Beth Torbert (Bif Naked) 28 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Beth Torbert is a famous Canadian singer-songwriter who is better recognized by her nickname, Bif Naked. Beth chooses to be called Bif owing to the mispronunciation of her real name, Beth. It all started in 2014 that after working for multiple underground bands, she came up with his independent album Bif Naked. Besides, she has also acted in music videos and is a passionate comic cartoonist. Bif Naked is heavily tattooed and revealed that her first body tattoo was at the mere age of 16 years. Let us see what tattoos she has and what relevance do they have for her.

Bif Naked

The tattoos map my history and my emotional story. Tattoos give us “armour” a lot of the time and they certainly did for me. My favourite tattoos (out of all 75) are two little blue dots: my “radiation” tattoos (for cancer treatment) done in the CT scan room, with a needle and inkwell. “Like jail!” I squeaked at the nurses. I loved that

1. ‘Azad’ आजाद Tattoo

Beth azaad tattoo

Tattoo: On the top left side of her back, Beth has got the Tattoo of the word, आजाद. 

Meaning: आजाद when translated into English, stands for ‘free’/freedom/independence. She got this tattoo based on her personal belief that almost every second person in this world is fighting for freedom.

The Farsi and Urdu words for freedom, “azadi”, on my shoulder are because I believe most of the people in the world are fighting for freedom.

2. Lower Back Tattoo

Beth back tattoo

Beth back tattoo

Tattoo: On her lower back, Beth has got a huge tattoo of the word, Naked.

Meaning: When asked about the relevance, she said that she got the word inked just because she wanted to. But, we already know that Naked is her last name, isn’t it? She is popular with her unique stage name, being Bif naked. So, what’s the big deal if someone wears her surname tattoo? The person’s choice!

And then, I got the word, “Naked”, tattooed across my lower back just cause I wanted to!

3. Kanji Symbol Tattoo

Beth bicep tattoo

Beth bicep design

Tattoo: On her right bicep, there is a kanji symbol inked.

Meaning: Kanji symbols denote the Chinese or Han characters, which are popularly used for writing nouns, adverbs, adjectives, or verbs. Thus, making them an ideal means of developing different themes of tattoos. Many tattoo lovers go in for a single kanji symbol to depict power, strength, life, beauty, etc.

4. Arm Tattoo

Beth bicep ink

Beth dragon tattoo

Tattoo: There is a widely designed dragon tattooed on Beth’s right upper arm. Dragon, as we know, is the symbol of strength, grace, and intelligence.

5. Eye of Horus Tattoo

Beth eye tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, Beth has got the Tattoo of the Egyptian eye or commonly known as, Eye of Horus.

Meaning: This was Beth’s first body tattoo, which she got at the mere age of 16. The reason to go in for a tattoo at this young age was her best friend, whom Beth used to admire a lot. Thus, she decided to get Egyptian ink. In an interview, she said that she is a very religious person, and this tattoo is the means to reflect her nature of being attracted by theories and ideologies.

Eye of Horus stands for protection, well-being, and the healing of the self. The Tattoo is also known as the all-seeing eye, which means that God is above us and is keenly watching us and our actions.

“I got a tattoo when I was about 16, which was an Egyptian eye, just ’cause I really wanted a tattoo,” she says. “My best friend at the time, Jennifer, had a tattoo, and I thought she was the coolest girl in the universe, so I wanted a tattoo because my friend had one. So I got the Egyptian eye because it was a powerful symbol, the all-seeing eye, the third eye, and I’ve always been a bit of a theology buff, being raised in the home that I was raised in, which was a deeply religious home, both Christian and Hindu.”

6. ‘Taj Mahal’ Tattoo

Beth taj Mahal tattoo

Beth flowers and bushes tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper back area, Beth has got a big tattoo of the Historical monument, Taj Mahal. She got it done from the tattoo artist, Steve “Breadman” Cole. The Tattoo is surrounded by flowers and stems on all sides.

“My back tattoo is of the Taj Mahal and it is a work in progress.  is the artist. He also tattooed Om Namah Shivaya across my entire ribcage. It is my favourite mantra.”

7. Flowers on Arm

Beth flowers on shoulder

Tattoo: On her upper right arm, Beth wears the flower-themed arm design. The flowers, symbols of love, friendship, hope, freshness, and harmony are all covering her right shoulder.

8. Ganesha Tattoo

Beth twitter tattoo post

Beth ganesha tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of her body, Beth has got a beautiful tattoo of the Hindu God, Ganesha.

Meaning: In an interview, she revealed that all her religious idols and writing tattoos are the results of her Hindu learnings.

Lord Ganesha is also known as Vinayaka, Binayak or Ganapati.  He is believed to ease our; life by distancing away from the hard times and difficulties of life. Ganesha is easy to identify by his large elephant head and his four arms. Ganesha is known to be the God of removing obstacles.

9. HARDCORE Tattoo

Beth hard core tattoo

Tattoo: On her lower stomach, Beth wears another word ink which says, HARDCORE.

“And the words, “hard-core”, across my stomach because I give 150% to everything I do.”

10. Heart Tattoo

Beth heart with name

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right bicep, Beth has got an outlined heart inked with a name inside, which is actually hard to make out.

11. ‘Dagger’ Tattoo

Beth knife tattoo

Tattoo: There is a dagger inked on her upper arm.

Meaning: Dagger holds multiple meanings. It is the symbol of death. Not only this, but people also consider it as a representation of betrayal, loss, and danger. On the flip side, many also regard it as the token of protection, sacrifice, and bravery.

12. Indian Pin-Up Girl Tattoo

Beth lady tattoo

Tattoo: On her left forearm, there is a typical Indian woman dressed in Indian attire i.e., a saree.

Meaning: Beth is a bisexual, and this tattoo is her dedication to beauty for herself and her self-made choices. Beth said that this Indian Pin-up girl has been named Ravinder by her.

“The Indian pin-up girl, (whom I named Ravinder), represents my sexuality, today.”

13. Lotus Tattoo

Beth lotus on arm Beth lotus tattoo

Tattoo: Above her Ganesha tattoo, she has got the blossoming lotus tattoo.

Meaning: Lotus represents the spirit of rising above temptation and becoming a better person. In Hindu belief, lotus flowers are referred to as the Padma and symbolize beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening.

14. ‘नमः शिवाय’ Tattoo

Beth nam shivai tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper side of his stomach, Beth has got the Tattoo of the words that depict the Hindi version of ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’

Bif said that she got this favorite mantra tattoo on her body because she loves it.

15. ‘Green Tara’ Tattoo

Beth religious tattoo

Tattoo: On her inner left bicep, Naked has got a tattoo of another religious goddess, Green Tara.

Meaning: Green Tara  (Sanskrit: Shyamatara; Tibetan: Sgrol-ljang) is believed to have incarnated as the Nepali Princess. It is the embodiment of grace. beauty, serenity, and calmness.

In Feng shui, Green Tara is believed to be the token of upliftment, support, and compassion. As per the beliefs, green is linked to the five elements of wood which inspire freshness, rebirth, growth, and flexibility.

“Tattoos are the ones I got from the goddess, Green Tara when I was on my first European tour at Amsterdam’s famous Hanky Panky shop. There was a visiting artist there at the time from Spain named Morbella (now sometimes goes by “IsaEsAsi”), who thoughtfully created this Tattoo for me. I had just begun to explore Buddhism, and it meant a lot to me to express this.”

16. Lotus on Shoulders

Beth lotus tattoo

Tattoo: On her shoulders, Bif has got lotus flowers inked on either side. They are outlined in black and shaded in red.

Meaning: Lotus is an important source of faith and holds great relevance in Hindu religion and beliefs. It is observed as the attribute of fire and sun gods. Also, when representing some gods like Ganesha in sitting posture, lotus takes a seat along with. It is designated as the symbol of immortality.

17. Flower on Stomach

Beth flower on stomach

Beth stomach writing

18. ‘Walker’ Tattoo

Beth Walker tattoo

Tattoo: On her top back, Naked has got the surname of her ex-husband tattooed. The tattoo reads, ‘Walker’ in italicized font. Bif and Ian Walker got married in 2007 and separated their paths in 2011. currently, she is happily married to Steve Allen.

19. Wrist Tattoo

Beth wrist writing tattoo

Tattoo: On her right wrist, Bif has got a tribal owl face inked along with some Hindi words. Owl is used as the symbol of showering light in the darkest of times thus, being considered as the epitome fo vision, hope, and lighting.

“my matching wrist tattoos that say non-backward and forwards. They are my “power cuffs” and I hoped that they would empower me to protect myself.”

20. Kanji Symbols

Beth writing on arm

Tattoo: There are some kanji symbols inked on the inner side of her right arm.

21. Writing Tattoo

Beth writing on bicep 

Tattoo: This is the tattoo of the English word, ‘peace/silence’ inked in Hindi and Farsi as


22. The Manipura Chakra Tattoo

Beth chakra tattoo

 Tattoo: On the center of her stomach, Bif has got the Tattoo of the MANIPURA cHAKRA.

Meaning: The tattoo integrates an inverted red triangle in this symbol which is the symbol of fire, or the element of fire i.e., tattva. The Manipura Chakra is the means to control personal independence, self-confidence, and free-spirited nature.

23. Survivor Tattoo

Beth survivor tattoo

Tattoo: On her left bicep, another word tattoo reads, ‘Survivor.’

“I already had the word “survivor” tattooed on me before I was ever diagnosed. Little kid sh!t. But I wanted a survivor tattoo.

The word, “survivor”, represents my resiliency, emotionally, to the horrors that befell me sexually.”

24. Wrist Tattoo

Beth wrist tattoo

25. OM Tattoo

Beth om tattoo

Tattoo: On her left shoulder, we can see the Hindi version of the word ‘Om‘ inked. It has a Hindu origin and is considered an auspicious chant and mantra in many religions. You can often hear them at the beginning or the end of prayers and affirmations.

26. Heart with Dagger Tattoo

Beth heart with dagger tattoo

Tattoo: A tattoo of a heart with a dagger inked on the inner side of her left forearm.

Meaning: People use the heart and dagger tattoo as a symbol of showing the betrayal in devastating heartbreak. The dagger itself is the means of representing an unexpected betrayal or loss of someone close though, it has been used for long times to murder someone or as a weapon. Some people get a dagger with a heart tattoo to mark a recent betrayal in their life.

27. Writing on Chest

Beth writing on clevage tattoo

Tattoo: On her cleavage area, Bif has got the tattoo inscribed from some lines.

“The lotus flowers and the Green Tara and the first line of the Sendokai, (the mind of the great sage of India), stem from my beliefs in Buddhism. “

28. Shanti Sneh Tattoo

Beth shanti sneh tattoo

Tattoo: Underneath her lotus tattoos, there are words inked on her shoulders as Shanti Sneh in Hindi and Farsi as

शांति स्नेह

“All of the tattoos I have gotten that are Hindu, (Ganesha, the words, “prema” and “shanti” for peace and love, the words for beauty, “sundar,” etc.), stem from my studies in Hinduism.”


I ran away from home a lot as a kid and my friend had a tattoo…so I wanted one too. It was that simple. I just kept finding images and words that meant so much to me that I had to record them on my skin. I will keep getting them, but I never plan to…the images find and inspire me by accident.

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