Francesca Farago’s 14 Tattoos with Meanings

Francesca Farago is a Canadian model, television personality, and social media influencer who has gained immense popularity in recent years. Along with her striking looks and charming personality, Francesca is known for her love for tattoos. She has an impressive collection of tattoos on her body, and all of them are quite aesthetic. Her tattoos are a reflection of her personal experiences, beliefs, and values. In this article, we will explore some of Francesca Farago’s tattoos and delve into the deeper meanings behind them. So, if you are curious about the stories behind her tattoos and what they represent, read on.

Francesca Farago

List of Francesca Farago’s Tattoos

1. Lightning Bolt Tattoo on Finger

Francesca Farago's Lightning Tattoo

Following their sizzling romance on the reality TV show “Too Hot To Handle,” Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey took their relationship to the next level by getting matching tattoos. Farago gave her Instagram followers a closer view of their identical tattoos, which are lightning bolts inked on their index fingers.

2. Girlfriend’s Name on Butt

Francesca Farago's Demi Tattoo

Francesca Farago has put her girlfriend, Demi Sims tattoo on her butt. It is a simple tattoo done with black ink.

3. Alphabet on Ankle

Francesca Farago's ankle tattoo

She has a ‘G’ tattoo on her ankle that is done in simple black ink.

4. Rose Tattoo on Thumb

Francesca Farago's rose tattoo

She has a rose tattoo on her thumb that extends to her hand.

5. Roman Number on Hand

Francesca Farago's II tattoo

She has the roman number ‘2’ on the side part of her arm.

6. Symbols on Finger

Francesca Farago's finger symbols

She has two small symbols on her pinkie and index finger that is done with black ink.

7. Text on Elbow

Francesca Farago's elbow tattoo

She has a minimalistic text on her arm right above her elbow. The text is done with a subtle style. The writing is not clear.

8. Heartbeat on Elbow

Francesca Farago's heart beat tattoo

On one side of her arm tattoo near the elbow, she has a heartbeat inked.

9. Lemon, Heart, and Cross on Pinkie Finger

Francesca Farago's heart and lemon tattoo

Francesca has a lemon, a heart outline, and a small cross on her pinkie finger.

10. Textual Tatoo on Both Arms

Francesca Farago's arm tattoo

She has text on both her arms done in beautiful but simple fonts. The meaning of this is not too clear.

11. Symbol on Hand

Francesca Farago's hand tattoo

The content creator also has a small textual tattoo on her hand. The meaning of this design is not clear. It looks like roman numerals or something written in a foreign language.

12. Fairy Tattoo Behind Ear

Francesca Farago's fairy tattoo

She has a beautiful fairy tattoo under her ear that goes until the side part of her neck.

13. Crescent Moon on Ring Finger

Francesca Farago's crescent tattoo

The fashion influencer also has a pretty crescent moon outline on her ring finger.

14. ‘Lover’ on Pointer Finger

Francesca Farago's Lover Tattoo

She has the word ‘Lover’ written on her index finger in a beautiful font. The ink is quite minimalist done with black ink.

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