Chris Gayle’s Tattoo & its Meaning

Christopher Henry Gayle, popularly known as Chris Gayle is a well established Jamaican cricketer and erstwhile captain. He plays international cricket for the West Indies. Gayle has been heading the West Indies’ test side since 2007 and continued the same till 2010. Gayle has been considered one of the extravagant batsmen in limited-overs-cricket. Not to let go the fact that Gayle has set and took a header with respect to multifarious track records crosswise all three formats of cricket. He is called as an adamantine big hitter, very often hitting sixes; and in 2012 he became the first player to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. His tattoo is unique have a look at it.



1. Chest


Chris Gayle has an exceptional tattoo to swagger out on his chest. It is a lionheart- a lion with a crown on his and wings on the either side. A heart of a lion tattoo itself is associated with cultural meanings. In a literal sense, lions are to hurt people as they attack, but of course, people do consider them high born and vigorous. It also symbolizes that you are imprudent, unblenching just like a lion. As we already know that lions are known as the king of jungles, so same belief can be configured here!


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