Aedy Ashraf’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Aedy Ashraf, the stage name of Malaysian actor Mohamad Addy Ashraf bin Rosmadi, is well known to us. Few of you might not also be aware that Aedy began working in the entertainment sector at the age of 10.

Aedy has been in many Malaysian television dramas and films, but today, we’re here to explain the significance of the most amazing and unique tattoo on his body. Let’s explore.

Aedy Ashraf

1. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Aedy back tattoo

Tattoo: This tattoo was revealed by the actress of Gol & Gincu, the famous Malaysian Television series of which, Aedy has been part too. The television series is based on the story of the spoiled college girl learns to play futsal only to come in the notice and, to impress her ex- boy friend. 

Now, whether the tattoo si real or fake is, yet to be researched and answered by Aedy because, he has neither con firmed nor, talked about it ever.

However, the tattoo represents the tribal sun. The relationship between life and the sun is symbolised by the tribal sun tattoo. It also stands for initiative, fortitude, brightness, and inventiveness.

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