20+ Amazing Ibis Tattoos with Meanings

Ibis is log-legged swimming birds that mostly live in fields, woodlands, and wetlands. In the old culture of Egypt, folks use to worship ibis as the ‘god Thoth’ who use to look after the administration, awful deeds, and so on. Thoth was addressed as a man’s body with the top of the Ibis. The ibis tattoo represents prosperity, mystery, connection, remembering, romance, courtship, spirituality, encouragement, good luck, good fortune, and miracles. These are the most common reasons why people like to get themselves inked with ibis tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of ibis tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will know different ibis tattoos and their meanings.

Red Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo represents fragility, beauty, grace, strength, pride, expectation, remembering, wisdom, connection, integration, encouragement, and persistence.

  • ‘Ibis holding a Sunflower’ Tattoo

'Ibis holding a Sunflower' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is holding the sunflower that signifies hopes, prosperity, longevity, loyalty, good luck, admiration, connections, happiness, admiration, devotion, and peace.

  • Ibis Skeleton Tattoo

Ibis Skeleton Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo represents overcoming the difficulties in life, protection, and strength. It is believed that those who wear this tattoo do not fear death, and they believe in their growth.

  • ‘Ibis on the Bin’ Tattoo

Ibis on the Bin Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo signifies bad luck, negativity, and facing the difficulties of life.

  • ‘Ibis inside the Glass Piece’ Tattoo

'Ibis inside the Glass Piece' Tattoo

Meanings: The tattoo symbolizes intuition, magic, miracles, remembering, connection, healing, wisdom, integration, persistence, good luck, new beginnings, good fortune, and growth.

  • Broadly Design Ibis Tattoo

Broadly Design Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: It is a broadly designed tattoo that highlights the interest of the wearer who might like wide types of tattoos. It also describes success, persistence, and creativity.

  • Watercolor Ibis Tattoo

Watercolor Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: Colors add life to any object and getting a watercolor tattoo makes it more attractive. It also signifies creativity, imagination, positivity, and clarity.

  • Egyptian God Ibis Tattoo

Egyptian God Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: In ancient Egyptian times people use to worship ‘the god Thoth’ who use to look after the administration. It also represents spirituality, success, connection, goodness, miracles, and magic.

  • Rainbow Style Ibis Tattoo

Rainbow Style Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: All subtle colors are used to highlight this rainbow artwork. It also signifies new beginnings, determination, prosperity, connection, positivity, good luck, magic, miracles, and good fortune.

  • Ibis Man Tattoo

Ibis Man Tattoo

Meanings: Getting such creative and unique tattoos are the best way to keep yourself standing out from the crowd. This also indicates creativity, imagination, encouragement, and persistence.

  • ‘Ibis with the Crescent Moon’ Tattoo

'Ibis with the Crescent Moon' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo represents growth, creativity, manifestation, dreams, purity, fertility, motherhood, and intuitive powers. It also symbolizes renewal, protection, and new beginnings in life.

  • ‘Ibis wearing Sunglasses’ Tattoo

'Ibis wearing Sunglasses' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is wearing sunglasses that represents fun, playfulness, chillness, encouragement, enthusiasm, persistence, and acceptance.

  • Dot Work Ibis Tattoo

Dot Work Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: It is a hand-poked tattoo that is becoming popular all around the world. It also indicates wisdom, integration, remembering, and intuition.

  • Flying Ibis Tattoo

Flying Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is trying to fly which signifies freedom, wisdom, persistence, healing, prosperity, spirituality, success, positivity, and new beginnings.

  • White Ibis Tattoo

White Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: The white ibis tattoo symbolizes miracles, magic, connection, healing, wisdom, integration, persistence, good luck, new beginnings, good fortune, and growth.

  • ‘Ibis holding a Can’ Tattoo

'Ibis holding a Can' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is holding the can that highlights the nature of the wearer who might have a cool and interesting nature and likes to chill around.

  •  ‘Ibis holding the Grass’ Tattoo

'Ibis holding the Grass' Tattoo

Meanings: This tattoo signifies prosperity, mystery, connection, healing, integration, magic, miracles, romance, persistence, good luck, growth.

  • ‘Black and White Ibis’ Tattoo

'Black and White Ibis' Tattoo

Meanings: Black and white tattoos represents the retro times which was the golden period. Such inked tattoos are gaining popularity due to the addition of darker to light shades.

  • ‘Ibis with Orchid Flowers’ Tattoo

'Ibis with Orchid Flowers' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is on the orchid flower that represents luxury beauty, grace, strength, positivity, romance, wisdom, persistence, and miracles.

  • ‘Ibis with the Summer Drink’ Tattoo

'Ibis with the Words' Tattoo

Meanings: In this tattoo, the ibis is holding the summer drink that describes summer vibes, positivity, goodness, new beginnings, diligence, and enjoyment.

  • Smoking Ibis Tattoo

Smoking Ibis Tattoo

Meanings: It highlights the nature of the wearer who might be active, playful, cool, and chilled out. It also signifies resourcefulness, enthusiasm, and persistence.

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