Victoria Beckham’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Victoria Beckham has got multiple tattoos, the majority of which are inked on her wrist, and many of those solemnize her love for her dear husband, David Beckham, or are related to some extra special milestones during the course of their marriage. It seems quite obvious that Victoria Beckham loves her family since her tatts show the way. Let us check out below her body art and what they actually mean.

Victoria Beckham Tattoo

1. Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman Numeral Tattoo

On Victoria’s right wrist, she has got a roman numeral tattoo which reads “VIII-V-MMVI,” thereby meaning “May 8, 2006“. Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo adorned with these roman numerals symbolize the date of Victoria and David’s revitalization of their wedding word of honor. This tattoo is similar to David’s right wrist ink. David and Victoria restored their wedding affianced in a kind of hush-hush secret ceremony where only a few friends and family were present at Buckingham Palace late in 2006.  Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo was inked in 2006, and since then, it seems to have come in the vogue, for instance, other celebrities were fascinated by the look so enough that they decided to follow the trend. Two years later, Rihanna too got a similar ink of a roman numeral tattoo located on her shoulder as a gratitude to the best friend, Melissa Forde.

2. David Beckham’s Initials Tattoo

David Beckham’s Initials Tattoo

On Victoria’s left wrist, she has got a very lovey-dovey ink which is of her husband David Beckham’s initials, “DB,” calligraphed in a classy entwined script. Victoria Beckham’s tattoos define exquisitely her “posh” persona – elegance and womaniya – without portraying any crummy look. Her major tattoos signify her endless love for her husband, David Beckham.

3. Hebrew Phrase Wrist Tattoo

Hebrew Phrase Wrist Tattoo

On Victoria’s tenth wedding anniversary with soccer pop David Beckham, she got one more Hebrew tattoo, but this time it was embellished on her left wrist, and that too just right below her tattoo of David’s initials. Victoria’s wrist tattoo deciphers to “Together, forever, eternally,” from which we can make out that she is kind of paying an acknowledgment to their long ten years of marriage. David Beckham also got a new tattoo in lionization of the couple’s so-called tenth wedding anniversary. Nonetheless, David’s tattoo opened in the form of ten roses inked around his left arm, near his elbow.

4. Latin Script Tattoo

Latin Script Tattoo

At the bottom of Victoria’s roman numeral tattoo, she has got a Latin phrase inked on her wrist which clearly reads “De Integro”. It is the erstwhile Spice Girl brought to light while her new denim line was about to launch in Boston, back in 2008. Victoria Beckham’s this wrist tattoo means “again from the start.” This tattoo they believe has been benchmarked as a new beginning with her husband and family in the United States. Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo extends a sort of a positive frame of mind and came pretty fast after her husband got a provocative tattoo of her sporting lingerie late in 2007.

5. Back Tattoo

Victoria Beckham Back Tattoo

Victoria’s back tattoo just below her neck is no more now. She got this done during her sixth wedding anniversary. It used to run down in a vertical line facing southwards. Her tattoo reads “Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haroeh bashoshanim“, which actually means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine“.

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