Karma RX’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Karma Rx was born in Filmore, California, the USA, on January 21, 1993. She is a famous and talented entertainer in the American porn industry. It is said that she, like many others, struggled with drugs at one time and was literally homeless, sleeping on the pavement and rummaging through the rubbish. She claims that her experience living on the streets has helped her keep the fast-paced lifestyle she has since led in perspective. She was able to come out clean from drug abuse in 2012. Her astonishing features are adorned by tattoos that are well-spread all over her body. Let us explore her tattoos.

Karma RX

My tattoos do not hold any hidden significance. “Most of my tattoos were the artists’ creations. I’d just walk in and tell them ‘draw me something,'” she said. A lot of her ink is done by Jesse Estrada in Simi Valley and includes work from Rick Sutherland from Clear Vision in Moorpark, as well as a couple of female artists at Kathouse in Northridge.

Karmen RX Tattooed Body

Karma RX Tattooed body

“I remember saving a ton of money and I got all these tattoos when I was like 18.”

“I’m grateful that everything in my life went the way that it did because I believe that I have the drive that I have because I was homeless… I don’t take things for granted and I work really hard for everything that I have in my life and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished.”

1. Thigh Writing 

Karma RX thigh writing tattoo

2. Skull on Arm

Karma RX skull with dagger tattoo karma RX skull on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On her right arm, there are two skull tattoos. One is inked on the inner side of her right bicep whereas the other is tattooed on the outer side of her bicep.

Meaning: The rebel’s signature tattoo is a skull. Skull is often linked with the negative aspects of dying, sin, mortality, and dread. However, the positive symbolism directs to the courage of the tattoo wearer to overcome all the fears and hurdles of life with confidence and brilliance. Some people also get a skull to signify the past troubled phases of their life and to mark the journey towards the new phases of life.

3. Skull and Flowers Tattoo

karma RX skull and flowers tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of her left forearm is the tattoo of a skull with flowers.

Meaning: The “Calavera” is often an ornately adorned skull, frequently settled with flowers, animals, and other embellishments.

A frozen skull head is nothing but a powerful emblem of evildoing, mortality, and demise. When a skull is inked next to a flower, the design is often inspired from the Mexican style, and the meaning changes completely: the beauty, balance, and joy of the petals turn the unsettling head(skull) into a new, joyous sign which is regarded as the symbol of positivity.

4. Right Bicep Tattoo

Karma RX right arm tattoo

5. Medusa on Stomach

Karma RX medusa tattoo

Karma RX medusa ink

Tattoo: On the right side of her body is the tattoo of the lady with snakes on her head.

Meaning: The lady with snakes on her head is the representation of Medusa.

Medusa is an apotropaic symbol, similar to the modern evil eye, which is believed to act as a guard against evil and also to ward off the negative. She is the ultimate deadly threat designed specifically as a picture of evil designed to repel evil.
Medusa was a Gorgon in Greek mythology who is often depicted as a winged human female with live poisonous snakes in place of hair. It is said that the person who would look in her eyes would turn into a stone.

Her snake-shaped hair and reptile skin describe the natural cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

6. Skull on Stomach

Karma RX medusa tattoo on stomach

Tattoo: Towards the right side of her medusa tattoo, there is a skull inked.

Meaning: A sugar skull with Medusa is another design inspired by Mexican culture and represents the Day of the Dead. It is a way to remember and commemorate loved ones who have passed away.

7. Medusa Sugar Skull Tattoo

Karma RX masked face tattoo

Tattoo: On Karma’s left shoulder, there is a tattoo of Medusa’s sugar skull that is the combination of a masked girl representing Medusa with snakes on her head.

Medusa stands for the idea of dying and rebirth. Her snake hair is thought to represent the biological cycle of life. In terms of design, there are several ways to interpret this notion, such as portraying her face with a skull to represent the personality in disguise of being good while being wicked.

8. Portraits on Arm


9. Left Arm Tattoo

Karma RX left arm tattoo

10. Portrait on Right Arm

Karma RX left arm face tattoo

11. Tattoos on Foot

Karma RX foot tattoos

Tattoo: There are tiny bats inked on Karma’s ankles.

Meaning: Bat tattoos are typically the symbols of instinct, imagination, and fiction since they are highly sensitive to their surroundings. They can also be considered as tattoo designs for the fact that they stand for journeying, engaging with your inner demons, communicating (bats are very gregarious, especially within a family), darkness and death, delusion. Also, on the contrary, depicting the positivity, bats are also symbolic of success and happiness.

12. Flower on Elbow

karma RX flower tattoo

Tattoo: On her right elbow, Karma RX has got an elaborate design of flower inked.

Meaning: Flowers, which are delicate and vibrant, have long been vital insignia of natural beauty and life.

They have varied meanings and totally depend upon the choice of the tattoo wearer as to what do they have in mind while having the flower inked.

Flowers are a direct representation of God’s satisfaction and are often used to symbolize the love and the everlasting affection between two individuals.

13. Dagger on Skull

Karma RX dagger tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of her right arm, we can see a dagger pricing through a skull head.

Meaning: A dagger-and-skull tattoo, with a blade penetrating or hidden on one or the other end, or behind the skull, represents demise, memento, security, courage, and bravery.

14. Clock on Arm

Karma RX clock with flowers tattoo

Tattoo: Under her skull and dagger tattoo on her right inner arm, there is also a clock tattooed.

Meaning: Clock tattoos symbolize life and death. It’s a technique to demonstrate the passage of time and the significance of savoring every moment. Some people also choose a clock tattoo in the memory of their loved one who is no more.

As the design on Karma’s arm resembles a skull clock, it is symbolic of mortality and death.

15. Arm Tattoo

Karma RX bicep tattoo

16. Back Tattoo

Karma RX back tattoo

17. Naked Girl Tattoo

Karma RX arm tattoo

18. Angel with Wings Tattoo

Karma RX angel tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her right forearm is the tattoo of the angel.

Meaning: Angel is believed to be the symbol of strength guidance and also acts as the guardian angel for the tattoo wearer. Angels are tokens of good luck and positivity. Many people get angels inked in order to feel closer to God and remain positive.

19. Ankle Tattoo

Karma right foot tattoo

20. Ship on bicep Tattoo

Karma left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep, karma RX has got the tattoo of a saying ship inked.

Meaning: New expeditions, journeys, and beginnings, dwelling, good luck, a course of life, leadership, intrepidity, glory, or even a terrible history are all represented by ship tattoos.

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