Kelsea Ballerini’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kelsea Ballerini is an American singer and songwriter who has got minimal tattoos on her body. Lets’ have a look!Kelsea Ballerini-Tattoos

1. ‘how sweet the sound’ Tattoo

how sweet the sound-Kelsea Ballerini-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘how sweet the sound’ tattoo near his left wrist.

Meaning: This was the first tattoo that Kelsea got inked in June 2014. This tattoo is a line from the song ‘Amazing Grace’ which was the first solo song sung by Kelsea. On June 28, 2014, she uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram handle with the caption,

first song I learned, first solo I sang, and now first tattoo.”

In an interview with Shape magazine in April 2021, she said,

This is a story I’ve never told publicly. The day before my first photoshoot, I panicked because I wanted a tattoo but didn’t have one yet. And I was like, What if this single [‘Love Me Like You Mean It’] works and people start to follow me? Then all of a sudden, I get a tattoo. People will be like, ‘She’s going off the deep end. So I went to the tattoo parlor the day before that shoot and got a tattoo. It was just this youthfully innocent way of saying, ‘I’ve got to be who I am from the beginning of this.”

2. ‘’ Tattoo

love love-tattoo-Kelsea Ballerini

Tattoo: ‘’ tattoo on her right ribcage.

Meaning: This tattoo ‘’ is inked in the handwriting of the mom and dad of Kelsea. In an interview, she said,

The week that ‘Love Me Like You Mean It’ went No. 1, I received letters from my mom and dad. I was in New Orleans, and I took the letters and got ‘love’ tattooed in my mom and dad’s handwriting.”

3. ‘Tribute to song Square Pegs’ Tattoo

Kelsea Ballerini-Tattoo-Tribute-Tattoo-Square Pegs

Tattoo: ‘Tribute to song Square Pegs’ tattoo near her left wrist.

Meaning: This is the third tattoo that Kelsea got inked when she was in Los Angeles. In an interview, she said,

My third tattoo is because of my song called ‘Square Pegs.’ The hook is ‘square pegs make the world go round’ and it’s about embracing what makes you different and knowing that flaws are not a bad thing. It’s what makes you who you are and embracing that. I got that tattoo in L.A.”

In another interview with Radio Disney, she said,

A square peg, it’s someone who doesn’t necessarily fit in the mold of whatever normal might be. And I think we all have those moments of feeling like we don’t fit, like we’re the square peg….I’ve spent a lot of my life wondering where and how I fit, and I’m starting to find that there’s a lot of beauty in not fitting. I really wanted a song to capture that….Being normal can be a little boring sometimes. I think that being different is exciting.”

Many of Kelsea’s friends have got the same tattoos for the singer on their respective bodies.

4. Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbird Tattoo

Kelsea Ballerini recently debuted a delicate small hummingbird tattoo at the 2023 MTV VMAs. She had the artwork created at Bang Bang Studios, with the skilled Michelle Santana as the artist behind the design.

5. Waves Hip Tattoo

Waves Hip Tattoo

Ballerini started the year 2023 by getting her fourth piece of body art, adding to her tattoo portfolio. She chose a petite wave motif on her left hip, sharing her passion for tattoos. This particular design had occupied her thoughts for a long time now. “Then, after going through some significant personal shifts over the last eighteen months, I decided to get it,” she explains. The tattoo stands as a symbol of new beginnings, marking a reset in her narrative as well as her journey with tattoos.

6. “Mountain of the View” Forearm Tattoo

“Mountain of the View” Forearm Tattoo

In a July 2023 post on Instagram, Ballerini showcased a new tattoo gracing her left forearm. The fine, single-needle work portrays a picturesque mountain landscape complete with birds and the sun. Discussing what prompted this particular design, she shared that it holds a special place in her musical journey and individual development. “I have a song on my EP (“Rolling Up the Welcome Mat”) called “Mountain With a View,” and it was just a really important moment for me, just personally. So got that,” she remarked.

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