Justin Trudeau’s Arm Tattoo & its Meaning

In the wake of the heap of flawlessly-trimmed hair and scintillating smile, Justin Trudeau is just your mediocre all-in-one-pie. He’s the Canadian prime minister, an environmentalist, an active advocate of women right protection, yogi, family fellow, and owner of pretty probably the largest arm tattoo in the whole pool of politics. Yes, you read that right! Justin Trudeau has a hunk of body art on his upper bicep. It looks different yet amazing, check it out below as to what it means!

Justin Trudeau Tattoo
 1. Shoulder Tattoo

Justin Trudeau Shoulder Tattoo

His shoulder tattoo which he explained to the Huffington Post, is actually an amalgamation of two tattoos. He elaborates that he got the initial half of his tattoo which is the globe or the earth when he was just twenty-three years old. Trudeau supplemented onto his ink when he turned forty with a Haida raven, which symbolizes the indigenous people of the Haida Gwaii territory in the British Columbia, and some parts of Alaska.

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