Dev’s (Singer) 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The multitalented Devin Star Tails popularly known as Dev is a singer, songwriter, rapper, model and a radio host. She has inked her body parts with many tattoos, and she feels tattoos are cool. She has mostly inscribed words on her body which means much more than their usual meaning to her.  Check out her tattoos to know the logic and worthiness of these body inks.

Dev Tattoos

1. Tattoo On Thigh

Dev Thigh Tattoo

Dev has got her right thigh inked with a large tattoo which is a verse from the song “Honey Dip.” The tattoo says, “Young Go Getta Never Lose Hope” which means she is dynamic and adventurous.

2. Unfilled Lilly Petals

Dev Unfilled Lily Tattoo

The songwriter has inked the unfilled lilies on the inner side of her elbows. Lilies represent purity and innocence, but since Dev has left them unfilled, so the meaning is also not defined.

3. Tattoo On Arm

Dev Menina Bonita Tattoo

She has her left arm inked with 2 words in the Portuguese language stating “Menina Bonita” for her grandmother. It translates to a beautiful girl which her mother used to call her.

4. Husband’s Name On Thigh

Dev James Thigh Tattoo

The rapper has got her left thigh inked with a name of her husband “James.” It was the first tattoo that she inscribed it and that too for her loving husband. She said, “It’s like one of my more ghetto-er tattoos, but I ride out for my man.”

5. Lyrics Of A Song On Biceps

Dev Lyrics Tattoo

The singing star has inked the lyrics “We Used To Talk Like Lovers” from the song, “Undercover” by her close friend Cataracs. Now, that’s what friendship means to her!

6. Pink Diamond On Shoulder

Dev Diamond Tattoo

She got her left shoulder inked with a cute pink diamond. She got it tattooed at the time when she was quite young to get herself tattooed.

7. Tattoo On Wrist

Dev And What Tattoo

The tattoo lover has a tattoo on her wrist which says, “and what.” Her mother also has the same tattoo in the same position. She explained, “It says ‘and what’ in case anyone tries to run their mouth, and then we flash our tattoos and go ‘and what.’”

8. Spanish Letters On Elbows

Dev Esta Loca Tattoo

The pop singer had two grandmothers, one Portuguese and the other one was Spanish. And as a token of love and tribute, she got herself inked with the words in their respective languages. To honor her Spanish mother, she got her left elbow inked with “Esta Loca” which means “she’s crazy” or “it’s crazy.” She explains, “It says ‘Esta Loca’ because my crazy Mexican grandmother used to say that to me.”

9. Cholula Hot Sauce Bottle Tattoo

Dev Hot Sauce Arm Tattoo

The American singer has her right forearm inked with a Cholula Hot Sauce bottle. Her husband has a matching tattoo on his right forearm as well. Well, the duo must be fond of Cholula Hot Sauce!

10. Pair Of Roses On Arm

Dev Roses Tattoo

The multitalented Dev has inked her upper left arm with a pair of roses. One, colored with its petals inked in red and leaves in green ink while the other one outlined in black ink. She has not disclosed the meaning of this tattoo.

11. Sparrow On Lower Back

Dev Lower Back Tattoo

The model has got her lower back inked with a pair of blue colored sparrows. According to Dev, sparrows are symbolic of freedom and truth. She said, “They’re cool. I got them because sparrow represents freedom and truth and cool — and now they’re like a cool freedom tramp stamp.”

12. Tattoo On Leg

Dev RLSM Tattoo

The singer has inscribed the initials of her parents and sisters, “Ricki and Lisa” and “Sierra and Maezee” respectively as “RLSM” on the right side of her leg. Her family means a lot to her as she explains, “I knew I wouldn’t regret that because they’re my family.”

13. A Quote On The Inside Of Forearm

Dev Good Riddance Tattoo

Dev has her inner side of left forearm inked with “Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish” whose literal meaning is to be glad to get rid of something or someone.

14. Name Writing On Elbow

Dev Emilia Lovely Tattoo

She has her right elbow inked with the name of her daughter,Emilia Lovely.” Now it was an act of a doting mother!

15. Unfinished Naked Girl Tattoo

Dev Mermaid Tattoo

Dev has her left arm inked with an unfinished naked girl tattoo. The tattoo is featured with a feathery crown on the head of a bird, dwelling into a naked girl’s torso with the mermaid-like figure with feathers just like feet.

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