25+ Guardian Angel Tattoos With Meanings and Ideas


Did you know that your guardian angels were assigned to you before you were even born? Not to be confused with archangels or helper angels, guardian angels are your very own personal detectives. They’ve been put into existence exclusively for you! How’s that for a relationship..? Ideal, i’d say! As opposed to popular belief, guardian angels aren’t “just for christians”. They are non-denominational. You could be a Buddhist, a Jew, a Hindu, Sikh, Pagan or simply… spiritual— and you’d still have one or more guardian angels! As for the atheists, well… since we are powerful spiritual beings born with free will gifted to us by Spirit, these angels are kind and respect our beliefs and choices. So they’ll let you navigate and go about your business if you’re choosing not to acknowledge them. As for how they function, there isn’t any favoured spiritual tradition. There’s just one Golden rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. These angels are forever surrounding us, just looking to make our earthly experience smoother yet dynamic and interesting! Whenever you feel like miracles or unimaginable things have happened at pivotal moments in your life, rest assured—invited or not, it’s the work of your guardian angels!

Newly discovered your faith in Guardian Angels and want to affirm it with a beautiful tattoo? Great idea!

Meaning of Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs

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Calmness, serenity, innocence.. beauty.. peace.. love.. purity.. surrender.. spirituality, faith.. devotion! You name the feeling and there’s a divine representation of it out there!
However, tattoos of guardian angels stand primarily for protection and guidance. They are symbols of an acknowledgement and awareness of these magical beings that ensure a meaningful transit for us free-spirited animals on our journey through earth! If you’ve ever wondered why people get angels tattooed on their bodies, you now know that these tattoos represent their desire to be covered in the light and protection of these angels. One may even choose to get a guardian angel tattoo if they relate strongly to the powers and attributes of any particular angel! For some people who believe that their departed loved ones become angels and protect them..these tattoos can also have personal interpretations! How might you show these angels that you accept the possibility of their existence and that you want to communicate with them? A tattoo is one of many ways people adopt! You see.. there are no limiting methods in the spiritual realm.. Could it get any more liberating!?

Ideas For Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs

  • The Cherub
    tattoo idea3
    Guardian angel tattoos are typically represented by a cherub or by wings.
    This cherub is kneeling and praying. The perfect embodiment of being at peace and surrendering all your worries to your protectors!
    In Hebrew tradition, the cherubim are conceived as guardians of the Garden Of Eden. They work with the guardian angels and are known as the “record keepers” in the Universe’s celestial archive. They record every thought, feeling and emotion of the past and present. They themselves are emotional beings, they grieve when they must record something bad, and they rejoice when they get to add good things to the record! In this manner, a tattoo of a cherub angel can also symbolize one’s conscience.
  • The Guardian Knight
    angel tattoo idea2 240x300 1
    It is popularly believed that the cross has something to do with guardian angels. In symbolism, however, they are angels and they were never nailed to the Cross. So if you choose to have a cross as part of your tattoo, make sure you know that it should represent your faith in the meaning of the cross. It makes for an interesting mix along with a guardian angel, but the themes of the two are starkly different. The guardian angels stand for life and your journey through it, whereas the Cross stands for Christ, his death in passion and sacrifice. While the man in the tattoo above comes across as a warrior with a sword and shield, he has wings and appears to be emerging from a cemetery. The crosses appear to represent resurrection. A strong symbolisation of strength and a fighting spirit!
  • The Feminine Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel Tattoos idea1 225x300 1
    A Guardian Angel tattoo could also simply be a delicate design across the back with the perfect set of wings. For some people, an angel, whether masculine or feminine
    can symbolize “reconnecting” with one’s identity. Getting in touch with one’s feminine or masculine side!
  • The whispering cherub
    Guardian Angel Tattoos 71 300x259 1
    Take a look at this guardian angel, gently whispering into this man’s ear! This one’s excellent for anyone who feels like they need constant reminders of patience and well…patience as we walk through this crazy maze we call life!

Where Should You Get Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs 

For Women 

  • Ankle
  • Wrist 
  • Finger Spaces 
  • Hands 
  • Shoulder Blades 
  • Behind the Ears 

For Men 

  • Chest 
  • Biceps 
  • Legs 
  • Neck 
  • Back 
  • Forearms 

Since all angels are beautiful and charming, finding an angel to print on your body shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. The tough part, though, is going to be deciding its placement,
design and what it means to you! The odds of receiving curious questions double when you sport a symbolic or religious symbol! So brace yourself, make sure it’s something that
resonates with you! So now that you have an idea of the basic representations of guardian angels. Let’s get some visual inspiration going for you!


List of Guardian Angel Tattoos Designs & Meanings

  • Winged Guardian angel tattoo on Ankle
    image 2 compressed
    If you’re into really into shorts or  athletic-wear and you want to get inked in a place where you know your tattoo will show effortlessly,
    the ankles and lower leg are the place to go!
  • The delicate shaded wing
    Angel wings tattoo 61 compressed 163x300 1
    Some people even choose to go with a single wing as a representation of the presence of their guardian angel, delicately planted on the wing with some great shading details
  • The stick-figure halo-ed angel
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    A simple minimalistic design, perfect if you’re not a fan of shading on your skin.
  • Baby wrapped in wings
    image 0 compressed 1
    Who says Guardian angels can’t be in human form? Sometimes they manifest in the form of blood family!
    A beautifully shaded wrist tattoo with the baby wrapped in angel wings.
  • The winged arms
    angel wing tattoos 300x295 1
    A delicately done tattoo with rose petals on the inside of the wings.
  • Tiny pair of wings on wrist
    image 5 compressed 1 240x300 1
    A perfectly symmetrical pair of wings with a tiny halo. The location is perfectly covert and suitable for you if you’re looking to get
    a tattoo that you don’t want to draw too much attention to!
  • Single shaded wing
    image 3 compressed 1 266x300 1
  • Adaptation of a Coin Angel
    image 6 compressed 300x225 1
    The perfect mini-angel tattoo!
  • Guardian Angel with a third eye
    image 0 compressed 2
    If you’re going for a bolder, bigger look, the arms are the right placement for a guardian angel tattoo.
  • My human guardian angel
    image 2 compressed 2
    A beautiful dedication for whoever this angel on this person’s arm is. If you’re in the mood to go big with your tattoo,
    a portrait on the arm is perfect!
  • The storm-braving Guardian angel
    image 3 compressed 2 230x300 1
    Stormy seas, clouds and rain are often used to symbolize
  • The Darth-Vader Angel
    image 5 compressed 169x300 1
    If you’re in a Darth Vader-ish mood, this is definitely the angel for you! Firm, determined and strong.
  • Guardian Angel tattoo on the back
    angel tattoos 26 1
  • Wings on the back
    Angel Wings Tattoo on the Back 2 1
  • Female wings
    images 1 1
  • Guardian angel with roots
    tat 1
    Now for the more covert personalities, the one’s of us who love the concept of getting themselves inked but like to have control over the option of displaying it, or not! The back,
    the thighs, the chest, the neck, and the collarbone are some such areas of the body that you can choose to get tattooed on if you would like to avoid a constant display of your body art.
    The back of the human body is an excellent canvas! Look at the space that you have to experiment with. You could have the entire image of your trusted Guardian angel printed on your back!
    Or if you yourself are the kind of person that always wished for wings and fantasised joining your fellow angels in their universe, you could get one step closer with your very own beautiful pair of wings!


  • Guardian Angel tattoo on the Thigh
    image 0 compressed 3
  • Geometrical frame for Guardian Angel
    image 2 compressed 3
  • Fancy Hat Guardian Angel
    image 1 compressed 3
    Another great place with an ample amount of space is the thigh.  A favourite with the girl-gang, thigh tattoos add an element of ‘sexy’ with a touch of ‘mystery’ to your body art!
    “What’s that slipping out from under your shorts, Helen?” … “Just my wings!”
    You can go all in with the details and use the entire canvas of the thigh as the shape of the leg itself can facilitate wings in quite a tidy manner!
    Or you could go for something more geometrical to give the art some shape and structure. Check out the shading details on some of the tattoos here!
  • Cherub Angel tattoo on the Chest
    guardian angel tattoos designs compressed
  • Blindfolded Protector Angel
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  • Praying Cherub
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  • The Heart Guardian
    chest tattoo for men compressed
    Another wide canvas area on the human body, the chest is ideal if you’re into ‘going big’. You can add the arms to the canvas and paint an entire story!
  • The Angel of Perfect Balance
    download 4
  • The listening Cherub
    Guardian Angel Tattoos 87 819x1024 1
  • “I’ve got your back!” Guardian Angel
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    A guardian angel on the neck with a neatly done haircut, is the prettiest accessory you’ll find on a man’s neck.
  • Rememberance
    inmemory guardian angel wings tattoo cabiriatattoo
    Winged tattoos also often symbolize the remembrance of a departed soul
  • Guardian Angel tattoo on the Collar bone
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    For those of us with a love for all things minimal, a delicate pair of wings right around the collar bone area would be perfect!


  • Guardian Angel protecting a departed soul
    angel quotes for tattoos compressed
    For those of you who like the option of freedom to disclose your beautiful ink art or not, the hip bone/stomach area is ideal.
  • The sword warrior
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  • The cross bearing Guardian Angel
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    At the end of the day, whether we admit it or not there are probably forces of the universe looking out for us in ways that we do not realise.
    These tattoos, whether symbolic of the people we associate with them, or of our faith in this larger force- are a beautiful choice for body ink.
    You can add a splash of colour, you can go minimalistic, you can go into every detail possible or you can customise it completely to the inner
    -workings of your mind. However you choose to go about it, there’s nothing quite as magical as a pair of wings and the myriad of things they
    represent. Whether it’s pain, redemption, grief, remembrance, love, faith, battles or protection.
    You can’t quite go wrong with an angel on your person!


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