Daniela (Model) 61 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daniela, the famous model, has got a fantastic body along with outstanding artwork that adorns her body from top to bottom. The tattoos speak about her personality and her outlook on life. Also known as Inked Dani, she has got a huge fan following on her Instagram. This article throws a deep light on her multiple body tattoos.

Daniela Tattoo model

Daniela tattooed body

1. Skull on Right Hip

Daniela skull on right hip

Tattoo: On her right hip, there is a big skull tattooed.

Meaning: Skull is the most preferred logo of the terrier atmosphere, strange choices, and ghostly things. It is the symbol of bad, evil, and mortality while, some othertimes, it is also the reflection of the fact that the person has overcome or is trying to overcome some hard phases of life.

2. Angel on Cleavage Tattoo

Daniela angel tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of her boobs, Daniela has got a tattoo of the angel with widespread wings.

Angel is the sole symbol of good luck and acts as the guardian angel. It is also considered to be the token of resurrection, but also security and confidence. Some people also get angel/wings inked to pay tribute to a loved one who is no more.

3. Animals on Right Leg

Daniela animals on leg tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of her right thigh, there is a tattoo of an outlined piglet, a wolf, and a bear.

4. Rooster Tattoo

Daniela back cock tattoo

Tattoo: Daniela has got a huge rooster inked on her back.

It acts as the symbol of prosperity, bravery, enthusiasm, prospects, wealth, sovereignty, boldness, manliness, and motivation.

5. Writing on back

Daniela back tattoo

Daniela back piece

6. Portrait Tattoo

Daniela bicep portrait

7. Coins with Country Names Tattoo

Daniela bicep tattoo

Daniela country specific batches

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep Daniela has got a tattoo of three tokens that specify three countries with their names along with their importance. The two are beyond recognition, whereas the third represents Australia with a tattoo of an outline kangaroo inside it.

8. Writing on Boobs Tattoo

Daniela boobs tattoo writing

9. Burning Candle Tattoo

Daniela burning candle tattoo

Tattoo: Right on the center of her neck, a burning candle is inked.

Meaning: A burning candle symbolizes the light that enters your life in the darkest of times.

The candle can represent the triumph of positivity over negativity or goodness over evil. In difficult circumstances, the candle tattoo can also represent the light in your life that furnishes you with peace, calmness, positivity, respect, and wisdom.

10. Tattoos on Buttocks

Daniela butt tattoos

11. Butterflies on Arm

Daniela butterfly tattoos

Tattoo: There are multiple butterflies that seem to cover Daniela’s left upper arm. Some of them are the proper intricately designed ones, whereas the other ones are the mere reflection or shadows.

The butterfly is a natural beauty and a long-standing symbol of dedication, transformation, and sovereignty. Butterfly tattoos are popular because butterflies have long been connected with femininity and romantic love. This charming insect signifies regeneration, growth, and autonomy.

12. Portrait of Child on Right Side of Body

Daniela child portrait tattoo

13. Cobra Tattoo

Daniela cobra tattoo

Tattoo: There is a cobra tattoo on Daniela’s right inner arm.

A cobra tattoo is believed to be the deadliest of the snakes however, it is still a popular tattoo choice owing to its multiple implications like protectiveness, instinct, intelligence, strength, and also unpredictability.

14. Cross Arrows Tattoo 

Daniela cross arrows tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of her left bicep, there is a tattoo of cross arrows.

If two arrows are crossed, they are meant to represent peace and friendship. This tattoo is more like a way to showcase two parts of the heart. As matching tattoos, many individuals also get this tattoo with someone, be it their friend or their lover, to emphasize a close bond and also,  to fend off evil.

15. ‘Savage’ Tattoo

Daniela savage tattoo

Daniela cross on face tattoo

16. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Daniela cross tattoo on wrist

Daniela cross tattoo

Tattoo: We can see a tiny cross on Daniela’s right wrist.

The cross is the holy symbol of Christians and represents the mindset of the tattoo wearer, being assumed as a religious person who holds strong faith in Jesus Christ and his blessings.

17. Dog Tattoo-Left Forearm

Daniela dog on arm

18. Portrait Of Dog-Right Forearm

Daniela dog tattoo

19. ‘All-seeing Eye’ Tattoo 

Daniela eye tattoo

Tattoo: Commonly known as the ‘Eye of God’ or ‘One-seeing Eye’, is the tattoo of an eye inked inside a triangle. It is inked on Daniela’s right inner arm.

The Eye of God stands for the fact that God is one, and he is above us all. We should be cautious of our actions, remember that we are being watched, and thus, stay pure. Some people also regard it as The Illuminati eye, with the central eye signifying God’s watchful gaze and the triangle representing the Holy Trinity. It is meant to symbolize divine providence, whereby God’s eye watches over mankind.

20. ‘Writing on face’ Tattoo

Daniela face writing tattoo

21. ‘Finger’ Tattoos

Daniela finger tattoos

22. ‘Mandala Flower Tattoo

Daniela flower on elbow tattoo

Tattoo: On her right elbow, there is a tattoo of a mandala flower.4

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “circle,” and a mandala tattoo is composed of multiple patterns and symbols that spread outwards in a circular pattern. Like a circle, a mandala is intended to depict symmetry, immortality, and perfection. When we talk about the mandala flower, it can illustrate femininity, rebirth, and the flowering of life.


Daniela has got multiple flower tattoos and designs on various parts of her body.

Flower tattoos hold multiple meanings like happiness, harmony, peace, freshness, transition, hope, and laughter.

23. Flower on Left Thigh

Daniela flower on thigh tattoo

24. Flowers on Chest

Daniela flowers on chest

25. Flowers on Leg

Daniela flowers on leg tattoo

26. Flying Birds Tattoo

Daniela flying birds tattoo

There are a few tiny birds tattooed on the backside of Daniela’s neck. Birds signify the person’s yearning and his eagerness to live free live independent of any norms and controls.

27. Hand of Hamsa Tattoo

Daniela hamsa tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the upper right side of her back, there is a tattoo of the hand of a hamsa.

The “Hand of God” is represented by the Hamsa tattoo. They are considered to provide happiness, fate, good health, and wealth to those who wear them.

The Lotus Hamsa is meant to drive the person towards the better form of herself, rising above the temptations and becoming a better version of herself!

28. Tribal Flower Tattoo

Daniela hand tattoo

Tattoo: On Daniela’s left hand, we can see an intricate design of a tribal flower that represents honor and faith.

29. Portrait on Right Bicep

Daniela lady face tattoo

30. Left Leg Tattoos

Daniela left leg tattoo

31. ‘Infinity Love’ Tattoo

Daniela love infinity tattoo

Tattoo: On her arm, there is another interesting tattoo that actually re[rsents the sign of infinity along with the word ‘LOVE’ fixed inside its design.

Infinity is the symbol of something that is non-religious, endless, or never-ending.

32. Mandala Flower Tattoo

Daniela mandala flower tattoo

Tattoo: There is another mandala flower inked on Daniela’s body. It can be seen on her knee cap.

33. Tribal Lotus Tattoo

Daniela mandala lotus tattoo

Daniela mandala lotus

The face of the lady covered with butterflies is surrounded by a tribal lotus on its lower side, as inked on Daniela’s left upper arm.

The tribal lotus symbolizes the person’s power, strength, and ability to overcome hard times. It may also stand for beauty.

35. Medusa Tattoo

Daniela medusa on stomach

Daniela medusa tattoo

Tattoo: Daniela’s left side of the front body is covered with a huge tattoo of Medusa, the lady with snake hair.

Medusa is used as the token of warding off the evil even though she is herself regarded as the evil as per the sayings of old tales.

It is often assumed as evil or as ign of feminine impotence. It is said that Medusa was a woman who turned into a monster for her own rape.

36. ‘MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING’ Tattoo-Left Thigh

Daniela mountais are calling tattoo

37. Nautical Star with Roses Tattoo

Daniela roses and nautical star tattoo

Daniela nautical star tattoo

Tattoo: On her left arm, we can see the tattoo of a rose, compass, and a nautical star.

The nautical star signifies the north star and is often believed to act as a guide. People embrace the nautical star as a symbol of hope that it will bring them safely home.

When people get a compass rose tattoo, it typically implies they want it to stay intact with their loved one and want it to guide their path and navigate the trip ahead of them. The compass rose symbolizes spiritual guidance, culture, and finding.

38. Writing on Neck

Daniela neck tattoo

39. ‘Octopus’ Tattoo

Daniela octopus tattoo

Tattoo: There is an elaborate design of an octopus on her upper left thigh.

An octopus tattoo can represent mystical knowledge, quick thinking, and multitasking. This tattoo design is an excellent design and the best choice among people who wish to represent their ability to overcome their anxieties.

40. ‘Portrait of Virgin Mary’ Tattoo

Daniela portrait of mary tattoo

Tattoo: Daniela’s left forearm is covered with s simplistic tattoo design that represents the structure of the Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, represents the type of mother we all like to have. A gracious, sensitive, caring, and nurturing lady who is believed to protect us in the bad times acts as the mark of unconditional love and hope.

41. Portrait on Thigh

Daniela portrait on left thigh tattoo

Daniela portrait on thigh tattoo

42. Portrait with Butterflies Tattoo

Daniela portrait with butterflies tattoo

43. Portrait with Roses Tattoo

Daniela portrait with roses tattoo

44. Roman Numbers Tattoo

Daniela roman numbers on thigh tattoo

XXI.II.XLV,  IX.VI.LXIII, II.VI.XLIII are tattooed on her left thigh which stand for

21.2.45 9.6.63  2.6.63


45. Roman Numbers on Hand

Daniela roman numbers tattoo


There are multiple roses tattooed across various portions of her body.

Meaning: Rose symbolizes love, romance,e affection, and deep romantic relationships. It is regarded as the universal symbol of love.

46. Roses on Hip

Daniela roses on left hip tattoo

47. Roses on Shoulder

Daniela roses on shoulder tattoo

48. ‘Crowned Roaster’ Tattoo

Daniela shoulder tattoo

49. Skull with Roses on Right Butt

Daniela skull on buttocks tattoo

Tattoo: Daniela’s left butt is covered with a huge skull tattoo which is surrounded by roses.

Skull is the symbol of death, dying, and evil whereas the rose, on the other hand, stands for love, positivity, and hope. There is a difference between life and death. The skull with roses is a way to show the continuous conflict between good and evil, and positive and negative.

50. Skull on Right Butt

Daniela skull on right hip

Daniela skulls on butts

51. Writing on Stomach

Daniela stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of her stomach, there are words inked which say, ‘Run and tell all of the angels. This could take all night. Think I need a devil to help me get things right”

52. Skull on Left Thigh

Daniela sugar skull on thigh tattoo

53. Thigh Tattoo

Daniela thigh tattoo

54. Hanging Body On Tree-Right Thigh

Daniela thigh tattoos

Tattoo: Across her right thigh, Daniela has got a strange tattoo that shows a tree. On one side, there is a child taking the swing whereas, on the other side, there is a body of a man hanging from the branch. It is meant to show the two opposite aspects of life as to how one thing can give one person happiness, and the same thing might be bad for the other.

55. Thigh Tattoo

Daniela tree with swing tattoo

56. Turtle Tattoo

Daniela turtle tattoo

Tattoo: There is a turtle inked on the backside of her left upper thigh.

Turtle tattoo can be associated with patience, time passage, and longevity to environmental sustainability, travel, and a love of the water. They are also recognized as the marks of diligence, determination, and strength.

57. Writing on Arm

Daniela writing on arm tattoo

58. Writing on Left Arm

Daniela writing on arm

59. Writing on Upper Right Thigh

Daniela writing on back tattoo

60. Writing on Hip

Daniela writing on hip tattoo

61. Stomach Tattoo

Daniela writing on stomach tattoo

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