45+ Penguin Tattoos with Meanings

Penguins are a kind of flightless aquatic bird that spend half of their lives on land and another half in the sea. They are one of the most cutest, innocent, intelligent, charming, and friendly creatures. They symbolize changes, ability, devotion, unity, elegance, faithfulness, sociability, and evolution. Just like other creatures, penguins have a great significance in various cultures as they are associated with peace, positivity, goodness, and awareness. Generally, penguin tattoos signify good luck, prosperity, balance, intuition, dreams, love, affection, renewal, protection, and wisdom. This the main reasons why people love to get themselves inked with penguin tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of penguin tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you are going to be familiar with several penguin tattoos and their meanings.

'Penguin wearing a Sweater' Tattoo

Meaning: This is an adorable tattoo that signifies elegance, adaptability, adjustability, imagination, protection, renewal, and peace. It depicts that the wearer has a good fashion sense and an active lifestyle.

  • ‘Penguin with a Heart’ Tattoo

'Penguin with a Heart' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo represents balance, love, wisdom, devotion, care, bonds. affection, connections, protection, faith, and unity.

  • ‘Penguin with Kitty’ Tattoo

'Penguin with Kitty' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, both penguin and kitty seem to enjoy the rain that symbolizes friendship, sociability, devotion, protection, balance, ties, bonds, love, care, unity, and enjoyment.

  • ‘Penguin wearing a Crown’ Tattoo

'Penguin wearing a Crown' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies royalty, power, dignity, faith, glory, protection, elegance, wisdom, balance, harmony, discipline, and progress.

  • Realistic Penguin Tattoo

Realistic Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo gives the realistic and bold appearance of the penguin. It signifies changes, dreams, balance, peace, and positivity.

  • Trio-Penguin Tattoo

Trio-Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo signifies abundance, growth, balance, charm, goodness, faith, friendliness, and protection. The trio- theme describes unity, power, hard work, and intelligence.

  • ‘Family of Penguin’ Tattoo

'Family of Penguin' Tattoo

Meaning: People who are close to their families and friends are more likely to have these tattoos. It symbolizes family love, care, connection, unity, emotions, sentiments, bonds, parenthood, devotion, protection, children, and blessings. Getting a tattoo of a family of penguins is a sweet way to show your love and feelings for your family and loved ones.

  • ‘Penguin inside a Cup’ Tattoo

'Penguin inside a Cup' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a penguin is inside a cup that signifies wisdom, growth, peace, balance, liveliness, faith, changes, abilities, and protection.

  • ‘Penguin inside a Bulb’ Tattoo

'Penguin inside a Bulb' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo represents creativity, inventions, imagination, growth, progress, intelligence, balance, ability to achieve, evolution, and connections.

  • Geometrical Shaped Penguin Tattoo

Geometrical Shaped Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: These tattoos consist of different types of shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. This tattoo symbolizes balance, renewal, and harmony.

  • Tribal Penguin Tattoo

Tribal Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: Tribal tattoos are popular since ancient times as it signifies heritage, tribal trust, loyalty, strength, spiritual guidance, spiritual awakening, and justice.

  • Open-Mouth Penguin Tattoo

Open-Mouth Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies changes, intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, growth,  friendliness, wisdom, tenderness, and peace.

  • ‘Mum and Baby Penguin’ Tattoo

'Mum and Baby Penguin' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a mum is looking down towards her baby that signifies bonds, feelings, motherhood, love, care, emotions, happiness, attachments, and togetherness. It also emphasizes the wearer’s emotions and affection for his/her loved ones.

  • Beach-Theme Penguin Tattoo

Beach-Theme Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: A beach-theme tattoos are gaining popularity all over the world. It symbolizes peace, calmness, generosity, patience, enjoyment, balance, harmony, happiness, and sociability. It also depicts the nature of the wearer who might be a beach-lover or had some good memories of the beach.

  • Pirate Penguin Tattoo

Pirate Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes courage, bravery, deceit, unity, loyalty, power, strength, unity, and wisdom. It also highlights the nature of the wearer who might be fond of pirates.

  • Mandala Penguin Tattoo

Mandala Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: Mandala tattoo is popular due to its geometrical shapes and patterns. This tattoo also symbolizes spiritual growth, balance, harmony, positivity, and rebirth.

  • ‘Penguin wearing Headphones’ Tattoo

'Penguin wearing Headphones' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies enjoyment, refreshment, positiveness, and liveliness. It also describes the nature of the wearer who might be a music lover.

  • ‘Penguin on the Skateboard’ Tattoo

'Penguin on the Surfboard' Tattoo

Meaning: It represents enjoyment, fun, chilling, liveliness, playfulness, balance, and joyfulness.

  • ‘A Chef Penguin’ Tattoo

'A Chef Penguin' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes love, friendliness, devotion, affection, unity, fondness, and passion. It highlights the nature of the wearer who might be energetic, active, and love cooking.

  • Floral-Theme Penguin Tattoo

Floral-Theme Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: This is a floral-theme penguin tattoo that signifies renewal, hopes, freshness, liveliness, balance, harmony, growth, positivity, ability, and changes.

  • ‘Penguin inside UFO’ Tattoo

'Penguin inside UFO' Tattoo

Meaning: It depicts the nature of the wearer who might be interested in scientific things like space, ufo, etc. It also represents balance, creativity, imagination, elegance, changes, and the ability to achieve goals.

  • ‘Penguin carrying a Bag’ Tattoo

'Penguin carrying a Bag' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, growth, friendliness, wisdom, adaptability, dreams, wanderlust, and peace.

  • ‘A Magician Penguin’ Tattoo

'A Magician Penguin' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies magic, power, creativity, mysteries, wellness, intuitions, energies, changes, intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, and peace.

  • ‘Penguin wearing a Hat’ Tattoo

'Penguin wearing a Hat' Tattoo

Meaning: It signifies changes, intuitions, renewal, adaptability, intelligence, balance, evolution, protection, growth,  friendliness, wisdom, tenderness, and peace.

  • Watercolor Penguin Tattoo

Watercolor Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: Everybody is fond of watercolor tattoos as it is gaining popularity throughout the world. Vibrant colors infused in this tattoo make it more attractive.

  • ‘Penguin with Bear’ Tattoo

'Penguin with Bear' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies love, bonds, connections, sociability, protection, renewal, evolution, friendliness, joy, happiness, power, courage, strength, changes, intuitions, protection, growth, wisdom, tenderness, and peace.

  • ‘Penguin with a Dab’ Tattoo

'Penguin with a Dab' Tattoo

Meaning: Dab is a gesture that is popular throughout the world as it symbolizes playfulness, coolness, liveliness, and fun.

  • ‘Penguin holding Balloons’ Tattoo

'Penguin holding Balloons' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes happiness, growth, balance, dreams, abilities to achieve goals, wisdom, intelligence, changes, intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, friendliness, tenderness, and peace.

  • ‘Penguin with Crocodile’ Tattoo

 'Penguin with Crocodile' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes strength, fearlessness, courage, bravery, creation, balance, intuitions, renewal, protection, wisdom, and loyalty.

  • ‘Penguin with the Palm Tree’ Tattoo

'Penguin with the Palm Tree' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies eternity, peace, calmness, intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, growth, wisdom, tenderness, and victory.

  • ‘Penguin Hula Hooping’ Tattoo

'Penguin Hula Hooping' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a penguin is hula hooping that symbolizes enjoyment, fun, activeness, joyfulness, sociability, and refreshment.

  • Dot-Work Penguin Tattoo

Dot-Work Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: Dot- Work is the hand-poked tattoo that represents protection, calmness, balance, harmony, changes, intuitions, renewal, evolution, protection, peace, and creativity.

  • ‘Penguin with Flamingo’ Tattoo

'Penguin with Flamingo' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies balance, relationships, family, love, affection, care, devotion, unity, abilities, protection, intelligence, peace, wisdom, renewal, and changes.

  • Cosmic Penguin Tattoo

Cosmic Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: The ‘cosmic penguin’ tattoo represents endless possibilities, divine powers, and spiritual growth. It also describes the wearer’s nature who might be hardworking and determined towards his/her goals.

  • ‘Penguin with the Guitar’ Tattoo

'Penguin with the Guitar' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo describes the wearer’s interest in music and instruments as it signifies positivity, healing, energies, regeneration, peace, renewal, fertility, renewal, protection, growth, tenderness, and peace.

  • Pattern Style Penguin Tattoo

Pattern Style Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: All these patterns give this tattoo a detailed look. It also signifies wisdom, growth, peace, balance, liveliness, faith, changes, abilities, and protection.

  • ‘Penguin wearing a Diving Suit’ Tattoo

'Penguin wearing a Diving Suit' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a penguin is wearing a diving suit which, represents adaptability, adjustment, renewal. refreshment, enjoyment, and fun. It also highlights the nature of the wearer who might be interested in scuba diving or any other water activities.

  • Portrait Penguin Tattoo

Potrait Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: It is a beautiful portrait of Humber Bridge inked with subtle colors. The tattoo symbolizes elegance, grace, affection, peace, and creativity.

  • Snazzy Penguin Tattoo

Snazzy Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: It is a modern and stylish penguin tattoo which, signifies balance, creativity, changes, faithfulness, friendliness, renewal, affection, and sociability.

  • ‘Penguin with a Flower’ Tattoo

'Penguin with a Flower' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes renewal, hopes, strength, wisdom, creativity, faithfulness, dreams, affection, unity, devotion, and evolution.

  • ‘Penguin with Moose Antlers’ Tattoo

'Penguin with Moose Antlers' Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes protection, loyalty, parenthood, family, love, guardianship, grace, ability, gentleness, power, adaptability, and faithfulness.

  • ‘Penguin with Giraffe’ Tattoo

'Penguin with Giraffe' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo signifies flexibility, obedience, delicate, patience, ability, devotion, creativity, friendliness, renewal, balance, peace, and wisdom.

  • Line Art Penguin Tattoo

Line Art Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: Line art consists of different patterns and designs. It is a simple tattoo yet classy and elegant that signifies creativity, grace, and unity.

  • Japanese Style Penguin Tattoo

Japanese Style Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: The Japanese style tattoo represents fearlessness, wisdom, power, loyalty, protection, balance, devotion, strength, courage, and ability. This sort of tattoo is popular among people because it guards them against evil.

  • ‘Penguin holding a Sword’ Tattoo

'Penguin holding a Sword' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents power, strength, courage, bravery, fearlessness, protection, intelligence, wisdom, loyalty, ability, and evolution.

  • ‘Penguin holding a Mushroom’ Tattoo

'Penguin holding a Mushroom' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, a penguin is holding a mushroom which, signifies protection, intuitions, power, abundance, renewal, balance, and creativity.

  • Tiny Penguin Tattoo

Tiny Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: It’s a cute tattoo that symbolizes renewal, luck, ability, innocence, elegance, and affection. Generally, people like to get this tattoo inked on their wrists, fingers, legs, and arms.

  • Origami Penguin Tattoo

Origami Penguin Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes faithfulness, affection, love, evolution, intuition, ability, and adaptability.

Celebrities with Penguin Tattoos

Phoebe Dykstra

Phoebe Dykstra

Phoebe has inked a cartoon penguin tattoo on her right arm.

Bethany Cosentino

Bethany Cosentino

Bethany has inked a penguin tattoo on her right shoulder blade.

Nikkie de Jager (Nikkie Tutorials)

Nikkie de Jager (Nikkie Tutorials)

Nikkie has inked a zoo-theme-based geometrical tattoo of a wolf, an owl, a panda, a penguin, and an owl on her left forearm by the Tattoo Artist ‘Evan Kim’.

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