Nick Walker’s 3 Tattoos and their Meanings

Nick Walker is a renowned bodybuilder with a staggering 1.5 million followers on Instagram, where he does not shy away from posting and sharing his workout progress, training tips, and secrets. Amidst being one of the top bodybuilders, he also shares a passion and love for tattoos. The designs of his tattoos are huge and portray his mindset as a lifter- the love he has for his family, the loyalty he shares with his followers, and the strength of a lion. This article will dig a little deeper into the life of Nick Walker through the designs and meanings of his tattoos.

Nick Walker

1. “Loyalty” on Left Forearm

Nick walker's left hand tattoo

Shaded and filled-in line art done by Daniel Czar, the tattoo traces from Nick’s left wrist to his forearm. It marked the beginning of his journey into the era of ink.

Although the tattoo is self-explanatory but does not have origins explained by the bodybuilder itself. It can be assumed that the meaning is a nod to his loyalty towards his profession, his family- especially his brother Louis Walker Jr, who is a professional bodybuilder himself, and his followers who have supported him from his initial days.

2. “Family” on Right Forearm

Nick walker's right arm tattoo

Nick has another filled-in black line art from Daniel Czar which extends from his left wrist to the back of his right forearm. The bodybuilder shared it publicly on his Instagram on October 29, 2021, with a caption stating, “Without them what do you have?”. It showcases his utmost love and care towards his family and their importance in his life.

3. Lion on Right Arm

Nickwalker's forearm tattoo

The 28-year-old Bodybuilder shared the news of his recent tattoo done by Sam Chacon in California. It is a conspicuous, traditional American tattoo with its fierce lines and black shading. Lion tattoos are known for representing their ferocity and can provide protection. They also represent pride, power, strength, and great courage. The choice of this ferocious animal on his arm can be understood by Nick’s confidence in his strength as an athlete and his willpower to win great championships.

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