Joe Rogan’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Joe Rogan has been a phenomenal stand-up comedian, an MMA fanatic and the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. He has a great love for tattoos and he calls it n artwork connecting the soul of the artist. He has two magnificent body inks on him. Have a look…

Joe Rogan

1. Tribal Tattoo On The Right Arm

Joe Rogan Right Arm Tattoo

Joe Rogan has a full right arm inked with a tribal tattoo which looks pretty impressive in its appearance. He hasn’t explained or related any meaning to it.

2. Spiritual Tattoo On The Left Arm

Joe Rogan Left Arm Pic Joe Rogan Left Arm SideJoe Rogan Left Arm

Joe Rogan Spiritual Tattoo

Allegedly Lord Shiva from Hindu Mythology

Joe has a magnificent tattoo on his left arm which is engulfing his entire arm length. The tattoo appears spiritual as it seemingly has a godly figure on the top with its third eye open,with a snake from it going downwards to the entire length. It resembles Lord Shiva from Hindu mythology. Then we see a chemical structure of some chemical compound inscribed in between the figure. Joe explains this tattoo as some other dimension that we visit in our sleep under the influence of a drug called DMT that is secreted while we are in the deep sleep. He believes the figure to be the alien that communicated to him while he was in the other dimension.

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