Tim Cahill’s Arm Tattoo & its Meaning

Timothy Filiga better called as Tim Cahill, the 1980’s guy is an Australian Professional footballer. Born in Sydney to a Samoan mother and a British father, Cahill struggled hard for a few couple of years to win the right to play for Australia, having initially represented Samoa as a tiny teenager. Cahill has been widely remembered in the┬áposition which is hard as nails to master in the nowadays game since it requires both defensive and attacking diligence. It is nothing but box-to-box midfielder, for what Cahill has been known for his combative and compelling accession and his skill to lead the ball in the penalty area. This guy has been very popular for his Samoan tattoo too. Let us check it out below!

Tim Cahill tattoos

On Arm

Well equipped with his family, Tim Cahill has a love for tattoos. We can see the sleeve on his left arm has his Samoan lineage, probably from his maternal family with an indicative salvation of his lovely grandmother after she left for bigger eternal abode, connecting it with that of his own and lovely parents. Also, he has something similar what his grandfather had, along with the symbols that symbolize his darling wife and children. We can find the names of all his family members, including his Brother in law and the two clubs he played for inked- Millwall FC and Everton FC. Please find below few pictures of his arm tattoo.






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