Cher Lloyd’s 18 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The all-time hit song not only in the UK but other parts of the world as well, “Swagger Jagger” singer Cher Lloyd is a songwriter, singer and a model as well. The pop singer loves to get tattooed. She has enough of them already inked on her body, and still, she has the urge just to get covered more with the body ink. According to her, tattoos are the best way to express anything that you strongly feel about it. She sees tattoos not only as the bodily ink, but she’s damn too crazy about it as well. Let’s have a tour of all the artwork that is worth for her.
Cher Lloyd Tattoos

1. Stick Figure Tattoo

Stick Figure Tattoo

Cher Lloyd has inscribed a stick figure on her right ankle. She was spotted with this tattoo at the Brit Awards held in the year 2012. She does not reveal the significance of this artwork.

2. Tiny Heart On Arm

Tiny Heart With Letter C

The model loves her husband the most, and so she got a heart inscribed on her left arm with the initial letter “c” for her husband Craig Monk in it. Well, it is a great way to show your affection for the one you love!

3. A Ribbon/Bow On Lower Back

Ribbon Tattoo On Lower Back

Singer Cher got her lower back inked with quite a large tattoo representing a ribbon (or a bow like) when she was not even of legal age. This tattoo received attention in the Swagger Jagger song.  The star has two more look-alikes of ribbons on the other part of her body. The bow symbolizes feminism.

4. Musical Note And Clef On Hand

Musical Note And Clef

The singer got her left arm inked with a clef with relatively small musical notes around it. It was her very first tattoo that she inscribed in her school days. In fact, her mother herself went along with her to get her tattoo.

5. Teary Eye Tattoo

Watery Eye Tattoo

There is a tattoo of the watery eye with a teardrop rolling down on her left arm. It is a constant reminder of all the hardships and struggles she has been through in her life. There exists a whirl of the ocean wave above this crying eye tattoo.

6. A Pair Of Birds On Both The Arms

Birds Tattoo

The gorgeous lady got a pair of birds tattooed on the same side of both her arms in the loving memory of her uncle who passed away when she was performing on the stage of X-Factor. The singer got an empty birdcage inked on her left arm and a bird flying with a ribbon carrying the name of her uncle- “Boo Boo” onto her right forearm.

7. Lyrics Of Song On Left Forearm

You Are My Sunshine Tattoo

“You Are My Sunshine; My Only Sunshine” are the lyrics of the song inked on her left arm. She got this tattoo done for her boyfriend then and now her husband, Craig Monk. Love has many forms, and by inscribing her husband’s name, she showed her part of love.

8. A Skull And A Rose

Skull And Rose Tattoo

Cher Lloyd has got this interesting artwork done on her left forearm which is a skull and a rose above it. The skull is composed of a diamond on the forehead, an upturned nose, two red hearts inside eyes, an orange tooth and swirls inside the skull giving it a more complex structure.

9. Shhh… On Finger

Shhh Finger Tattoo

Inspired by Rihana, Cher Lloyd has inscribed a word “Shh…” onto her right index finger. Isn’t it a unique way to hush one’s mouth.

10. Li’l Heart On Ring Finger

Little Heart On Finger

Cher Lloyd has inked ring finger of her left hand with a little red colored heart. But, this heart gets covered up by the engagement ring of her. Since she has not revealed much about this tattoo, but one can assume it for her love, her husband, Craig.

11. Diamond On Hand

Diamond Tattoo

The X Factor famed singer Cher Lloyd got the right hand inked by a diamond that lies in between her thumb and her index finger. It is a symbol of her success on the stage of X Factor.

12. Word “Daddy” For Dad

Daddy Tattoo

The tattoo addict, Cher has got inked the word “Daddy” as a tribute to her father. Since dads hold the most important place in a daughter’s heart and this is the reason she got it inked on her right hand. There exists a little red heart next to the letter “D.”

13. Peace Symbol, Question Mark, And Hubby Name On Wrist

Peace Symbol, Question Mark And Craig Tattoo

The pop star has got the inside of her right wrist tattooed with a peace symbol, a question mark and the name of her loving husband Craig all inked in black. The peace symbol is present on the wrist of Craig as well. This shows that both are compatible and both are peace-loving by nature. These 3  tattoos have perfectly aligned with the butterfly tattoo.

14. Bow On Her knuckle

Bow On Knuckles

The U.K singer has inked the outline of a bow on the right hand’s ring finger. A bow symbolizes feminity, love and holds a special meaning in the lives of women as the bow act as a reminder of special dates for the special ones. The singer has not disclosed the significance of this tattoo.

15. A Phrase On The Side Of Arm

All That You Have Is Your Soul Tattoo

The Tattoo lover has got inked the side of her left arm with the title of the song, “All that you have is your soul” as a homage to her mother. She loves showing affection publicly for her mother!

16. Phrase Of Spanish Song On Arm

Spanish Phrase

The singer got her right arm tattooed with the title of a Spanish song “Bosillo lleno de sueños,” which translates to “Pocket Full Of Dreams.” She doesn’t even understands Spanish but still got it inscribed on her arm as she loved the song. Indeed, music has no language, all you can do is – just feel it!

17. Deck Of Cards Tattoo 

Deck Of Cards Tattoo

Both, Cher Lloyd and her beau Craig got their wrist inked with red and black colored tatts of Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Club. Earlier, She didn’t want to get tatted on the front side of the arm, but then she did because her husband even got the same tattoo inked on his arm. The couple loves each other and also have the love for the game of poker.

18. Butterflies On Arm

Cher Lloyd Butterflies Arm Tattoo

Cher Lloyd got the inside of her right arm inked with 5 to 6 large butterflies which incorporates her peace symbol, question mark, and Craig name beautifully by the greyish background. No doubts that it a fantastic form of artwork.

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