Jeremy Shockey’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jeremy Shockey’s body inks are pretty cool, and he is able to pull them off pretty well. He has been married to Daniela Cortazar. Shockey’s tattoos show his patriotism that spans the length of his right arm. His personality reflects through his tattoos that carry his pride of being an American.

Jeremy Shockey Tattoos

1. Patriotism Tattoo

Jeremy Shockey Right Arm Tattoo

Jeremy Shockey Right Arm Tattoo 1

Shockey has a large tattoo on his right biceps that incorporates American symbols. He sports body ink of a bald eagle and the stars and stripes of the United States flag.

Describing the tattoo, Shockey stated “It speaks for itself. I’m proud to live in this country, to have the right to express anything you want…. I’m very American.” This is clear that Shockey had the tattoo done to honor the United States and his pride of being an American. It was also revealed by Shockey that this tattoo took 21 hours over three days to complete.

2. Religious Tattoo

Jeremy Shockey Quote Tattoo

On the inside of the bicep looks like it is a design of a bone in his arm along with some wording, perhaps a quote. On the right forearm, the quote appears to continue along with a design of some religious saint.

3. Left Arm Tattoo

Jeremy Shockey Left Arm Tattoo

On the left forearm, the tattoo seems to be a design of a koi fish in Japanese style. On the other side of the forearm, there is a Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum” translated as “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

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