Leroy Sane’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Leroy Aziz Sane is a German professional footballer who plays for the Premier League Club, Manchester City and German National team as a winger and as an attacking midfielder. He was voted PFA young player of the year in 2017–18 after helping Manchester City win the Premier League and EFL Club. Leroy made his Senior International debut for Germany in November 2015. The young footballer has a lot of tattoos. Let us explore them together.

Leroy Sane

“When I was young, I always wanted to play in the Champions League.”

1.’Leroy Sane’ Tattoo

leroy sane tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of the young footballer has a tattoo which shows the German player himself.

Meaning: Leroy always dreamt of winning against Monaco and on the day when his dream came true he decided to get this huge ink. The giant picture of his goal celebration that he against Monaco during the 2016/17 season. He was so keen to get this inked that he is known to have spent four painful days for getting this tattoo. This tattoo represents his first goal for the Blues in the Champions League.

“It is the goal against Monaco. It is just a kit, not Germany or Manchester City, or any other team,” Sane said.

“It was very painful – I don’t know how many hours I spent but I split it over four days.

“I have some things that are important for me personally, so that’s why I decided to do it.

2. ‘Script’ Tattoo

leroy chest tattoo
leroy chestt tattoo
Tattoo: The left side of the youngster’s chest has a tattoo of writing which reads as “Family we are never alone because we carry each other in our hearts. Family is where life begins and love never ends.”

3. ‘Roman numerals’ Tattoo

roman numeral
Leroy Sane Arm Tattoo
Tattoo: The left forearm of a footballer has ink of roman numerals tattooed on it which reads as “XXVI-II-LXI-XII-IV-LXI-XX-I-XCV-XXI-IV-II r-rs.

4.” liberte’.egalite’.frater” Tattoo

Leroy Forearm Tattoo

leroy arm 1 2
leroy arm 2 1
Tattoo: The upper part of the Leroy Sane’s left arm has a tattoo of French words inked on it. They include ‘liberte’, ‘egalite’ and frater’, all curled around his arm. These words are French for “liberty, equality, fraternity”, which is the national motto of France

5. Initials “S.R.M.K.S” Tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of the footballer left wrist has initials S.R.M.K.S inked on it

6. Ring finger Tattoo

ring finger tattoo 1
Tattoo: The ring finger of Leroy’s left-hand carries a black ring tattooed surrounding it.

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