Lil Pump’s 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

19 years old, Lil Pump aka Grazzy Garcia is an American Rapstar and music producer, who is best known for his hits, “Gucci Gang, D Rose, Broke my wrist”. His hit song “Gucci Gang” had got a good number on the US Billboard Hot 100 at a time. Young Lil’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.5 million. He is popular for his hard-partying lifestyle, and many tattoos inked all over his body. Come, let’s explore his inscriptions.

Lil Pump

1. Numeral “17” beside his Right Eyebrow

numeral 17 tattoo-lil pump

Tattoo: Numeral 17

Meaning: Lil Pump has inked the numeral beside his right eyebrow. It was assumed that it was his birthdate 17 August 2000, but on his Instagram post, he wrote, “I got 17 b*****s & 17 whips 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️.

2. “Rocket Ship” below his Right Eye

Lil Pump Rocket ship tattoo

3. 2 Eyes on his Right Cheek

two eyes-lil pump tattoos

4. “Alien” on his Forehead

Lil pump alien tattoo

5. “Powerpuff Girls” on his Neck

powerpuff girls-lil pump tattoo

Tattoo: Powerpuff Girls

Meaning: Pump got the right side of his neck inked with the famous cartoon; power trio- Powerpuff girls, featuring the three original girls; Blossom, Clover, and Bubbles; in full color.

6. “Earth” on his Neck

earth-lil pump tattoo

7. “Burning Skulls” on his Front Neck

burning skulls -lil pump tattoo

8. “UFO” on his Forehead

UFO -lil pump tattoo

9. Sad Emoji between his Eyebrows

sad emoji-lil pump tattoo

10. “Red Star” beside his Left Eye

Red star -lil pump

11. “Star Sappier” below his Left Eye

star sappier-lil pump tattoo

12. “Skull With Crossbones” on his Right Hand

skull with crossbones -lil pump tattoo

13. “Pineapple” on his Right Forearm

pineapple-lil pump tattoo

14. “Japanese Characters” on his Neck

Japanese characters-lil pump tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese character

Meaning: Pump got his front side of neck inked with Some Japanese characters. These characters look like it says, “Assistance or aid or support.”

15. “Gucci Logo” on his Chest

Gucci logo-lil pump

Tattoo: Logo of Gucci

Meaning: Pump has inked the logo of Gucci on his chest. His song “Gucci Gang” is about high fashion and has got him millions of fans and fame. Though other rappers also shout out brands in their songs, Pump has gone a step further, making his love of designer brands the core of his identity as an artist. He has tattooed a Gucci symbol on his body and floods his Instagram with pictures of himself in the brand.

16. “Crowned Skull” on his Right Forearm

Crowned skull-lil pump

17. Initials “LLJ” On his Left Upper Arm

Tattoo: LLJ

Meaning: The “Gucci Gang” rapper added some more ink to his body—a tribute to  XXXTentacion (Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy), who was gunned down in Florida in June 2018. Pump shared a video on his Instagram Story, which features him tattooing “LLJ” on his arm as X’s song “Moonlight” plays in the background. Using the tattoo machine himself, Pump can be seen filling in the letters on his arm, which stand for “Long Live Jahseh.”

18. “Lion With Two Arrows” on his Neck

Lion with two arrows-lil pump tattoo

19. “Wolf” on his Left Upper Arm

wolf-lil pump tattoo

20. “Pablo Escobar Portrait” Tattoo on his Left Forearm

Pablo Escobar tattoo-lil pump

PABLO Escobar

Tattoo: Pablo Escobar portrait with mugshot number 1017

Meaning: Pump got his left Forearm inked with the portrait of Pablo Escobar with mugshot number, 1017, below it. He posted a video on youtube and said that he got his uncle, Pablo Escobar, inked on him.

21. Cartoon face on his Left Forearm

Cartoon face-lil pump

Tattoo: Cartoon face having coloured dreadlocks

Meaning: Lil pump has inked his left forearm with the cartoon face. The tattoo is coloured and has dreadlocks similar to pump himself.

22. “COSMO and WANDA from FAIRLY ODD PARENTS” on Right Elbow

Lil pump two couple cartoon tattoo

23. “DARTH VADER FROM STAR WARS” on his Left Upper Arm

cartoon character with swords-lil pump

24. “Spade”  beside his Left Eyebrow

spade-lil pump tattoo

25. “ESSKEETIT” on his Left Wrist

unknown tattoo- Lil Pump tattoo

Pump got “ESSKEETIT” inked on his left-hand wrist which is dedicated to his song, “ESSKEETIT” which was released in 2018.


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