21 Savage’s 36 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, aka, 21 Savage, is an American rapper, who comes from the city of Atlanta. He got his stage name from Instagram; he used 21 because it was the name of his gang when he was growing up and Savage just came from the whim. 21 Savage has only been making music from 4 years but has become one of the biggest rappers of Atlanta. Along with his super hit singles and mixtapes, he is a pretty scary dude! He got gold encrusted teeth and tattoos all over his body. His inks are dedicated to his tough childhood and family. Let’s check the meaning behind his inscriptions.


1. “Dagger” between his Eyebrows

Dagger-21 Savage tattoo

Tattoo: “Dagger”

Meaning: 21 Savage got a dagger inked between his eyebrows. It is actually a tribute to his little brother, Tay Man, who was killed in a drug deal at a very young age. Tay Man initially got the dagger tattoo to represent the gang they were in. However, after he died, 21 Savage got the same ink as a mark of respect.

2.”21 and  R.I.P Larry” beside his Left Eyebrow

21 and rip larry beside his left eyebrow

Tattoo: ” 21 and R.I.P. Larry”

Meaning: 21 Savage got “21 and  R.I.P. Larry” beside his left eyebrow. ’21’ was the first tattoo he got on his face. Larry accompanied him at that time when Savage was getting inked. After Larry’s death, he got R.I.P and Larry, inked around his “21” tattoo.

3. “BLOCK BOY” on his Right Side of Face

Block boy-21 Savage tattoos

4. “Death Before Dishonor” below his Hairline

death before dishonor- 21 SAVAGE tattoos

5. “Jhonny B, Tamika and Larry” With Three Angels on his Chest

Jhonny B Tamika and Larry With Three Angels on the Right Side of his Chest-21 savage

Tattoo: “Jhonny B, Tamika and Larry” with Three Angels

Meaning: 21 savage got the tattoo of the name of his brother, Jhonny B, best friend, Larry and Larry’s mother, Tamika, along with three angels inked on his chest. In a video for GQ, he said that during some gang deals, they all were shot to death. When he was asked about the religious views behind the angel tattoo, he said, “It is not for any religious season, sh** just looked cool.”

6. “SLAUGHTER GANG” just Below his Chest

Slaughter gang- 21 savage tattoos


Meaning: 21 Savage got, Slaughter Gang, inked just below his chest in bold letters. It is the name of his gang, which consists of Lotto Savage, Mookie Madri Gra, Young Nudy and Freaky D$MG. “Keeping it real” is the motto of this gang.

7. “EA Zone 6” on his Left Ribs

EA Zone 6- 21 savage tattoos

Tattoo: “EA Zone 6”

Meaning: 21 Savage got ‘EA Zone 6’ inked on his left ribs. The Logo EA looks like the logo of EA sports, but it actually stands for East Atlanta. This is the area where he grew up.

8. “Kiddie Versions of Freddy Krueger and Jason” on his Stomach

kid version of freddy and jason-21 savage tattoos

Tattooo: “Kiddie versions of Freddy Krueger and Jason”

Meaning: 21 got the cartoon-kid version of classic villains; Jason and Freddy Krueger, inked on his stomach. These are the character from ‘Friday The 13’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.’ However, Savage is not a big fan of horror movies, but he liked these characters.

9. “Skull” on his Stomach

skull-21 savage tattoos

10. “MISUNDERSTOOD” around his Navel

misunderstood-21 savage tattoos

11. “Pee Wee” on the Right Side of his Waist

pee wee- 21 savage tattoos

Tattoo: Cartoon Character- “Pee Wee”

Meaning: Savage got the cartoon character from Bebe’s Kid, Pee Wee who is riding a bike, inked on the left side of his waist.

12. “Stewie Griffin” on the Left Side of his Waist

Stewei griffin-21 savage tattoos

Tattoo: Cartoon Character- “Stewie Griffin”

Meaning: Savage got a tattoo of “Stewie” Griffin (Stewart Gilligan), which is a fictional character from the animated television series, Family Guy, on the left side of his waist.

13. “Face Of A Shark and Sweet Dreams” on his Right Lower Abdomen

shark face-21 savage tattoos

14. “PLAY DIRTY” on his Stomach

Play Dirty- 21 savage tattoos

15. “Pistol” on his Left Lower Abdomen

pistol-21 savage tattoo

Tattoo: Pistol- ‘Glock’

Meaning: This is the favorite tattoo of Savage. Glock is the series of polymer framed and short recoiled pistol.

16. “HEATHER” above his Belly Button

heather- 21 savage tattoos

Tattoo: “HEATHER”

Meaning: Savage got the first name of his mother, Heather Carmillia Joseph, inked above his belly button.

17. “Reaiah” on the Right Side of his Neck

Reaiah-21 savage tattoos

Tattoo: “Reaiah”

Meaning: 21 Savage got the name of his younger sister inked on the right side of his neck.

18. “Undefined Word and Celtic Cross” on the Left Side of his Neck

undefined word on the neck-21 savage tattoos

19. “Logo of Ferrari, Maybach, and Bentley” on his Left Elbow

logos of ferrrai, bentley maybach- 21 savage

20. “Celtic Cross” on the Left Side of his Neck

celtic cross on neck-21 savage

21. “Celtic Cross” on his Left Upper Arm

celtic cross on arms-21 savage tattoos

22. “Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in only” on his Left Upper Arm

qoute on his arm-21 savage tattoos

23. “Face of a Lady” on his Left Shoulder

face of a lady on his left shoulder- 21 savage tattoos

24. “GRIND HARD and SHINE HARD” on his Both Forearms

Grind Hard shine har21 savage tattoos

26. “Skull Showing Tongue” on his Left Forearm

skull with tongue on his left forearm -21 savage tattoos

27. “Bullet Scars” on his Right Forearm

Bullet Scars on his Left forearm-21 savage tattoos

28. Cartoon Character “Stewie with Gun” on his Left Forearm

Stewie with gun-21 savage tattoos

29. “Pistol with something written on Ribbon” on his Left Hand

pistol-on hand 21 savage tattoos

30. “Red Monster Face” on his Left Forearm

31. “Star” on his Left Forearm

star-21 savage tattoos

32. “Dollar Sign” on his Left Forearm

Dollar Signs on his Left Forearm- 21 Savage tattoos

33. “Red Flames” on his Left Wrist

34. “Loyalty Before Royalty” on the Lower Part of his Head

loyalty before royalty- 21 savage Loyalty before royalty 21 SAVAGEW

35. “Tiny Ghosts” on his Left Forearm

tiny ghosts-21 savage tattoos

36. “Celtic Cross” with some undefined design in Front of his Neck

celtic cross on neck-21 savage tattoos

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