face tattoo design is just done with using black ink and is pretty awesome. You can make it on any part of your skin where it will look amazing. It is quite a small one, though.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design has a lot of elements which makes this whole design look pretty beautiful. I really like this amazing face tattoo design that has been made here and which looks pretty nice. It is done with an intricate hand which could be given the credits to. I really feel this face tattoo design is a perfect fit.

Face tattoos

This shading effect face tattoo design is pretty awesome. There are many other places besides the face on the face where you can get this kind of design if you want to get a  design that is also super unique too. This face tattoo design is done with a solely black and grey shading effect that looks nice.

Face tattoos

This simple face tattoo design is pretty awesome. It is made on the face which covers a lot of part of it and looks pretty cool. It is a simple black ink design that can be made. It is a great design with amazing ink and structure too. You can not make this design look more super amazing than its current placement idea right now.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design is super amazing. It is a very creative face tattoo design that has a lot of styles that look amazing. It is merged with amazing styles that look pretty awesome. The whole theme of the face tattoo design is very modernistic and a bit abstract. I love the usage of color in this face tattoo design.

Face tattoos

I really like when people like to make unique face tattoo designs as it is made here. This face tattoo design is made with a lot of different elements that are easy to think of but require the skills and creativity of someone very advanced and skilled to make it through. Besides, you must have the kind of personality that can pull off a tattoo like this.

Face tattoos

This amazing face tattoo design is made on the face and covering other parts of the face which makes it look pretty awesome. It has other elements that resonate with the personality and mood of the wearer which makes this face tattoo design even more ornamental. It is a great face tattoo design which is also added with some great colors that make it look pretty attractive. You can add any kind of elements that you like and which resonate with you.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design can mean something significant for the wearer even though it still is made just using black ink. I  think this design would look great if added some little colors to it. Since face tattoo designs are not too big you can think of adding some color on top of the design which would look pretty interesting.

Face tattoos

I like this black ink face tattoo design which is made on the arm wand which looks super neat. It is a great face tattoo design that can be made on almost any part of the body because of the size and the whole design itself very versatile. I like this face tattoo design pretty much. The dot work in this face tattoo looks pretty creative.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design would look best on the face or near it if you want a design that is small and composed in size. Some people also get it inside the ear which is unique if you want to try it. Colors can be added to a face tattoo design if it is on a visible part of the body. Since the face is pretty visible most of the time, you can add some colors. You can use black ink to outline the design or get a shaded effect to make it look more artistic. This face tattoo design is best when inked on the nape of the neck, wrist, or hand. This tattoo would look amazing when inked in small size. This tattoo looks good on people with fair or wheatish skin tones.

Face tattoos

This beautiful face tattoo design right here looks pretty awesome. I really like this beautiful face tattoo design which looks aesthetically pleasing. However, there can be other reasons for your face tattoo design too which can make it look very entrancing. This face tattoo design can be both aesthetically pleasing as well as meaningful.

Face tattoos

You can get a simple face tattoo design that would look quite great on the head o the wearer. Since this kind of design would be made on a very distinctive part of the wearer’s skin, this design would be quite nice. I really like this design that is a super awesome and pretty amazing one.

Face tattoos

This face tattoo design can represent many things. It can be a show of many inner thoughts or feelings or can be something commercial for that matter. In fact, getting any tattoo that looks like a face can be pretty thought of because it takes a lot of time to come to any such design which would be great.

It is quite an unusual placement idea because most people get their face tattoo design made on their arms, shoulders, chest, back, or legs. However there, this wearer has made a very vibrant and colorful face tattoo design which might speaks volumes to the wearer or about the wearer. It is a pretty distinctive place and until you want to keep your hair short and neatly cut, it would be great but I can’t say anything after that.

Face Tattoo FAQs

Are face tattoos a good idea?

To get any kind of tattoo requires commitment and consideration before you plunge in and getting a face tattoo design is another kind of commitment. It is one of the least common kinds of tattoos that can be done. It has many cons too associated with it. You cm get rejected from a job solely because of a face tattoo. Besides the face tattoo design is a permanent feature that you cant remove and hence you have to be very thoughtful about it. Besides the skin of your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body which is inclined to premature aging, sunburns, integrity loss, loss of elasticity, etc.

Why do people get face tattoos?

Usually, people do get face tattoo designs so that makes some kind of statement or it is just as an act of rebellion. It is a personal creative statement for you. Another reason is that some people want to break their comfort levels and want to travel to other territories like their face. The face tattoo designs also play important roles in some traditions, cultures, and areas. It can also represent many other things that might be personal to the person.

What jobs allow face tattoos?

Enterprises that don’t care about face tattoos tend to fall with the arts, hospitality, and blue-collar jobs. There are lots of artists, musicians, moviemakers, models, chefs, bartenders, and venue managers who get along even with face ink without difficulty. Moreover, labor-intensive jobs from electricians, builders, and mechanics, to fishermen, truckers, and rig workers also usually don’t worry as much about your look, just as long as you’re ready to work carefully and get the job completed. Nonetheless, there are loads of other parts and entrepreneurs that won’t have difficulty either, as long as you’re equipped and skilled at your work.

Do face tattoos hurt?

Yes just like any other tattoo, face tattoos might hurt a bit too because of the needles. However. there are many numbing agents which are used now a day. However, it also depends on the pain tolerance levels of the people. some people might feel more pain than others. There are two kinds of pain, one is the actual pain while the other is just the thought of the needle piercing your skin.

What are the pros of face tattoos?

There are some of the advantages of getting face tattoo designs. Imagine if you have a scar and you don’t want the world to look at it or if it lessens your self-confidence. A tattoo on the fact is a great way to hide those scars. It also includes any kinds of birthmarks or any other mars.

Face tattoo also makes a great way to express your innermost ideas and thoughts in a great way. Itisi your body and you can decide where you want to get a tattoo even if it is your face. Self-expression is a great way by showing your artistic abilities and expressing your personality. If you choose to make face tattoo designs, you will find that it is not that painful and quite an interesting thing to be. It helps you break out of your comfort zone and would be a great gift to yourself.

What are the cons of face tattoos?

You must keep in mind that the ear some risks associated with any kind of tattoo that involves a needle. For example, some workplaces might not allow you to have any kind of face tattoo. So before you decide on a face tattoo design you must make sure at your workplace if they allow such stuff.

Another risk is that of infection, which is ever-present with any kind of tattoo. But a tattoo is more or less a safe process if you have made sure that the tools used by your artist are hygienic or not. You must make sure that the studio follows all the basic hygienic guidelines so that there are fewer chances for any kind of harm.

You must also know that many people get frustrated with their tattoos after some time as the trend changes. You must know that the face tattoo designs would last for a very long time and it is hard to get it off as it is an expensive and hurtful process. Thus you must consider all the cons and pros of getting a face tattoo design as it is, not a thing that everyone should get. You must also avoid any face tattoo designs if you have sensitive skin, allergies, high BP, high blood sugar, or any other skin conditions.

How do I care for a new face tattoo?

After a day that you have got yourself face tattoo designs, you wouldn’t want to remove any bandages if you have any. You can wash the area with water and an anti-bacterial soap that might not have any harmful chemicals or scents. Then you can gently pat dry the skin. After drying up, you can then apply a smooth layer of antibacterial ointment to your face tattoo designs at least 2 times a day. You must not put any other bandage on your face. It is important not to keep your face dry and clean throughout the day.

Can a face tattoo be removed with laser treatment?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to face tattoo designs is that if they can be removed. Well, the answer is that yes there is a possibility. However, it is a painful process and there might be chances that you will be left with scarring or any other such kinds of remarks. Tus you must think hard about g getting a face tattoo design in the first place as the ideal way to test this is to get a temporary tattoo instead. You will be clear about the placement, the color, the design, and fashion trend before you commit to a permanent design. A temporary design would last you about a week which is a perfect solution for rit. You can also try henna tattoos on your face which will last you for more than 2 weeks.

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