Lauren Riihimaki’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki also is known as Lauren Riihimaki. She is a Canadian YouTuber and a designer famous for her YouTube channel LaurDIY.  Her YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers and has been described as “one of the most well-regarded fashion and beauty [YouTube] channels in Canada. She is known to have about four inks on her body. Let us explore her tattoos and their meanings.

Lauren Riihimaki

1. ‘Antlers’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Lauren has antlers inked on her left elbow.

Meaning: Lauren Riihimaki got a tattoo inked on her left elbow as a tribute to her dog Moose. She uploaded a new vlog about the process of choosing the design of her tattoo and actually having the moose antlers inked onto her arm.

2. ‘Scissors’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Lauren has a tiny scissors tattoo on her right wrist which was inked by the tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.

3. ‘Coordinates’ Tattoo


Tattoo: This ink on the right side of her back was her second tattoo. In a vlog, she explained that her tattoo means home and it reminds her of the place she grew old and reminds her of her family and the loved ones.

4. ‘Roman Numeral’ Tattoo

Lauren Riihimaki Roman Numerals Tattoo

Tattoo: Lauren has 1932 written in Roman Numerals on her wrist. This ink is a tribute to her grandfather, and thus the tattoo is the representation of her grandfather’s birth year, i.e 1932.

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