Jessica Quintino’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

28 years old, Jessica Da Silva Quintino, is a Brazilian Handball player, who plays for Brazilian National team and HC Odense. She participated in the London Summer Olympics 2012, where her team secured the sixth position. She also participated in 2011 world’s women handball championship, Pan American Games and Rio Olympics 2016. Jessica is known for her gorgeous looks and style. Her tattoos are always found putting extra charm to her looks. Let’s have a visual check on her charming tattoos and understand the meanings behind them.


1. “Mickey-Minnie” on her Left Triceps

mickey-minnie -Jessica Quintino tattoo

Tattoo: “Mickey Minnie Duo”

Meaning: Jessica got a matching tattoo with her husband; a kissing Mickey-Minnie duo inked on the backside of her left triceps.

2. “Face of a Lion” on her Left Forearm

lion- jessica-quintino tattoos

3. “Celtic Cross” on her Left Forearm

celtic cross-jessica-quintino tattoos

4. “Lillies” on her Left Forearm

Lillies-jessica-quintino tattoos

5. “Outline of a Heart” on her Left Collar Bone

outline of a heart-jessica-quintino tattoos

6. “A Flying Bird with an Unidentified Quote” below her Left Breast

flying bird and quote- Jessica quintino tattoos

7. “Roman Numerals “LXXXIX-XCI” on her Left Wrist

Roman numerals-jessica-quintino

Tattoo: “LXXXIX-XCI”

Meaning: Jessica got Roman numerals inked on her left wrist, which translates into 89-91.

8. “Tiny Heart” on her Left Forearm

9. “Red Rose”

red rose-jessica-quintino tattoo

10. “Olympic Rings” on her Back

olympic ring-jessica-quintino tattoos

Tattoo: Olympic Rings

Meaning: Jessica got colored Olympic rings inked on her back. She also got names of the Olympic games in which she had participated, London 2012 and Rio 2016, inked below the rings.

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