Harry Jowsey’s 6 Tattoos and its Meanings

Harry Jowsey is a popular reality TV personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, known for his good looks, charming personality, and distinctive tattoos. Each of Harry’s tattoos holds a special meaning, reflecting his personal journey, life experiences, and the people who have impacted his life. His tattoos have become a part of his identity and a reflection of his unique style. In this topic, we will explore Harry Jowsey’s tattoos, their meanings, and the stories behind each of his inkings.

Harry Jowsey

List of Harry Jowsey’s Tattoos

  • ‘Todd’ on Inside of his Lips

He has the name of his best friend “Todd” written in simpel black ink on inside of his lips.

  • Elephant Tattoo on Butt

Harry has a small elephant tattoo on his butt. While he has talked abotu it, he has not revealed much.

  • ‘Never not Forget’ in Arabic

Harry also has a small ‘Never not Forget’ written in Arabic script.

  • Number 42 on Side Arm

Harry Jowsey's 42 Tattoo

He has a number 42 tattoo on the side part of the arm. The meaning behind this is not known.

  • ‘Initials’ on Knuckles

Initial Tattoo on Knuckles

He also has the initials ‘Z’, ‘U’, ‘R’, ‘U’ inked on the knuckles. While he has not revealed the meaning behind it, we are guessing it represnts a loved one.

  • Lightning Bolt on Fingers (Removed)

Harry and Francesca Lightning Tattoo

During his relationship with Francesca Farago, Harry decided to get a lightning tattoo along with his girlfriend as a symbol of the chemistry they shared. According to Harry, the idea of getting matching tattoos came up after they went on a retreat and he visited her family in Vancouver. Harry revealed that they both got tiny lightning bolt tattoos as a reminder of the “sparks” they felt between each other. However, after two months, Harry had a change of heart and decided to remove the tattoo. He even recorded the moment when he got it removed and shared it with his fans.

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