Ryan Lochte’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The 12-time Olympic medalist, Ryan Steven Lochte, professionally known as Ryan Lochte, is an American competitive swimmer who holds the position of second-most decorated male swimmer in the Olympics behind his longtime teammates, Michael Phelps. Like other celebrities, Ryan has also got his body decorated with different inks. Let’s read further to know more about his body inks along with their meanings.RYAN LOCHTE 2

1. ‘Olympic Rings’ Tattoo

olympic rings

Tattoo: ‘Olympic Rings’ Tattoo on his right biceps.

Meaning: Being the most successful Olympians, Ryan got the ‘Olympic Rings’ tattoo inked on his right bicep.

2. ‘Alligator with Greek script’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Alligator with Greek script’ Tattoo on the backside of his right shoulder.

Meaning: Ryan Locht got an ‘alligator with Greek script’ tattoo inked on the backside of his right shoulder. The alligator is known for being a strong swimmer, and this tattoo represents the homepage of the University of Florida, from where Ryan completed his graduation in 2007. Being a member of ‘Florida Gators Swimming and Diving team’, Ryan won 2-time NCAA Swimmer of the Year, 24-time NCAA All-American, and 7-time NCAA Champion.

The Greek script above the alligator tattoo means ‘first’ in English.

In an Interview, Ryan confessed his thoughts of getting the birthdates of his family members inked on his body but later changed his mind.

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