Christina Ricci’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Christina Ricci, the Mermaid lady is an American stock character. Better called Mermaid due to her debut performance. Her one and only show up in commercials won her pristine appreciations during her early childhood only. She has an immense monomania for tattoos. Let’s check them out!

Christina Ricci tattoos

1. Fairy


The actress has a booming tattoo of a fairy on her right wrist. This tattoo is symbolic of feminism. Fairies are spellbinding creatures.  

2. Praying Hands


Near this chics midriff, she has got inked two hands folded assumingly in a praying position. It somewhat looks like a bat too.  It is an ingenious symbol of faith in love, peace or anything people aspiring to.

3. Mermaid


Why would an evergreen need green? Such is the case of Christina Ricci. Her mermaid tattoo on her foot simply leaves her fans awestruck. Mermaids are dowagers of witchery, blandishing sailors with enticing beauty, finesse and hot spellbound melodies.

4. Swallow


Her womanish features are more exorbitant. Thanks to her sexy swallow tattoo. The swallow tattoo was a symbol used in the past by sailors to flaunt their sailing dairies. It is also believed that if the sailor knocks over, the swallows will backpack their soul to heaven.

5. Move or Bleed


On her left toned rib cage, she has a scripted phrase tattooed which reads, “Move or Bleed“. Too optimistic to get the hold, it actually means either to walk courageously or to stay and be a victim.

6. Sweet Peas


On her hot shot sacrum, just above her wrap ups, Ricci has a boutonniere of sweet peas inked. It was done by Thomas Lockhart at the West Coast Tattoo Shop while she was filming the movie “Prozac Nation.” Sweet Peas was borrowed from the Greek word “Lathyrus” which means pulse or pea. “Odoratus” on the other hand is a Latin word that means fragrant. When it comes to floral terminology, the sweet pea flower is affiliated with aerial pleasure or ecstatic pleasure or exodus or goodbyes or gratitude for the sweet time and adios.

7. Jack

Christina RicciThigh-Tattoo

Christina Ricci on her so pumped right leg got inked her deceased pet’s name “Jack“. Her tattoo says how largely she loved it.

8. The Lion

Christina Ricci Back shoulder-tattoo

A tattoo of Aslan the lion from The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe book on her upper back displays a never moving on view. Lion has always been a symbol of never-ending courage and fearlessness. Book on the same track represents quest or hunt for knowledge.

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