Jelly Role’s 13 Tattoos and their Meanings

Jelly Roll is an American rap artist and a songwriter from Antioch, Tennessee. His genuine name is Jason Bradley DeFord. He is known for his Hip-Hop and national rap styles. He is additionally enthusiastic about tattoos, frequently showcasing his body art in his videos as well as on social networks. His tattoos reflect different facets of his life consisting of his battles, victories, and love for songs. Read the article below to find out more about his body art.Jell Roll picture

1. Teardrop and Cross Tattoo

Jelly Roll's cross and tear tattoo

These tattoos represent the remorse of previous crimes. The cross symbolizes Jelly Roll’s path to forgiveness, while the three teardrops are a traditional street tattoo allusion.

2. Apple Core on Left Cheek

Jelly Roll's apple core tattoo

There is a significant meaning behind this tattoo. It represents his followers, who are referred to as “the Bad Apples” The phrase first appeared on one of Jelly Roll’s older songs, “Bad Apples.”

3. Son’s Name

Jelly Roll son's name

He got his son Noah’s name tattooed on his face, just above his eyebrow. The tattoo simply signifies his love and bond with his son.

4. Forehead Tattoo

Jelly Roll's forehead tattoo

He has a forehead tattoo that says, “Music Man”. It represents his love and passion for music.

5. Rose Face Tattoo

Jelly Roll's rose face tattoo

The left side of his face has a rose inked with a heart-shaped lock just below it; there’s no specific meaning to the tattoo. He has mentioned many times that he regrets many of his tattoos, which have no specific meaning attached.

6. Signature Tattoo

Jelly Role Signature Tattoo-compressed

He paid tribute to his late brother by getting his brother’s handwritten autograph inked on his forehead. It is another deeply felt tattoo in honor of his late sibling, who was close to his family. Many of his inks are dedicated to his family.

7. Lyrics Tattoo

Jelly Roll's lyrics Tattoo

On his right arm, he inked one of his lyrics that says, “The hate goes on.” He hasn’t directly spoken about the tattoo, yet it depicts the presence of hate and jealousy in the industry.

8. Neck Tattoo

Jelly-Rolls Neck tattoo

He has a heart stabbed by a knife inked on his neck. Usually, such a tattoo signifies betrayal and sacrifice, but he didn’t mention anything about it directly.

9. Script Tattoo

Jelly Roll script tattoo

He has a script tattoo on the side of his neck. It is not clear what it says, and neither did he talk about this tattoo, but it might hold significance to him.

10. Arm Tattoo

Jelly Roll's Arm Tattoos

He has an “A-GAME” inked on his left arm. He hasn’t directly talked about the significance of this tattoo, but all his inks are personal and close to him.

11. Number on his Arm

Jelly Roll Number Tattoos

He has the number “36” inked on his right arm; he has not mentioned this tattoo.

12. Hand Tattoo

Jelly Roll's hand tattoo

He has a blue and red design with a skeleton-style tattoo on his hand, which again he hasn’t talked about.

13.  A Gerber Child on His Arm

Jelly Roll's Gerber child Tattoo

He regrets most of his tattoos, yet he still has several that he holds dear. In an interview, he hilariously mentioned who gave the go-ahead for some decisions in his life, such as a Gerber baby smoking a joint tattoo.

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