Heidi Klum’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Heidi Klum is a German-American glamor girl. This all in one woman has left no spheres to spell her aura, be it small screen or fashion architecture, singer or television producer, prose writer, scripter or an actress. She is a well known voguish figure as she was the first German model to be Victoria’s, Secret Angel. We have delved into one of her body inks. Read it out below.


1. On her Forearm


The jumbo tattoo on her forearm appears to be a whirlpool. The point of fact here is has a connection with her ex-husband and children. It is formalized interpretation of “SEAL” for her ex-husband singer Seal Samuel. The next four stars represent her four children (quite a big number though!) where each of the stars has its nascent is the middle. From top-drawer to the nethermost, stars are a symbol of her each child in a chronological order of their birth. “L” is for Helene who is nicknamed “Leni,” “H” for Henry, “J” for Johan, and “L” for Lou.

However, she got divorced with her husband Seal a few years back and the picture below gives us faintest signs of her decision of getting the tattoo removed. The right image is the actual tattoo while to the left is one attempt to get it removed.

Heidi Klum tattoo-removal

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